Ashe Phoenix

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Ashe Phoenix
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corrupter
Powersets: Fire/Kinetics
Security Level: 50
Name: Ashe
AKA: Project Phoenix
Birthdate: 20 May 2006
Height/Weight: 5'2"/128lbs
Hair/Eye Color: Red/Green
Other: Wyld Fyre

Ashe Phoenix is the main villain of @Kai, originally a suppressed part of Wyld Fyre's personality ripped from her by the Circle of Thorns and implanted into a clone with corrected genes made by Crey as part of Project Phoenix.



Ashe was at the simplest every bad thing and violent emotion Wyld Fyre suppressed over the years given form. Condescending and aloof, she thought of herself as something better than human and decidedly better than most of the rabble in the Isles. She was driven by an intense hatred of Crey and a desire to see them brought low, something originally inherited from Wyld Fyre but amplified by Crey's treatment of her over the course of Divergence. She did not see herself as a villain, only doing what was necessary because others lacked the willpower. It was a point of contention between Ashe and Wyld Fyre as originally they worked together to destroy Crey. Due to recent events Ashe's memory was completely erased. Without the negative emotional context, she is currently rather discerning, some would say pretentious, and sophisticated but generally pleasant if not the most easily approachable person. She maintains an attitude of embarrassed social faux pas about her past as others relate it to her.


Ashe's powers are a variant on Wyld Fyre's, her body was made by Crey as part of Project Phoenix, an attempt to clone Wyld Fyre. During the process, Crey discovered the numerous broken and fractured genes, and altered the DNA to be more stable, resulting in Ashe having a lower natural power potential in her ability to generate molecular friction resulting in heat and flame, but much better control over it. Programmed personalities proved unable to control the ability however, resulting in the involvement of the Circle of Thorns and the subsequent splitting of Wyld Fyre's soul.

After a time, Ashe discovered that while she was incapable of external energy generation, she was capable of creating an energy vacuum, allowing her to siphon energy from her surroundings and others, boosting her abilities. She is also capable of enough fine control to be able to fly by virtue of thermal lift. Defeat at the hands of Crey in the Isles led her to seek a way to boost her powers which ultimately succeeded, but cost her her memory. The process made her extremely sensitive to energy fields around her and how they are connected, if not able to tell the difference between types of energy or what a connection implies. Using this awareness she can deftly manipulate energy fields for her own and others benefit or detriment.

Physical and Outfits

Unlike Wyld Fyre, Ashe is well aware of her looks and is more than a little vain. She takes care to maintain her appearance at all times.


Her favorite for work is a streamlined form fitting deep green and black set of pants and harness style top with gold accents.


She used to be most commonly seen in red leathers with a short jacket and stiletto thigh high boots, but now wears it mostly to capitalize on her previous reputation with those who are unaware of what happened.


She has a wide array of couture dresses and heels for more social events, and attempts a casual/club look with a few pairs of leather pants and black logo'd tshirts.


Ashe currently has no real ties, but has something of an acquaintance with g1g4h3rtz. She has not yet encountered Wyld Fyre since her loss of memory. She was ambushed and taken captive by Longbow shortly after her re-emergence in the public view, and they had the intent to bring her up on charges without regard to her circumstances. A mysterious woman calling herself Sam offered her rescue, implying that the two owed each other some debt, or had some sort of agreement. Ashe took the opportunity to escape, and has not looked kindly on Longbow since.


Divergence - Origins and her relation to Wyld Fyre


Wyld and Ashe by Neolucky

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