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In a world filled with Japanese teenagers, snarky brooders, horrible plot devices, an utter lack of imagination, and an overall disrespect of the proud heritage of awesomeness, one team of best friends stands united to return the SOME into AWESOME! The Challengers were created and played in City of Heroes and were inspired by superteams like DC's JLA and Marvel's The Avengers.

Evil will never die, it only gets stronger. The desire to control the world is not one of a just man. Phanto spreads chaos, while Exadeus preaches salvation. King Brain demands dominion, while Mr. Shade pursues extinction. The Earth is a prize attracting the most dangerous threats in the universe. All these men and forces battle for control, for fear, for pleasure, but Havok seeks to fight and protect.

The Earth is no longer a safe haven for the unjust. Havok does not stand alone in the fight. Behind him stand the god, the heavy artillery, the master thief, the mutant, the speedster, the renegade, the wayfarer, the reformed monster, the tech-wizard, the genius, the mercenary, the agent, the saboteur, the hellion, the unsung hero, the summoner, the psychic, the badass, and the watchman. Alone, they are limited, together, they challenge the impossible.

The Challengers are a close group of friends who play a multitude of different games together online! Some of them have even known each other for over 5 years! They'll always have a special place in their heart for the place where they first met, City of Heroes! Also, Runescape, but mostly City of Heroes. The Challengers were the first characters they played with together, and their many, many adventures are chronicled here to show off the awesome creativity that was put into them.




Name: Lilah Brenner
Designation: The Psychic
Specialities: Mental manipulation, psychic healing, light control
Joined: Joined in Issue #72: Aloha





Name: Classified
Designation: The Specialist
Specialities: Super senses, Communications, control center
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Armaments may very well be the perfect soldier, but his real talents lie in his ability to find information and get inside the villain mind. His role is largely non-combat, acting as the data center for the Challengers in the Mansion, but that doesn't mean he hasn't lost the ability to take on the strongest supervillains.




Name: Tyler Ricci
Designation: The Saboteur
Specialities: Magnetism mastery, sabotage
Joined: Joined in Issue #4: Halloween


An ace in the hole to any technological device, Asunder's standing in the group as a saboteur makes her invaluable in several missions. Her mutant ability is remarkable and requires more study, but she has a stubborn view of agencies and their involvement in the hero business.




Name: Lilia Drake
Designation: The Agent
Specialities: Sword-fighting, espionage, covert ops
Joined: Joined in Issue #17: Tracing in the Moonlight


News sources everywhere are baffled by the joining of the ex-paramilitary S.C.O.R.P.I.O. operative, Azure Tracer. However she came into contact with members of the team is far from public knowledge, but every good journalist is sternly adamant that it is a story that must some day be told.




Name: Joseph Constantine
Designation: The Hellion
Specialities: Fire manipulation, demolitions
Joined: Joined in Issue #4: Halloween


A youth from the wrong side of the tracks, Blast Cycle's manipulation of fire brings a lot of firepower to the group, but his knowledge of the street gangs allows the Challengers to not only tackle the big threats, but also get in deep and help solve street-level problems.

Missing in Action



Name: Skylar Grayson
Designation: The Heavy Artillery
Specialities: Heavy artillery, firepower
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


The Cyberman project proved to be a blessing in disguise, despite its original intention. Theorized by Crey Industries to be a walking war machine, Cyberman was never intended to retain his free will. He has and has nurtured relationships with all of the Challengers, proving himself to be a valuable ally in the growing technological arms race.

Missing in Action



Name: Joe Shepherd
Designation: The Genius
Specialities: Science, brainpower
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Scientific genius and reformed villain, Dynomind's joining of the team marks Havok's priorities. The Challengers are dedicated to a well-rounded team, not what looks best to the public eye. Despite Dynomind's spotty past, his brilliance will no doubt aid the Challengers in all tasks they take on.

Missing in Action



Name: Jasmine Rose
Designation: The Master Thief
Specialities: Stealth, thieving, magic
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


The notorious thief brings a lot to the table, but the experts doubt her romantic relationship with Red-Havok will be enough to keep her corralled on the right team. Considered un-catchable by the authorities, her joining with this team will only give her more free reign to steal whatever else she pleases until she endangers not only herself, but the entire team.




