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The Magnificent
Dark Sparrow
· Magic Scrapper ·
Staff Mastery
Energy Aura
Blaze Mastery
Player: @Silverblade
Real Name
Bryanne Quinn Murray
Sparrow, Bree
May 30
Dallas, Texas USA
United States Citizen
Paragon City, Rhode Island USA
Secret Agent
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Joseph Murray (father), Allison Murray (mother), Deborah Murray (sister), Katherine Murray (sister), Harrison Murray (brother), Jacob Murray (brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5’9” (152.4cm)
128 lbs (58.6kg)
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Darkforce Generation and Manipulation - Flight
· Equipment ·
Arcana Nox (Unique Magical Staff) – Stealth Combat Armor
· Other Abilities ·
Expert Martial Artist – Expert Gymnast – Expert Marksman – Infiltration Training – Covert Training and Surveillance

If Bryanne (Bree) were asked how she became a superhero, she would say she was called to her path, or more precisely the staff called her. Dark Sparrow is the currently wielder of the Arcana Nox, a fabled and legendary staff of great power.

The truth is, Bree always wanted to help people. She studied hard and trained hard to become a valuable government asset even though she did not possess any superhuman abilities. This all changed when she became the current owner of the Arcana Nox which transformed her into a devastating fighting machine.

Dark Sparrow currently works for the United States government as a secret operative with an even more secret agency. As such, she has high-level and classified clearance and is not required to be registered as a superhero.



Early Life

Daughter to a wealthy cattle rancher, Bree lived what would be a fairly typical life of a girl raised in an upper class society. Joseph and Allison were loving parents to her and to her four siblings (Bree is the oldest).

She could have grown up spoiled but living at a ranch, she developed an appreciation of hard work and commitment through her parents and the employees of the family business. Here she learned hard work could be infectious to those around her. Positivity, morality and ethics could make a better world. She wanted to espouse those ideals as an adult.

Her childhood could be considered happy and uneventful. Bree was studious and excelled in her studies while achieving All-State in girl’s basketball. All her effort and dedication got her a scholarship to Princeton where she studied law. She would most certainly have made an exceptional lawyer but destiny took her to a different path.


During her freshman year in college, Bree unknowingly took a psychology test which was actually a testing ground for the CIA. Her scores were among the top one percent and she was invited to train as an agent. She would continue to attend school but secretly, she would also train to be a CIA operative.

It was her chance to truly make a difference. She jumped into the program with both feet. During her four years in college, her academic achievement awarded her magna cum laude. She also trained to be a deep cover operative, learning combat skills as well as infiltration training.

When she graduated, she was accepted and finished her law degree at Columbia Law School. Afterwards, to utter surprise to her parents, she joined the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. Using her military service as a cover, Bree performed classified missions throughout Europe.

Arcana Nox

The Center


Tall, gorgeous and blond with blue eyes with a slight southern accent, Bree has broken many hearts of men. Due to her strict exercise regimen, she is in top physical shape balancing strength, agility and flexibility into a powerful package.

Supplemented by her dark siphoning powers, Laura remains youthful and vigorous. As long as she continues to drain energy from others using her darkforce powers, she can maintain her youthful vitality.

Dark Sparrow has a quirky habit of constantly changing her hair color using her magic. Although she is naturally blond, she can also be seen sporting red, black or even white hair while working as a superhero.


Almost charming to a fault, Bree is rarely flustered in social settings. Add her sweet southern accent, she melts the hearts of men. As such, Bree is an expert interrogator and negotiator. Instead of torture, she charms and usually manages to acquire the intel she needs.

Due to her extensive covert and infiltration training, it is very hard to discern her true personality. She has set up mental and emotional shields that prevents her true self to be revealed; a consequence of her career and training.

Still, the hero known as Silverblade seems to have managed to pass her defenses and they are considered good friends. Their ties to the twin artifacts may play a role.


Arcana Nox

The Arcana Nox is an ancient staff forged when magical energies on the planet were coalescing. These magical energies combined with the energies of the earth, formed the staff. The staff and the Earth are forever linked; if the planet were to be destroyed, the staff would lose all its powers. It is the sister artifact of the Argentus or the Silverblade.

While the Silverblade harnessed the powers of positive energy and light, the Arcana Nox used darkness and negative energy. The master of the staff will be able to magically generate darkforce energy through fields and blasts. Upon each hit, the staff is also able to drain a small amount of life force from its victim, strengthening its master.

