Christopher Blackwood

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The Mythic
The Shadow Architect
The Timeless King
Real Name
Nuermiedas Solun de Noctux
Christopher Blackwood, Shadeknight
US Citizen
The Beyond
Expert of the Mystical & Supernatural
Marital Status
Taken twice-over.
· Known Relatives ·
Emily Jones (Daughter), Athena de Noctux (Daughter)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
260 lbs
Body Type
Emerald Green
Powers & Abilities
Life isn't fair, but death is.
- Hades (The Gatekeeper's Sons)



Bear in mind the traits are not always going to show when interacting with him.

Good Traits


Bad Traits



Bear in mind that while Chris is powerful, he has glaring weaknesses including personality traits. I'll put down weaknesses eventually. Or maybe I won't ;^)

StaffFighting FormoftheSoul.png Immortality

Both a gift and a curse, immortality for Christopher has seen him from the younger ages of the world to the current age. He has seen the rise of empires and the fall of civilizations, as have others like him. Though, his immortality has come with its own drawbacks and its own boons that he takes with great stride to his steps.

Willpower Reconstruction.png Regeneration

One of the strangest cases of innate magical inheritance is the likeness of regeneration at mystically improbable rates. This extends, with its own costs to achieving such, to returning from the dead. Simply put, he cannot stay dead. However, his regeneration may be worked around with special mystical items and magic itself.

Hero PenelopeYin Transformation.png Ancient Bloodline

Both part of it and one who sees it to being continued, Christopher is part of an age old bloodline of nobility and magic - No known start of it can be found, but notable members started appearing when the ancient civilizations rose. The ancient bloodline gives him some naturally enhanced parts to him - such as strength.
LuminousBlast BuildUp.png Strength
ElectricArmor SelfBuffRunSpeed.png Speed

Magical Knowledge

ShadowFighting StealPower.png Death

Christopher's mastery of the magical domain of Death has been both good and bad, for it is something that is all about taking. Death is cruel, cold, and it is the one constant in the world. He can siphon, transfer, steal, and more - All based around the idea that he is the bringer of the inevitable.
DarkArmor SoulTransfer.png Soul Transfer
KineticAttack PowerSiphon.png Siphon
DarkMiasma TwilightGrasp.png TBA

Badge defeat burrspectrum.png Arcane

The base nature of magic is arcane, and Christopher is no stranger to it. Though his longevity has allowed him to master it, it is no easier than the day he started learning. His paths of advanced arcane magic are no easy thing, and he handles the use of such with great care.
TimeManipulation ChronoShift.png Time
SummerEvent GodChampion Deflection.png Advanced Elemental Manipulation
Empathy Fortitude.png Advanced Arcane

Mortal Knowledge

Sword Parry.png Weapons

Christopher has always enjoyed wielding specific weapon types, namely swords and staves. Able to focus his magic through either, he has the skills to wield either to deadly levels.

Arachnos Patron SelfBuffResistancePhysical.png Armor

While it's not so much a skill, Christopher has an array of armors that protect him from various things and serve multiple purposes.
UmbralAura BlackDwarf.png Types
PrimalGifts WilloftheWild.png Knight
ZColdMastery Hybernate.png Winter
EnergyAura Overload.png Empowered
LuminousAura LightForm.png Ancient

The Chronicles

(These will be official events of Paragon Chat & the storylines run in it)

The Company of a Silent God

Important People

  • Artemis Jones - His ex-wife and the woman he loved more then anything in this world, Artemis Jones was everything to him and it got all screwed up by the demon Ophosaes, the warlock Abaddon, and his own mistakes. While deeply regretting what happened, Chris knows that with their hectic lives, he can't dwell on old feelings. Agreeing to not be a idiot and die for the sake of their daughter, Chris still remains in touch with Artemis. Sort of. Because awkwardness and the feelings that make Chris want to go strangle Ophy.
  • Emily Jones - His time-hopping ginger-haired loveable daughter, Emily is everything Chris would want in a daughter that could have time-hopping powers, be half-fae, and more to that bag of fun. While he does not particularly agree with her time-hopping, he loves her nonetheless and in both the current and time-hopped version? He is there as a father whenever she may need him.
  • Eternally - Soon
  • Athena de Noctux - Soon


  • Acanous - Soon.
  • Aisling - Soon.


  • Ophosaes - Ophosaes is an otherworldly daemon who has been clashing with Christopher for many years, and the two have always left the other alive. Though it was unspoken, they knew that they grew stronger because of one another. Ophosaes and Christopher were enemies, but they respected one another. It was something that made the other try all the harder, and yet it had to come to an end eventually. Ophosaes broke Christopher's will enough in one case to commit heinous acts. For that, Christopher broke the one rule he followed with the daemon lord. Wielding the power of death itself, Christopher sundered his arch-enemy from reality in a single blow. To this day, it is one of Christopher's secret regrets.
  • Baron Abaddon - Wolfgang Dietrich was nothing more than one of Ophosaes' proxies - a means to fight Christopher when the daemon lord was banished from the realm of the mortals. A necromancer who dabbled in demon magic, Abaddon was infused with a gift from Ophosaes later on. The battle between Christopher and Abaddon was dragged into the Silver Aegis, and if it wasn't for the puppeting of Ophosaes, Chris believes that Abaddon might have gone for his comrades. But now, Abaddon is buried in chains and steel beneath the depths of the sea.
  • John Starkweather - A strange but infuriating mortal man, John Starkweather has already made himself disliked by the immortal. Capable of returning after being choked, and likely more, John has the tongue of a child and the mind of a perverted psychopath. For those reasons alone, Christopher's ire has been well-founded. However, the man is also quite stupid, and isn't exactly keen on knowing exactly what he's doing. For this reason, Christopher has not yet given effort to truly hurt him outside of trying to warn him to back off.
  • Asmodeus - While the interaction has been bare minimum, the so-called Demon Lord has already irked Chris. After learning of his arrogant proclamation of who he has slept with, and a tense standoff of words in Pocket D, Christopher marks this child as nothing more than a whelp trying to be more than they actually are. Though the whole fact that he's a demon doesn't help - given that Christopher's history with the foul side of the supernatural isn't exactly pleasant for them.


Since PVP is currently not a thing in Paragon Chat, all conflict will be solved through text fights should that come to be.
These songs are worth listening to when considering Christopher: [1] & [2]
I'm still working on lots of this. I'm trying to balance things out as I go. Things will disappear, others will be toned down.
The voice I imagine for him can be found here



He's the founder of The Silver Aegis - a prominent force of heroes.
Chris has had affiliations for years with Vanguard, Midnighter's, and several other groups - NPC and otherwise.
He's a mage and one with interests in lots of mythological/legend-based stuff. Demons, spirits, gods, and the likes have reason to know of him.
He's old. Other immortals can know of him or his many names. (Not all the aliases/names are put down yet. Still doing research)
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