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Agent Shubby
Player: @Photon Cannon
Origin: Science
Archetype: Crab Spider
Threat Level: -
Personal Data
Real Name: Shubby Christianson
Known Aliases: Experiment #852, Shubby, Shishkababo (by Freakout from time to time), Spider Monkey
Species: Arachnoid Hybrid (Silverback gorilla+Goliath Birdeater tarantula mix, with some jumping spider blood mixed in)
Age: He would be 27 in human years.
Height: 14’0” on all-eights, 27’0” standing on his hind legs. He’s often times considered a Giant Monster.
Weight: 2 tons. Really.
Eye Color: Has fourteen arachnid eyes; seven on either side of face, all black except for top left eye, which is red. The two closest to his nose are larger than the others.
Hair Color: None, but he’s covered in sleek yet rough black fur.
Biographical Data
Nationality: -
Occupation: Living as Freakout’s pet and defending her with his life. He now also lives to figure out Freakout’s Distortion and put a stop to it, as she grows more and more insane.
Place of Birth: Dr. Aeon’s Lab. Yup.
Base of Operations: Arachnos Tower (VillainGroup), a few miles off the shores of Grandville
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Unknown, though he considers Operative Freakout his “mother”. And that would make Fortunata Muse (deceased) his aunt.
Known Powers
He has muscle upon muscles. And he’d might as well have brutal super strength, I mean seriously, the abs and rippling muscles aren’t just for show.
Known Abilities
Is able to jump long, high distances with his jumping spider blood.
A gun, modified and given by Operative Freakout herself. He doesn’t necessarily need the gun, but it’s a childhood gift he likes.
Shubby is VERY intelligent, and is able to speak. He may speak shortened sentences, but he is NOT an idiot. He’s also a defensive animal, as gorillas and tarantulas are, so he’ll only strike when you strike.


What He’s Living For

"Dr. Aeon?"

Mallery stepped into the Arachnos lab, lingering in the doorway and keeping to herself. She peeked around the room at the various machines and equipment. Her left pocket bulged with some unseen object.

"Hm?" Dr. Aeon looked up from his palm, where a fuzzy brown tarantula sat, curled with its legs close to its sides. Aeon’s face lit up in realization once his eyes found the source of the voice. "…Ah! You must be Operative Strikeout. I was told to expect one of Angelfish’s Agents. She is needing samples of Wailer blood, correct?"

"W-Well…no, sir," Mallery answered tentatively. Her gaze rolled to the side as she rubbed the back of her head in clear embarrassment. "I--I lied. I was here to ask for something personally."

Brows furrowing, Dr. Aeon’s rage built as he opened his mouth to object, when the young red-haired girl before him pulled the hidden object from her pocket. She held a red spiked collar in her shaking palms, brand new. Her red eyes moved back to Aeon, looking hopeful--and a bit fearful of the trouble she knew she faced. Yet her will was determined.

"I, umm, was wondering if you would make me a partner. Like, a pet."

It took some convincing, but when Strikeout pointed out it would allow Dr. Aeon to get his hands on Arachnoid information and experimental supplies he took a moment to consider, then agreed. After a few weeks Operative Strikeout escaped her older diva sister and returned to the lab, to find curled and floating in a strange clear-yellow liquid within a containment chamber…deep within sleep, a tiny baby spider monkey. Literally. Mallery was the first thing the infant saw when its red inept eyes opened for the first time, and immediately it grew fond of her. Mallery had already chosen a name for him before she’d even asked Aeon to create him. Shubby.

Operative Strikeout's respect from her Raid Agents didn’t waver as she commanded them for the next few months with a tiny baby monkey on her shoulder, grooming her hair and testing her fingers and Crab claws. Mallery made sure to keep her older pop queen sister Muse and her pet chinchilla away from Shubby, and Muse made sure to show her detest for the "wrinkled rodent spider". The Raid Captain even took her pet with her on Raids, and he seemed to be catching on. Soon the infantile had become a young child, still unable to fend on its own.

The Mistake, Death, and Giggling Tragedy

And then a crisis began to emerge. Some other branch of Arachnos was hacking into Captain Mako’s branch (closer to the Arachnos Tower limb) and it was up to the Tower’s Mistress, Angelfish, to put a stop to it. When Mallery identified an earring that had been left in the rubble as her sister’s, in rage she ignored Angelfish’s orders and took her Raid Agents and Shubby to confront Muse. Of course, under Ghost Widow’s rule, Muse took down her sister’s squad and dragged her to be punished by Lord Recluse. The thing is, they never made it through the doors of The Web’s Headquarters.

Fortunata Muse had unleashed her psychics on Mallery when Mallery wouldn’t stop mocking her. Muse wasn’t only adept in Fortunata Mistress training, but she had been born a psychic mutant, and so her power was doubled--and uncontrollable. Ghost Widow had to cut the line herself, and Muse fell lifeless to the floor as Mallery was forced into a coma. Shubby, gazing in confused fear as his “Mother” was rushed to the Tower on a stretcher, fled the scene until he crumpled helpless on the other side of Grandville.

