Arctic Ace

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The Ultimate
Arctic Ace
Cold as Ice
· Mutation Blaster/Scrapper ·
Ice Blast/Claws
Energy Manipulation/Regeneration
Cold Mastery/Mace Mastery
Player: Mutant Supremacy
Super Group
The Protagonists
Real Name
Maika Chevalier
Arctic Ace, Chillwing, Polarwing
August 5th, 1991
Montreal, QC, Canada
Skyway City
Registered Hero
· Known Relatives ·
Sophia Chevalier (mother), Mathieu Chevalier (father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Cold and ice manipulation, flight
· Other Abilities ·
Computer hacking, stealth, lockpicking, etc.

When young mutant Maika Chevalier ran away from home in search of fame, excitement, and a place to belong, Paragon City was the clear choice for a destination. Registering as a hero was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for the Montreal native, and the city was glad to have her. As ‘Chillwing’, she burst into the hero scene with a spark, developing a reputation for dramatic heroics (or reckless thrill-seeking, depending on your point of view). It was all about the spectacle for Maika – not about helping others. Some heroes looked down on her for her behaviour, though she was never outright rejected by the community thanks to her usefulness.

Despite the selfish reasons for her start as a hero, Maika isn’t an apathetic person. It didn’t take long for her to develop a real, deep concern for the city. She started fighting solely to protect it, disregarding her own interests. Where once she only pretended to care about those virtues a hero is meant to represent, she came to embody them. Before long, the hero community accepted her as one of their own, and she was regarding as one of Paragon’s most promising young heroes. The bad press she garnered earlier on in her career started to disappear.

However, altruism was a double-edged sword for Maika. The more she came to care about the city and the harder she worked to protect its citizens, the more distraught she was when she failed to do so. This ultimately led to her downfall as a hero. The Praetorian invasion of Skyway left countless dead, many of whom were her friends or acquaintances, and she never quite recovered from it. She resolved to carry on after Skyway, but her defeat at Galaxy was the final straw. She fell into depression and retired from hero life.

Her choice to retire seemed like the best option at the time, given she felt herself no longer capable of protecting the city. But seeing as how she came to care for the city so much, it was an easier thing to say than to do. She found herself being slowly pulled back into the hero community - but still, she refused to don her old costume or take up the title of 'hero'.

That changed with the onset of the Nemesis invasion. Now more experienced and responsible than before, Maika took on the name 'Arctic Ace' - a new name for a new start.


Maika possesses a number of powers stemming from her mutation, key among them her ability to fly courtesy of a pair of white-feathered wings and limited temperature control.

Her body isn’t affected by dramatic temperatures the way an ordinary human body would be. She is able to operate at both extreme heat and extreme cold, her preference being the latter. With a bit of focus, she can even manipulate the temperature so dramatically she can form shards of ice out of thin air. A common trick is for her to use this ability to form razor-sharp blades for use against robotic targets, while switching to blunt, non-lethal shapes for use against living targets.

Due to her mutation, flight comes as naturally to Maika as walking. Though not exceptionally fast compared to modern methods of flight, her in-air agility is astounding. On more than one occasion, she has weaved in and out of groups of enemy fliers to the point that she’s made fools of them, whilst engaging them in combat. Her talent in the skies makes them her home territory, and she is most dangerous when she gets the opportunity to take on a foe at high altitudes.

Physically, Maika isn't all that impressive compared to other heroes. While agile, her strength barely scrapes superhuman levels. Through more intense training, it is likely she could become stronger, but she is hesitant to go any further for fear of bulking up at all - something that would surely cut down on her in-air maneuverability.


Maika’s biggest weakness is also her greatest strength – that is, her flight. While she can be a deadly opponent in the skies, she’s much more containable on the ground, and while it can be difficult to pin her down, she’s faced trouble before when opponents manage to land a clear shot on one of her wings. Another common annoyance is when she’s struck by adhesive weapons, such as Arachnos’ web grenades – they can severely limit her ability to fly and force her to engage her enemies in a straight fight on the ground.

In addition to her key physical weakness, Maika still lacks self-confidence and can be foolishly prone to the taunting of her adversaries. She used to be able to brush things like that off, but in her current state, it isn’t too hard to get into her head and make her start doubting herself.


Though Maika fights almost exclusively with her mutant abilties, she does carry around a few gadgets to make things easier. She has her comm which she uses to keep in contact with her team, a couple fancy tools used for silently picking locks, and an electronic lock decoder for more advanced structures. She also has a standard medicom patch, though it may or may not be broken.


Maika was once a cocky hotshot, showing little regard for rules and regulations, doing pretty much whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Those days are now over, and while she still has a tendency to stray from the rules when she feels it’s in everyone’s best interests, she’s far more respectful and ethical than she was in the past. Rather than take unnecessary risks as she once did, she now understands the value of caution and deliberation.

She cares about the city and its communities, and recognizes the social issues which give rise to crime, beyond ‘being a bad person’. Because of this, she has a tendency to extend an olive branch to criminals she feels are redeemable, offering rehabilitation and reconciliation if only they’re willing to put a little work into it and prove they can do it. Of course, she also recognizes that there are evils out there which are beyond redemption – for them, her solution is imprisonment, pure and simple. She refuses to kill, even in the most extraneous circumstances. It is her belief that there is always a way around murder.


The Protagonists



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