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Attorney at Evil, Oh Crap, I Meant Law

Chris Jenkins, the man on the billboards littered around Paragon City. He's a man with a simple message. That message is, "He's the best attorney around, and he'll take ANY case!" So he's just a lawyer right? A guy who works solely for one Oh, but if only that were true. For you see, there is much more to Chris Jenkins than there appears to be.

Self-Proclaimed "King of the Universe"
Chris Jenkins
Player: Johnny Turbo
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Chris Jenkins
Known Aliases: Christopher, Jenkins, Attorney at Law
Species: Human
Age: 41
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 167 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Non-Existent
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Attorney
Place of Birth: Atlas Park
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Married (12 Times)
Known Relatives: Amy Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Debbie Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Tashanda Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Su Mi Jenkins (Ex-Wife/Ex-Sister-in-Law) - Su Yu Jenkins (Ex-Sister-in-Law/Ex-Wife) - Randi Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Sparkles Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Leronda Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Heidi Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Stella Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Carlita Jenkins (Ex-Wife) - Maria Jenkins (Current Wife)
Known Powers
Gravity Distortion Upon Foe - Energy Encased Fists - Energy Blasts - Gravity Distortion Upon Self - Enhanced Human Characteristics
Known Abilities
Lawyering/Being Evil/Ridiculously Convaluted Plans
Battle-Jenkins Armor (See Article) - Battle-Konried Mk. Jenkins Armor (See Article)

The Basics

Chris Jenkins is evil. And it is not just because he is a lawyer. Yes, I was obligated to make that joke. Jenkins, in a nut-shell, wants to destroy America, then the entire world, escape to the Shadow Shard, enslave the populace, and then rename it Jenkinstopia and rule over his slaves with an iron fist. Now, Jenkins has tried this twice...and he has failed both times. Each time he unleashes this plan he announces it as The Jenkinspocalypse and proclaims that he will be destroying the world soon and moving to the Shadow Shard. Both times he was thrwarted by Konried, although Konried barely did anything at all.

Jenkins believes he will one day destroy the Earth and ultimately succeed in his plan, but in the mean time he also comes up with other convaluted plans to kill his "friends" for unknown reasons. And not because he won't tell anybody. The reasons are unknown because there is really no reason for him to be doing it...but then he does it. Jenkins' Hit List is a list of people Jenkins wants to kill through diabolically convaluted schemes. He usually hates these people for dumb reasons...or for no reason at all...or in rare cases, he doesn't even hate them, he just needs to kill them because they cannot continue to reproduce in his mighty empire of Jenkinstopia.

Jenkins is armed with a vast arsenal of overpowered weapons that he somehow obtained. He claims he invented them and funded the research with his money he got from lawyering, but that could be debatable because some of these weapons require near genius intelligence to invent...and erm...Jenkins doesn't have genius intelligence...or does he?

Battle-Jenkins Armor: The Battle-Jenkins Armor is a suit that Jenkins has mounted all of his hand-crafted weaponry onto. It is the pinnacle of Jenkins-Technology. It is sleek, form-fitting, and deadly. This armor has gone through various stages. The "Battle-Jenkins Armor mk. 1" was not very impressive. Jenkins simply wore a helmet, rocket-boots, power-gauntlets, and iron underwear over his normal business atire. Needless to say, he vowed to upgrade his armor and make it more powerful. He improved his armor by making it severely bulked up with impervium so that he would not be harmed. He called this The "Battle-Jenkins Armor mk. 2" and dubbed it his 'greatest creation.' Yet he wanted a more flexible armor that still maintained the power. He created the third and final upgrade...the "Battle-Jenkins Armor mk. 3". An overpowered killing machine, the Battle-Jenkins mk. 3 is virtually impenetrable and retained its speed. Throughout all 3 armor variants however, one flaw has remained...there is a disengage switch that will immediately peel off his armor...on his crotch.

Battle-Konried Mk. Jenkins Armor: The Battle-Konried Mk. Jenkins armor is a suit of armor that is indentical to that of Konried's despite the fact that Jenkins had crudely painted a "J" on the front. This armor is filled with weapons of his creation, and it also has a reinforced structure that provides defense that is even superior to the Battle-Jenkins Armor, but it is slower. Konried was furious that Jenkins somehow obtained his armor, but Jenkins insisted he invented it himself. Konried eventually beat it out of Jenkins that he had bought it off some kid in Atlas Park who made a replica of it after he saw a hero flying around in it.

Jenkins-Brand Super Nuke: A Jenkins-Brand Super Nuke is a devestating nuclear devise that can level entire states...if aimed correctly. Now, the Super Nuke is not neccessarily an improvement on the normal nuclear bomb because Jenkins makes these by simply duct taping 10 nuclear warheads together. Insane? Definitely. Expensive? Most definitely. Effective? Too early to tell. Before Jenkins has had a chance to use this monster-bomb, Konried has somehow found a way to confiscate it from him.

Jenkins-Brand Doom-Ray: The Jenkins-Brand Doom-Ray is a devestating laser that fires out of a cannon he has mounted onto all of his armors. The Doom-Ray combines cold, thermal, radiation, sonic, negative, and force energy together to create one stream of ultimate laser power. The beam cannot be fired rapidly, so if Jenkins misses with this weapon, he'll have to wait a long recharge time. A hero once clogged the Doom-Ray's barrel with a jawbreaker which resulted in a massive explosion that killed Jenkins when he fired it. He was revived by his henchlady, Demoness Nyx, afterwards. Jenkins also found a way to disguise his Doom-Ray as a shovel.

Konried Buster-Bot (By Jenkins): Konried Buster-Bots are ridiculously large mechanical behemoths that Jenkins created to try and kill Konried with. They are heavily armored and carry a Jenkins-Brand Doom-Ray that has been disguised as a shovel. It is unknown how many of these Jenkins has created, but he plans to use them to kill Konried...for uh...well I don't really know why he wants to kill Konried.

Jenkins Explodey Laser: The main weapon of his armors. The Explodey Laser is simply dozens and dozens of lasers cannons all over his gauntlets. He usually fires them all at once, firing random lasers in all different directions. It is a stupid weapon no doubt.

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