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And if I asked permission, if I make sure it's okay,
I promise I won't slip up this time.
You can trust me.


This hyperactive demon has a rather unfitting mousy and damaged appearance, with green hair and mismatching eyes. He calls himself a 'Chaotic Neutral Vigilante', while taking residence in the Rogue Isles. He is a thief and professional liar, who uses grief and pity to get his way, as well as being very strong, clingy and obnoxious. This enthusiastic boy goes out of his way to make his presence known, by being energetic and loving, yet can switch without warning to the sly and cold demon he is.

Loving Life!

Emil Maebara was born and raised in the large city of Osaka Japan, specifically the ward of Taishō-ku, surrounded by rivers and bridges as he grew up with his care-free family. Emil was the last born into a family of nine, with six elder brothers to parents Kamijou and Ume Maebara, who couldn't be happier with their life together. Their father Kamijou worked as a successful lawyer, having their money well-handled as his loving wife Ume happily stayed home to wrestle with their rambunctious boys. With seven young boys and many friends, their house was a complete circus. Flying sports equipment, video-game wars and wrestling were a common occurrence in the Maebara house-hold, and it wasn't abnormal to find new bruises and gashes from their rough-housing. Needless to say, the hospital bill was high, but they were happy.

As to be expected by the rowdy boys, schooling was a headache for teachers, constantly complaining to the couple about their tendencies to disrupt and cut class, but whenever one of them had been reduced to tears by the angry teachers or bullying peers, they could always count on the others to have their back. The brothers knew whatever they went through they would always be there for each other. The couple was loving and understanding; not too much drama boiled when the elder boys had 'come out' as bi, homosexual or even transgendered (that being Sloth). It seemed they had nothing to worry about. Emil and his family were happy through and through, and they enjoyed simply spending time just watching TV or playing family sports, as long as they were all together.

Yet while they were an average family on the outside, a simply large family in the hussle and bustle of the Japan streets, the Maebara family held a secret from the world. Their sons were cursed with sinful embodiment, yet still unbeknownst to the boys themselves. It is still a mystery as to why the Maebara family was cursed, yet the couple either chose to ignore it, or had never known at all. It is also unknown if Kamijou is a demon himself or even the true father of the boys, or perhaps it were the demonic gods themselves; Amon, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Leviathan, Lucifer and Mammon.

Going Downhill...

When Emil was three weeks shy of his seventh birthday, his father lost his job as a lawyer, and was forced to carry two jobs at the local mall as his mother carried one at the market just to make 'ends meet', sending the once carefree and happy family into a slight depression. Forced to carefully calculate where and how much money they would spend a month, Emil and his brothers found it hard not to be upset and immature about it, since they originally were comfortably rich and lavished with toys and games. The jobs eventually proved to be unsuccessful, and became bankrupt when Emil was merely thirteen. The Maebara family was forced to leave their home in Taishō, into Ume's elderly, dying parent's home in Ikuno, where Kamijou became a dependant alcoholic.

Kamijou's love for his family turned to rage, finding drunken amusement in beating Emil and his brothers with his strength, bludgeoning them with hurtful words and psychic assault, projecting disturbing images and false memories into their minds. The teenage boys had obviously experienced more in a single year than a child ever should. The boys were too frightened and weak to fight back against their father, yet found comfort with their mother as she was always safe, Kamijou never daring to hurt his beloved wife even when she begged for him to hurt her instead.

For two years, the boys were beaten down and starved, yet refused to take action or call child services, as Ume promised everything would be better soon. On Emil's fifteenth birthday, everything only got worse. While his family was too afraid to stand up against Kamijou, Emil was blunt and spoke his mind, but had taken his 'trying to lighten the mood' humor too far. A simple birthday game between the boys and their mother turned to Emil insulting Kamijou whenever an opportunity would pass. The family (short Kamijou), was finally having a good time, yet they didn't expect to be caught. The candles on his inexistent birthday cake were fifteen cigarettes, and were blown out by being pressed against Emil's bare back, while his birthday gift was being thrown into his father’s bedroom and mercilessly violated. Not going into details, yet the story behind most (if not all) of his scars and missing eye is the fact Kamijou was an S&M fanatic, causing pain on Emil by whipping, torturing and removing his right eye with a butcher knife for his own enjoyment.

Gotta get out.

After the rape and torture (and death?) of newly fifteen year old Emil, his demonic powers finally emerged from the traumatic experience. Breaking free from chains, handcuffs and other varied torturous instruments, Emil used his newfound demonic strength to beat and murder his father for the pain and distress he had put him and his precious family through. Once Kamijou was a bloody mess upon the off-white carpet, Emil finally noticed his mother standing in the doorway, having witnessed her husband’s murder by her youngest son's hands. Ume ran off in terror, traumatized to the point of no return by what she had just seen, and blood-coated Emil ran off not long after her to explain.

