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The Outstanding Loner
Alpha Courage
Heart of Light
Alpha Courage VV.jpg
· Natural Scrapper ·
Dual Blades
Player: @Photon Cannon
Real Name
Jesse Laureen
Alpha, Jessa (by Dragon Booster), Bright-Light
September 26, 1996
Atlas Park
Atlas Park
Hero highschooler
Legal Status
Hero-in-training at Atlas High
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Photon Cannon (eldest brother), Nathan Laureen (younger brother), Cubby (housecat), Dragon Booster (adopted brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
147 lbs.
Body Type
Strawberry blond
· Distinguishing Features ·
Scar on left shoulder, which appears to be made by human fingernails
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
PCS (Photon Communication System)

(NOTE: Page is currently being updated.)


The Outcast Hero (Backstory)

Jesse Laureen was born into a loving albeit strict-in-morality home. Because her parents were assigned to a certain hero organization by the higher-ups, they were required to move away from the family. They put the eldest brother in charge of taking care of the family when Jesse was ten years old. Her parents are able to visit on holidays, but otherwise contact with them is limited, however Jesse does not find this to be her biggest concern.

Since the eldest already had achieved a superpower and Jesse's Autistic younger brother had psychic abilities, the boys ranked into Atlas Park's hero schools. Jesse, however, had been registered into public. Even at a young age she found herself an unwanted outcast by the other kids, despite her kind spirit and good intentions. The children tormented her with name-calling, lying, rude remarks, and toying until Jesse's weak-willed heart closed its doors with the most unbearable pain.

As years passed by, Jesse never found herself a friend. The more she grew, the more ways children found to keep her out of their sights. They gradually stopped noticing her, and began to completely ignore her and shut her outside of the cliques. The emotional pain and loneliness caused Jesse to grow close to her family and special housecat Cubby, where she would turn to when she had run out of strength and effort to stay strong. By eleven, Jesse was on medications for her dysthymia, and had nothing more than the love of her family to hang onto.

Willpower of the Heart

Jesse's hidden abilities manifested when she was twelve. On a regular day shortly after lunch, a test was due in the next class, and Jesse wasn't able to escape her cruel peers. They hadn't studied, evidently, and were demanding in the hallway that Jesse turn her study pages over. Things became physical when Jesse tried to leave, but only so far as the leader of the group trying to rip the paper from Jesse's hands. Jesse's emotions began to flood her as a mixture of panic, confusion, emotional pain, and rage, and she unexpectedly pulled the stack of papers with alarming speed. The movement yanked the opposing force into the lockers. When the rest of the clique's girls cornered Jesse, they were blinded with a strange light erupting from Jesse's body. The papers scattered on the floor, and crying to herself, Jesse fled from the scene as fast as her newly-found ability could take her. She couldn't bring herself to return to her classes that day.

Photon Cannon took his sister in to see a specialist and refused to let Jesse return to school until the matter was settled. Jesse was acknowledged for having a new--albeit unique--superhuman ability. The researchers studied Jesse over the next few months between her times of homeschooling. Once archived, a name and description was added to Jesse's ability: Willpower.

Jesse was transferred to the hero schools, where she spent the next few years finishing her basic classes. Upon becoming a Freshman, Jesse was assigned to a hero training squad, which was lead by none other than Photon Cannon himself. Despite being transferred to the hero schools, Alpha Courage--the personally-chosen hero name Jesse had been given--was still outcasted from her peers, and remained a shy and quiet individual. To this day,

Somehow Jesse's systems had manifested this ability into a triangular loop--The rise of emotion causes the rise of adrenaline, which awakens the willpower, or "Will of Emotion", as Jesse proudly calls it. Hostile or defensive emotions sent the Will of Emotion to her hands, to form sharp solid blades. Automatically the adrenaline quickened speed and overall improved her physical traits.

The Controls

Jesse’s Will of Emotion works in a triangular formation with her adrenaline and emotions. When her strongest emotions are displayed, her Willpower pulls itself forth from her core, producing the visible light. The Will triggers her adrenal glands, causing the fight-or-flight response, which in turn amplifies her emotions. When the Willpower grows strong enough, the light emits from the pores in her skin. Depending on how Jesse handles herself, she is able to harden the light in her palms into blades--and oddly enough, only a certain pair of blades. Whether or not Jesse chooses fight or flight, her WoE quickens her body into an inhuman state.

The Strongest Points

Once the Will of Emotion takes hold, it sprouts from her sternum above the heart and branches out through her nervous system. While every part of her glows when the stakes are high enough, the brightest points will always be in the sternum, head, palms, and feet.


The Willpower pulses in time with her heart, and may amplify the sound of her heartbeat if Jesse is stressed. Once the Willpower is able to circulate through her nervous system, it emerges the strongest from her chest and runs to the rest of her body.


The Willpower will create a set of headphones on Alpha's head. The purpose for these are unknown, however muffled music will play through the headset at various times. As the headphones have no cord, it is safe to assume that various types of music play as to match Jesse's mood.


The Willpower is able to shape long daggers of itself in Alpha's hands. The Will tends to shape itself to Alpha's liking, so the design of the daggers is something that Alpha must enjoy in particular. Alpha still isn't sure why the pattern of her Will is a dragon, however. When the daggers are through being used, they simply vanish in a flash of her Will and zip back up to her sternum. If the blades are separated from Alpha Courage at any time, she is able to summon them back to her hands.


The Willpower has a habit of causing Alpha Courage to run about with inhuman speeds. This allows for Jesse to be harder to track, and is able to carry her long distances at a much faster rate. Any acceleration and control of her speed depends upon the strength of her Will at that time.

Heroes and Villains/Friends and Foes


Photon Cannon: Description to come.

Mental Guardian: Description to come.

Cubby/Aurora Beast: Description to come.

Thew the Slicer: Description to come.

Dragon Booster: Alpha Courage had been on a squad mission in The Hollows to take out a gang of Trolls in their Tunnels. However, when Alpha Courage and Cubby reached their destination point, they found that the Tunnels had been cleared out. Alpha Courage was separated from Aurora Beast when Aurora took off running, but when Alpha found her, she also found a highschool junior accompanied by a large dragon waiting for them. The male introduced himself as "Z," with no regard to his hero name Dragon Booster. Z wasn't fond of his first name Arthas, considering it to be a feminine title. He escorted he and Alpha Courage both out of the Tunnels after a heated dispute over who had completed the mission.

Z seems to understand Jesse's state of loneliness far too much. He urges her to go beyond her limits and strive for a greater good. He reminds her plenty of her brother with his oddness and silliness, yet there's always something inside of Jesse that tells her how the two are different. Jesse still enjoys Z however, not minding the name "Jessa" she was given by him, and has grown quite attatched to him. Jesse has personally adopted him as a third brother.


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