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Digitia (Pronounced "Di-JEE-sha") is the earth name of an alternate universe that appears in the lore of @Mastersparx.It is a world that is composed purely of what can be best described as "living digital code", and as such, the majority of aspects pertaining to it are unable to be deciphered, determined or sensed by most beings from physical universes in a coherent form without some kind of interface by one or both parties. In fact, its true name is unpronounceable by the human speech organ. "Digitia" was a name coined by Joscelyne McAnne, the first human to discover it.


As far as scientific research and information from Lauren Catherine, the primary ambassador of Digitia, have revealed, Digitia is a relatively young universe that came into existence sometime after the 21st century. However, from the inside, in the time between the separate future-paths of Primal Earth and Neo Terra, and Neo Terra's initial contact with Primal Earth, Digitia has grown a rich history and its inhabitants seem to perceive it to have existed for an even longer time, leading many to believe that time passes in a slightly different fashion in Digitia. So far, many theories abound, but no one is entirely sure exactly how Digitia came into existence.

Digitian Life Forms

The beings that are commonly referred to as "digitians" normally are unable to exist in the physical universe, but some, like Lauren's self-proclaimed sidekick, Midi, can, and usually appear as wisps of garbled pixels and lights that float around in midair and can cause anomalies in the fabric of space-time in the immediate area. When converted to a form humans can comprehend, Digitians usually appear as dark gray or black humanoid figures striped with glowing circuit-like lines across their bodies. The colors of these lines vary between blue, green and red. Red circuit lines are usually signs that a particular Digitian is corrupted with a virus, and is commonly associated with the chaotic Digitian terrorists known as the "Flamers".

Digitians posess the inherent ability to alter their universe, but this usually requires a large amount of training. Still, some are just naturally talented with this ability and can accomplish some impressive feats without as much training as most Digitians.

Beings such as Lauren Catherine and her siblings have the ability to alter the fabric of both worlds to an extent, since they are composed of both human and Digitian material.

The Matrix

The Digitian Matrix (often referred to by the Digitians by it's true name, an incomprehensible word that only digital beings can understand) is the guiding force of Digitia and the object of most Digitians' reverence. It is viewed by the inhabitants of Digitia as either a sort of deity, universal spiritual concept, or other such things depending on an individual's perception of it. The opinions and actions of it are mysterious at best, and various interpretations of the Matrix exist. While no Digitian will doubt that the Matrix is powerful, some believe that it is sentient and acts according to its own will and overall plan for its world. Others believe that it is simply an impersonal force that connects all Digitian life in some way or another, and can and should be manipulated by other beings. Still, it is this Matrix that is responsible for regulating the inherent abilities of Digitians to alter their universe, and is able to grant, remove and augment the powers of any digital being.

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