Name: Gidget Addams
Designation: The Tech-Wizard
Specialities: Inventions, tinkering, gadgetry
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Genius inventor Gadgix not only created Red-Havok's new shield, but she also developed a beam rifle prototype that will put any Crey model to shame. Her technological prowess is so important to maintaining the team, uncovering villain plots, and managing the press that many experts rank her astoundingly high in terms of overall usefulness.




Name: Anton Burrows
Designation: The Summoner
Specialities: Arcane knowledge, conjuration, hexes, spellcasting
Joined: Joined in Issue #63: Ashen


Former "Boston Boy" and Voodoo High Priest, Hexamancer was brought on to help The Challengers defeat the ancient demon Hil'kar. Hexamancer is master of black magic and communes with the ancient spirits of the dead. Though some mistake his affinity with black magic as a villainous trait, Hexamancer is a hero through and through.

Missing in Action



Name: Johnny Turbo
Designation: The Speedster
Specialities: Superspeed
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Clocked in as the fastest man in Paragon, Turbo takes advantage of his standing and uses it as a grounds to act however he pleases. Listed on many reports as "the #1 reason the Challengers will break up", Turbo desperately needs to change his attitude or mysteriously go missing during a dangerous mission if this team wants to succeed.




Name: Jason Waters
Designation: The Mercenary
Specialities: Moisture manipulation, sword-fighting, gunplay
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Liquid Zero is the brother of Liquidus, a much-missed ally of several members of the Challengers. While Liquid Zero is arguably a tougher opponent, he is also much more immature, reckless, and irreverent. Zero's skills in combat may make him an asset, but he's got a reputation as a hero-for-hire with an unscrupulous way of doing his job, which makes the experts wonder, has Zero's tenure with the team remained sturdy solely because of his connection to Liquidus?

Missing in Action



Name: Cylde Slater
Designation: The Renegade
Specialities: Deduction, thieving, premonition
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Brilliant detective and street-fighter, the Renegade uses his unique clairvoyance and psychic abilities to aid the team in several ways. However, he is prone to his own criminal behavior and anarchistic tendencies. Several experts point out his eccentricities and quirks as a bad representation of the personality this group wants to put forward.

Missing in Action



Name: Max Taylor
Designation: The Badass
Specialities: Super strength, invulnerability
Joined: Joined in Issue #99: Til Death Do Us Part





Name: Kirk McCloud
Designation: The God
Specialities: Weather manipulation, lightning control, flight
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Nimbus has a long-standing relationship with Havok and others on the team, but the recent reveal of his identity has lead him down the path of public appearance after public appearance. His potential to control the weather itself brands him a god and while he is beloved by many, his history with some of the most dangerous supercriminals in the world leaves him with a big target on his head.

Missing in Action



Name: Paul Ocean
Designation: The Reformed Monster
Specialities: Invulnerability, regeneration, enhanced strength, Paul Ooshun form
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


This abomination is largely hated throughout Paragon City. Red-Havok's decision to include him on the roster as a gesture of good will to Longbow was ballsy, but several experts claim his rehabilitation won't last and that will not only lead to a battle, but also to the Challengers' loss of public favor.

Missing in Action



Name: Cade "Red Fukin" Havok
Designation: The Leader
Specialities: Leadership, tactics, battle analysis
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Leader and head tactician. Havok has recently traded in his energy claws for a shield, designed by Gadgix. With a staggering number of supervillains taken down, Havok is not to be trifled with. Experts say he lacks the leadership skills to handle this team, but others give Havok the benefit of the doubt, stating his hardened state after the loss of his brother has made him the perfect candidate for the job.




Name: Grant Miller
Designation: The Mutant
Specialities: Hacking, combat prowess, adaptability
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Mutant experts everywhere are baffled by the hyper-adaptability presented by the Replacer and the power that enables him to access, but his inability to work with government agencies have many heroic analysts believing he will lead to the Challengers isolating themselves and ultimately causing their own defeat.




Name: Ray Lewis
Designation: The Unsung Hero
Specialities: Strength, flight, iron will
Joined: Joined in Issue #15: Beltless Insanity


A friend to the group for a long time, Sovereign Fist was finally asked personally by Red-Havok to become a Challenger, an honor he felt he didn't earn, but nevertheless was proud to 'try not to screw up'. Fist is perhaps the only truly humble member of this group. That quality and his desire to bring down the villains of the world just might overshadow his seedy past in the eyes of the public.