For a long while Shubby was helped raised by Angelfish, as Mallery had been one of Angel’s few friends. Shubby was still young when Angelfish went into the Orb Weaver Division to pull forth another batch of Medics, included in this Orb Weaver Cyclos, Medical Attention, and Orb Weaver Nervada. Cyclos was set to work on Mallery with a team of other Medics. There were two things about this outcome Shubby didn’t like. At all.

One, Cyclos’s wrist had slipped and accidentally scarred Mallery’s brain during brain surgery.

And two, when his Mother woke up suddenly, she had the face of a black and red-glowing jack-o’-lantern with a high squeaky voice. And she insisted that her name wasn’t Operative Strikeout, but Operative Freakout--as others agreed her name should be.

King Kong Meets Tarantula

Freakout began to raise Shubby once again, only this time with alot more fun and mischief--and much less work. The two constantly caused trouble wherever they went, which gained them both several titles. Freakout’s Crab Spider claws began to click at her, and she would respond, and oddly enough once Shubby became a teen he noticed the conversations his Mother would have with the Crab claws. It eventually got to the point that the two seemed inseparable, regardless of whatever randomness went on.

This was proven wrong the moment the two had to be separated.

Angelfish had spoken with Dr. Aeon about Freakout, and Dr. Aeon gained a few theories that all pointed to the same subject--the supernatural. Another chance to create a monstrosity, Dr. Aeon entered Arachnos Tower and abducted the adolescent Shubby, hauling him off to an Arachnos lab. There Shubby gained a strong fear of needles as he was forced through a rather painful and gradual mutation onto something out of a sci-fi movie. Dr. Aeon had taken DNA samples from a Goliath Birdeater tarantula, a Silverback gorilla, and a jumping spider, as well as some special type of venom, and made Shubby into a literal, as Freakout calls it, “Spidergorilla”. Dr. Aeon made sure this beast was strong enough to accept the task Shubby was to be given, mutating Shubby into adulthood. Now 27’00” in height, packed muscle-on-muscle, granted a rather human-like intelligence, crawling about with four gigantic thick tarantula legs and toned gorilla limbs on all-eights, and the ability to sense souls, Shubby was ready to accept his new purpose to life.

Hunt down the source to his dear Mother’s "Distortion" and destroy it.

Once Shubby was mutated to the fullest, he made a point to wreck the lab and escape to find his Mother. Once he was reunited with her, his life changed completely as he got down to work, hitting the "On" switch to begin the completion of his life. He still searches for the source today.

Q & A

(NOTE: This is a section where I wrote up some questions you may or may not have, and answered them.)

Q: He was originally a spider monkey. How did he go from that to a gorilla/Goliath Birdeater?

A: Remember, Shubby is an Arachnoid-monkey. He originally appeared as a spider monkey, but Dr. Aeon injected him with the blood of a silverback and Birdeater and did whatever mad scientists do to mutate him into the beast he is now. Shubby appeared a regular minor Arachnoid-monkey at childood, and the mutations came around adulthood.

Q: Tarantulas are poisonous, right? Is Shubby venomous?

A: Indeed he is. Tarantula poison can’t kill a human as I recall correctly, but they can definitely cause infection. Shubby, like a tarantula, will use his “dry bite”, which is when a tarantula bites but injects no venom. However, if your character becomes too violent he will intoxicate you. And if your character is an insect or has insect in their origin the venom is capable of turning their insides out.

Q: You can’t say that your character can turn my insides out!

A: Now, hold on. Tarantula poison turns its prey inside out into a liquid so the tarantula can devour it. This is because their mouths are too small to bite into the prey. Shubby has massive jaws, but I’m sticking true to the tarantula venom the best I can.

Q: Tarantulas have small fangs--for a gorilla, at least. How do his fangs work?

A: Tarantula fangs can be about 0.25 inches long. To fit Shubby, better I expanded them to 4½-inches long and 1-inch thick. His poison glands are inside of his gums, and they are supplied with more venom than tarantulas regularly have.

Q: He must have superior eyesight with all those eyes! Right?

A: Actually…no. Tarantulas have very poor eyes. They focus on vibrations in their webs or on the ground through their feet to sense what they can’t see. Shubby also has his gorilla eyesight in him, which helps, but his eyesight still appears somewhat blurry. His sense of smell and hearing is spectacular though.

Q: Does he talk much? Or talk at all?

A: Don’t let his animalistic hisses and rumbles and chortles fool you. He has an incredibly high intelligence, but hardly ever talks. He may seem like an experiment with a retardation or low intelligence but it is likely he’s smarter than you. Not saying he is, but there’s a chance. Just likely. And yes, he is very capable of speech, but he just prefers snorting like a bull in your face.

Q: What’s his voice sound like?

A: Like the new Predator. The clicking-hissing sounds is the Arachnoid in his voice, and the growling-rumbling-roaring sounds is the gorilla in his voice. His speech voice is deeper and guttural, almost overlordish, with a slight hissing sound. It’s so deep and filled with hisses that the words can barely be made out.