The staff is made of undetermined mystic metals and other rare alloys. The weapon is impervious to all damage and cannot be broken. It has the ability to extend up to ten feet or shrink into the size of a baton approximately 2 feet in length. It has a special power that allows it to disrupt arcane or elemental fields or power. Dark Sparrow can deflect oncoming arcane and elemental attacks with the staff and can collapse energy fields with contact and concentration.

The staff only functions for its owner and ownership cannot be transferred until the current owner is dead. Others trying to use the staff will not be able to use its arcane powers.

The Arcana Nox cannot be lost. Even when forcibly separated from its owner, it can be called and retrieved. When called, the staff will return to the hand of the master through speedy levitation and/or teleportation. Distance is not a factor and it can travel through different planar worlds.

The staff cannot harm its owner and the weapon will teleport away if necessary to avoid bringing harm to its master.

Darkness Manipulation

Dark Sparrow, as a result of her connection with the Arcana Nox, has the ability to manipulate and generate darkforce energy. It is negative energy that she uses to augment her fighting skills while offering her added defenses.

She can call upon darkforce energy to surround her in a dark aura that is capable of deflecting all types of attack. The aura acts as a deflector shield or in some cases just absorbs the energy and dissipates it harmlessly. Her aura is also able to refract and absorb light, providing Dark Sparrow a functional stealth mode.

The negative energy also enhances Dark Sparrow’s fighting skills by imbuing her with superhuman reflexes and strength. In addition, some of her attacks are charged with dark energy allowing her to siphon a small portion of her opponent’s lifeforce, providing her new energy and vigor. She can theoretically remain youthful indefinitely if she is able to consistently drain energy from others using this method.

Extraordinary Physical Attributes

Infused with dark energy, Dark Sparrow has physical abilities well beyond peak human potential. She has strength beyond her physical stature (lift around 750 pounds) and has superhuman reaction time and agility.

The constant infusion of dark energy and absorption of life energy has also given Dark Sparrow a moderate form of regeneration. She is able to recover from wounds and injuries at roughly 2-3 times the speed of an average human. Draining energy will also amplify and hasten her recovery.

Theoretically it is possible for her to heal from severe or grievous injury but the amount of lifeforce draining that is required may involve the death of the subject.


Dark Sparrow is a proficient magician. She is capable of manipulating glamour which is highly useful in her covert work to form disguises and personae. She also has a tendency to change her hair color for fun.

Levitation and flight is also a function of her magical abilities.



Bree is incredibly intelligent and highly educated. Although relatively young, her extensive training and field experience provides her skills and abilities that would be considered almost superhuman.

Martial Arts

During her stint with the U.S. Army and the CIA, Bree trained extensively in self-defense and is an expert in multiple martial arts styles. Although her magical strength no longer requires her to do so, her fighting skills are especially effective against stronger, larger opponents.

After gaining possession of the Arcana Nox, Bree mastered the use of staves and other blunt weaponry.


Bree has a Law degree from Columbia and is licensed as a lawyer in five states, including Rhode Island. Her expertise is in Criminal Defense. She is very intuitive with excellent observational skills.

Besides English, she is fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish, all of which she learned during her time with the CIA field operations.


Bree still holds a rank of Major in the U.S. Army. She is an excellent combat soldier with experience in modern military equipment, including helicopters and jets.

As a CIA agent, she specialized in surveillance and infiltration using deep cover. Bree is a master of blending in and with her ability to use glamour magic, she can be effectively invisible.


Dark Sparrow has an assortment of gadgets and equipment useful in the field. They are provided by the government, specifically the Center.

Stealth Combat Armor

Comprised of a unique weave of specialized polymer blend, the suit is light, flexible and resilient. Its molecular structure is incredibly stable preventing tears and ruptures. It easily fends off small arms fire and edged attacks. The bonding structure also absorbs kinetic energy and spreads it across the suit giving the wearer great protection against blunt force trauma. A secondary lining provides extreme temperature resistance and insulation that also functions against electrical shock.

The suit also comes with arm bracers and shin guards which are made of specialized composite material capable of resisting heavy damage. They are used for blocking and deflecting attacks.

She also has a special white cold weather suit with the same properties but allows her to withstand temperatures up to -80 degrees Celsius. Due to its insulating properties, Dark Sparrow loses some agility in the suit.

Secondary Equipment

Dark Sparrow also carries numerous throwing knives of various materials and effects. Explosive, homing tracker, silver, cold iron, flashbang, smoke, EMP types are just some of the possible varieties.

When working with a team or when guided by mission control, Dark Sparrow has an earpiece for audio communication.



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