Name: Classified
Designation: The Watchman
Specialities: Gadgetry, stealth, espionage, combat
Joined: Joined in Issue #24: The Talon


The Bird Beast of Paragon City lived in infamy for years as an urban legend and he embraced it, not even really respecting the inhabitants of the city he aided. The Challengers are some of the first heroes to actually make contact with him. Talonknight is adept at creating ingenious traps and has a contingency plan for practically every outcome in every situation. He is always prepared and never surprised.




Name: Walden Vaughn
Designation: The Wayfarer
Specialities: Electrical manipulation, energy manipulation, teleportation
Joined: Joined in Issue #1: The Formation


Considered a walking battery, Waypoint's mastery over energy is only half of his valuable skills. Being Praetorian in origin, Waypoint's strong knowledge of the multiverse and inter dimensional travel are irreplaceable. Yet, his inability to understand Primal Earth customs leaves him as a weak spot in the Challengers' armor.



The Golden Age
- Long before our heroes got their start, there was an entire legion of heroes and villains that populated the world. These icons would shape the foundation that paved the way for The Challengers of tomorrow! Compiled and written by Xanatos.

The Dark Age
- The secret origins of The Challengers and their tumultuous relationship with the enigmatic Mr. Shade. Little did he know his plot to use supers as his own personal weapons would give birth to the greatest group of heroes of all time! Compiled and written by Johnny Turbo.

The Challenger Age
- The many action-packed adventures of The Challengers! From foiling Phanto to busting The Blacklist, they do it all! Compiled and written by Johnny Turbo.

  • ISSUE #1-10: The Challengers are forced to face their own limitations and push past them when they go up against mad scientist Corradine, stop Powerlaser from perpetuating a gang war, and thwart an invasion from the Dark Matter Zone spearheaded by Exadeus.
  • ISSUE #11-20: Things get a little too personal for The Challengers when they help Blast Cycle's birth parents fulfill a life debt, rescue Azure Tracer from the clutches of Cutter Reznick, and battle the unstoppable magic behemoth Artifact.
  • ISSUE #21-30: The Challengers delve into the past, both literally and figuratively, when they chase down groups of would-be time-travelers, learn about an ancient prophecy surrounding the Mass Eradicator, and stop the summoning of an ancient evil monster known as Hil'kar.
  • ISSUE #31-40: The Challengers are forced to deal with some unexpected problems when they discover a fighting tournament hosted by a group of cyberpunks, scramble to help Red-Havok and Johnny Turbo when they get body-switched, and rescue a team of heroes that went missing for Xero Mercury
  • ISSUE #41-50: The fate of multiple worlds is riding on The Challengers when they help Ferret fight a war with the tyrannical Lord Serpentis, save Voltium from the diabolical Dr. Zoo, and disarm a psychic bomb created by Trioxin and Phanto.
  • ISSUE #51-60: The Challengers don't know who to trust when they uncover the nefarious Deceiter has been posing as Red-Havok for weeks, follow a conspiracy revolving around The Zodiac, and track down Replacer's birthday cake after it is stolen by Mr. Treat.
  • ISSUE #61-70: The future looks bleaker than ever for The Challengers when they fight longtime ally Timmy Quick after he is persuaded to do evil by Paul Ooshun, attend a diplomatic meeting to stop Azure Tracer from being extradited, and meet their greatest adversary ever, Auron the Annihilator.
  • ISSUE #71-80: The Challengers enjoy some down time and take a vacation to Hawaii where Red-Havok and Ferret get married, but shortly after they're thrust back into action to dismantle a doomsday device created by Death Rae and protect Johnny Turbo from having his speed stolen by Evilstreak
  • ISSUE #81-90: The Challengers make some unlikely allies when they agree to a working relationship with a United Nations sub-division called PROFORCE and chase international mastermind King Brain as he attempts to establish a new ERA in his image.
  • ISSUE #91-100: The end of days is here, and it's up to The Challengers to ensure the world keeps on spinning when they must fight the ancient beast Hil'kar, brought back to the mortal world by the Ashen.



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