Q: Is he athletic?

A: Very. Rippling muscles, blocky chest, ab rolls, and massive fists. He developed a jumping spider’s leaping abilities at his adolescent stage that stuck with him into adulthood. Since he has no tail he swings using his tarantula legs on rafters with forceful thrusts. If he uses those spider legs as he moves it’s a perfect pitter-patter pattern, and if he runs he’s deadly quick.

Q: Sooo…he has no weaknesses.

A: Not exactly. He’s got brains and muscle but carries warning labels. If he’s about to leap he twitches around like a jumping spider. He hardly ever attacks, let alone without warning. If he hisses or roars or beats his chest it’s actually in defense and is telling you to back off (which you really should). He still has the poor eyesight, and is a rather large target. While bringing him down can be a hassle, it’s not impossible.

Q: Can he scale walls?

A: Indeed he can! He does it often, too.

Q: Can you ride him?

A: Yes, actually. At least five people can fit onto his back, I’m sure. However, he has to be willing to let you ride him, otherwise he’ll bend his legs in a star-like formation (tarantula’s position for hiding or defense, legs brought close to its body and its legs bend to make a star-shaped opening on its back) and hiss at you. And if you try climbing on he’ll quite possibly just roll over and crush you.

Q: Does he really need that gun?

A: No. But it’s still a dear childhood gift from his psychotic mother Freakout. And he’ll still use it.

Q: He still like waffles?

A: Oh heck yes.

Q: What is Freakout to him?

A: She’s practically his mother. Before she went into her coma, Mallery’s pet Arachnid monkey fit in the palm of her hand. Shubby adores his "mother" and is more than willing to die for her. His passion to defend and protect her can barely be described. And he is determined to figure out how to describe what is making Freakout’s Crab Spider claws have their own mind.

Q: What?! What’s in Freakout’s Crab claws?!

A: It’s unknown ICly (and OOCly to most people), and I prefer it to be that way. Sorry, but I can’t ruin such a great surprise! But I will tell you that Shubby can sense whatever is inside because Aeon didn’t only upgrade him into an adult, as said in the “King Kong Meets Tarantula” bit.

Q: What does Shubby eat?

A: Fruits, vegetables, small amounts of meat, and insects. It’s unlikely he’d try to eat your character, unless your character is an insect or a small lizard or bird of some sort.

Q: Shubby’s Crab Spider claws are organic, right?

A: Yes. In Roleplay they’re organic and not mechanical. They are covered it black, shiny fur. The energy bullets are Roleplayed as the tarantula legs holding his gun (which was also upgraded with his adulthood) and shooting the opposing force.

Q: Would you consider Shubby offensive or defensive?

A: Defensive, definitely.

Q: How defensive is he?

A: He will seriously pick you up in a bare hand or spider arm and climb the wall to get you out of harm’s way, King Kong-style. Even if grabbing you makes him get shot/attacked/hurt instead of you he’ll do it.

Humor Enabled

The Randomness of Shubby

-As an infant, ruined Muse’s make-up kit.

-Shot Dr. Aeon with the gun Freakout gave him. The bullet was a waffle.

-Completely covered Arbiter Ashley’s room in webbing.

-Danced on the bar in Pocket D with Freakout, in a tophat.

-Has tried to eat Frylord Punkt. Twice.

-Floored White Torch with a coin.

-Gave Riou Hotaru a piggy-back ride.

-Snuggled Freakout so hard that he fell over.

-Squashed Seige Spider with several body slams.

-Was whoopie cushion’d by Warped One.

-Attempted to kidnap Captain Mako with Freakout. They were halfway out of Grandville with him before Angelfish came in with three groups of Raid Agents--or so the story goes.

-Tried to eat one of Freakout’s Crab Spider claws.

-Snagged one of Orb Weaver Cyclos’s Crab Spider claws and gave it to Engel auf Holle as a way to “avenge” Engel and because he just hates Orb.

-Cleared an entire acre of Devouring Earth, because he was hungry.

-Was on Paragon News when the news about he being Aeon’s experiment was out, and when he was counted as a villainous threat. The News awkwardly mistook him as the Chupacabra.

-Got some idiot to do the Tarantella after he bit him.

-Tampered with Angelfish’s shampoo so her hair was red with purple streaks for a week.

-Teamed up with Fluffers against a Longbow fleet and Captain. They won.

-Made a non-serious pretend rivalry with Zephinerahk about how the two are century-long enemies.

-Got with Death Excell, smuggling Orb Weaver Cyclos’s files so Death could learn more about her in secret, as he had a certain interest in her (Shubby found this amusing).

-Got a Humanoid form from Angelfish, which is just a layer of ice altering his appearance to appear as an 8’00” tall Crab Spider soldier. People seem to love this form…

-Ate Bone Recluse’s Clockwork pet. All of it.

-Made a 27 ft. snowman outside of Arachnos Tower. He was the base of it.

-Found out it is a bad idea to eat food in front of Engel auf Holle because for some reason the sight of him eating an orange upsets her.

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