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Calvin awoke...confused. His last memories were being abducted and the words "Blitzherr" stichted onto a vile of liquid being injected into him. Now he was alone in a concrete room. A prison cell. Somehow, he had been thrown into the Ziggursky. He stood up and brushed himself off.
This wasn't an ordinary cell, this was the type of cell reserved for superpowered individuals. Calvin continued to ponder, when suddenly a loud crash could be heard coming from the cell block.

Gunfire erupted throughout the jail, and Calvin saw this as an opportunity to escape. He charged at the bolted door and rammed it, but it remained steady. It was then that Calvin discovered what he had been turned into. He looked down at his hands and saw them surging with electrical power. He held them in front of himself and shot an electrical blast at the door, blowing it from its hinges.

As Calvin exited the cell, he noticed it was none other than Arachnos raiding the prison. He ran avoiding stray bullets and fighting both cops and Arachnos on his way out. When he finally made it to the prison yard, he noticed that there were several Arachnos flyers landing the midst of the chaos. Three Rogue Isles Police officers pointed their weapons at Calvin.

"You're under arrest!"

Calvin punched one in the nose and electrocuted him. He turned to another and did the same. The third began opening fire, but the electricity around Calvin was now protecting him. He approached the final officer, lifted him by his shirt, and then shocked him with 1,000 volts. An Arachnos soldier saw this and motioned for Calvin to come with him. He did, and he was loaded onboard an Arachnos Flyer bound for the Rogue Isles, it was here, that the Quest for Infamy would begin.


The first day Calvin arrived in Mercy Island was not a happy one. Calvin retained all of his memories up until his abduction, so therefore he had to deal with the memories of how much better life was before this. He stumbled into a local tavern in order to formulate a plan. The place was run-down, he could not even read the name because its neon sign had burnt out. A man wearing a black mask and a red vest entered the bar. He approached the bartender and raised a pistol.

"Edgar Villa, you continue to refuse to pay protection to the Marcones, and now, they've called me in..."

Edgar quickly slammed a fist on the cash register and it swung open.
He then quickly dashed to escape the masked man's gunfire. Calvin stood up, and he looked to the man. He began filling his pockets with the money in the register, completely ignoring Calvin. Annoyed, Calvin electrified his fist and punched the man.

"Oof! What do you think you're doing?!?!"

"You should always check to see if there are people IN the bar you're robbing stupid."

The man pulled himself up, "Yeah sure buddy...and who are you?"

Calvin stepped forward, "I'm Calvin Maddox, what about you?" The masked man nodded, "They call me Twenty-One."

Calvin exited the bar and spotted Edgar running off into the distance. Twenty-One stepped up next to him. "You're not going after him? Won't the family be angry with you?"

Twenty-One laughed, "I don't work with the Marcones, I just wanted to scare him into heading for the hills, leaving this place 'open for the casing'."


"Yeah, yeah."

The sun began setting behind the fortified Fort Cerebus and Calvin turned to Twenty-One, "What's in there?"

Twenty-One turned to Fort Cerebus and shrugged. He laughed and spoke, "You must not be from around here, that's Fort Cerebus, Arachnos's most fortified position in all of the Rogue Isles. Why do you ask?"

Calvin cracked his knuckles and then shifted his attention back to Twenty-One, "Cause I want to rob it."


Fort Cerebus is one of the most heavily defended positions in all of Mercy Island. Arachnos guards are poised at every possible nook and cranny ready to open fire on intruders. Calvin remained steady however, as he and Twenty-One snuck covertly past guards, knocking out the few that saw them. They were after the crown jewel of Fort Cerebus, Ghost Widow's Tower. There was enough Arachnos weaponry and armor in there to sell for over $5,000. Twenty-One broke open the lock on the tower's door and the two filled their arms with as much equipment as possible.

When they exited the tower, Calvin spotted a Longbow Officer talking with the well known Arachnos informat, Marshal Brass. Operative Brass runs a good deal of the operations in Cap Au Diable.
Calvin knew this about Brass, and so he wondered, what could Brass possibly want with a Longbow official, and in the middle of Mercy Island! Calvin motioned for Twenty-One to follow him as he approached Brass, but Twenty stopped him in his tracks.

"Whaddya think you're doing?!?"

"That's Marshal Brass? Why would he be dealing under the table with Longbow?"

Twenty-One held his head, "You're an idiot. Leave it be, we got what we came for lets get out of here!" Calvin ignored Twenty-One and kept moving forward. Twenty continued calling out to him, "You're insane you know that? When you first suggested we rob Fort Cerebus, I thought you were on acid or something! But you convinced me, now we have enough money for ferry money. We can get out of Mercy, and into, I don't know, somewhere ELSE. But now you, now you are going to go and screw everything up by trying to find out what an Arachnos traitor is up to?!?! You're insane! I'm leaving!"

After Twenty was finished lecturing, he leaped off the side of the Widow's Tower and into the ocean. Calvin continued forward slowly, keeping both eyes on Marshal and the mystery Longbow agent. Just then, Brass pulled out a pistol and shot the agent point blank. He fell backwards as Brass dusted his hands off. It was nothing more than an interrogation, Calvin's curiousity was satisfied...but it came with a price...

"What the? You aren't approved Arachnos personnel," shouted an Arachnos Operative who had just spotted Calvin. Brass turned and now noticed Calvin as well. "Hey! Stop right there," Brass shouted. Calvin turned to run, knocking a few Arachnos Operatives out of his way to escape. Brass caught up though, and he clubbed Calvin with his mace.

Calvin held his head in pain, "Ah! What's your problem man!"

Brass rolled his eyes and motioned for two Operatives to pick up Calvin and drag him into custody. Brass followed them and kicked the Longbow agent's body off the edge of the Widow's Tower on their way.


"Sir, you stand accused of treason to Arachnos, stealing from an Arachnos sanctioned fortress, and assault on several Arachnos do you plea?"

Calvin stood before the court. He stared the judge who had just delievered his sentence right in the eyes and then spoke. "...Does it really matter 'how I plea?' This system, this corrupt Arachnos ridden system! It is an abomination of the rights we deserve as AMERICAN CITIZENS."

The judge rubbed his temples, "Technically, the Rogue Isles are not part of the United States."

Calvin frowned, "Oh well then, yeah I'm guilty..."

Just then, the windows broke open. Glass shards went everywhere. The Arachnos guards in the courtroom rushed the civilians out of the room and armed their weapons. Street thugs flooded the court room firing blindly. Arachnos operatives sprayed their weapons back. In the heat of the firefight, Twenty-One snuck in and broke Calvin's handcuffs. An Arachnos operative spotted him, but Twenty shot him before he had time to react. Calvin and Twenty-One leapt out threw the now broken windows as the thugs continued firing at the Arachnos soldiers.

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