Never finding her within the day, Emil knew he would never be able to face her as he was, nor could he face his brothers. Taking one last stop at their house to dispose of Kamijou's body, he severed his father's corpse's limbs, wrapping them in black trash bags and spreading them out across the town, in trash cans, to the rivers below. He stole as much money as he could from hapless citizens on the streets of Ikuno and left to the nearest airport, buying the cheapest ticket to the furthest city, country, where ever. That ticket happened to be for the Etoile Islands. Stepping off the plane in a dark and ugly town called Port Oakes; Emil dragged himself to the nearest sort of shelter. Finding Dockside, he beat the Lost and Family before collapsing in an abandoned crate, officially calling it home.

Still traumatized by his recent ordeal, the polite and warm Emil became bitter, developing a layered personality of sorts. He was going to start his life fresh, become pure again. He wouldn't be Emil Maebara, he would be his sin given name, Envy. Today wouldn't be his fifteenth birthday, today would be his eleventh. He never had siblings, never had parents, and most importantly, never murdered his father.


Envy is an energetic and care free boy, with a loud mouth and bold attitude, his happy go-lucky persona and positive attitude that never seems to fade has been known to become contagous, rubbing off on those around him. He is incredibly hyper, silly and loud in public, with an odd obsession for candy, he is always making a fool of himself for shits and giggles. He is truly the ultimate anti-depressant, as he will gladly give hugs to all who ask, and those who don't, simply because a hug a day keeps the therapist away. While he is hyper and loud, he is very trustworthy in combat, a tanker if you will; he refuses to let a teammate say 'go on without me', instead carrying them if he has to. Same goes for those thinking they can fight on their own, he will not them go down alone. Obviously he is caring for all those around him, giving him a bit of a 'little brother' look to some, while his over-protective nature towards his friends and loved ones is almost annoying, motherly in a sense, threatening to 'wrap them in bubble wrap and pad the walls with pillows' if they continuously get hurt. Although over-protective, he is a bit of a risk-taker with a love for trouble, and encourages wallflowers to join in.

It's rare to find kind souls in the Rogue Islands, but Envy stands against all odds.

Energetic, loving and careless - three words that most describe Envy. Others include: Bold, cold-hearted and confident. He is a trainwreck waiting to happen as moodswings shift hourly, friends turn to enemies and vice versa. It isn't uncommon for a dispute to boil merely because of his foul mouth and quick wit. One of the many reasons behind this is because he is quick to assume and blame others for his own mistakes and failures, as well as being impatient towards children and naive individuals; finding them to cause too much drama and be a waste of his time. Envy is stubborn to the end; once his mind is seriously set, not even the topic change of candy can sway him. Although, being stubborn is what makes him such a loyal friend and even acquaintance, rarely will someone find him backstabbing or letting a dire situation continue. He is happy to help with any problem or request (if he finds it worthy enough), and may become fierce if needed; threatening to destroy someone if they so hurt his buddies again.

While this hyperactive ball of crazy is hard to follow, it may or may not come as a surprise he also has an extremely sensitive side. The slightest insult or ruining of a plan (example being he makes a chocolate cake, only to find the person he made it for doesn't even like chocolate!) can cut him deep, causing him to sulk and turn abnormally quiet. It would be wise to make him happy again, and quickly. If not, he may turn to violence, or even try to turn those who are happy depressed as well; if he can't be happy, no one can! Also extremely self-conscious, these feelings reside in his core of jealousy. A different type of jealousy, Envy has Autophobia and Atelophobia, the fear of abandonment and not being good enough, explaining why he often compares himself to someone elses personal traits and emotions, instead of envying over their physical belongings.

Envy has no doubt dealt with a rough past, leaving him with a bitter outlook on life; secretly a cruel boy to the world around him, seething in hate for anyone and everyone who had ever wronged him or his loved ones, but that side of him has diminished. He is still wise and does not forgive easily, but his façade of happiness was quickly found out a long time ago, only to be rebuilt with sincere well-being and joy. The dark past and memories leaving a cloud over Envy's head has disappeared by the light of his present and future, and there are several people he can thank for this, but there is one person who sticks out among the rest.

Then there is a part of Envy he desperately tries to hide. Only will it emerge during intense feelings of anger or jealousy. As though he's possessed, his conscience of right and wrong is clouded with only a need for destruction guiding him. Friends become enemies and tools, and he won't hesitate to smack them around if they get in his way.


Envy is very small and mousey, with small, boney hands, no muscles nor fat, and skin as thin as paper; the simple thought of hugging him brings fear of breaking his petite body. His small body is countered with demonic features, such as drooping ears and mischievous horns. His skin is a light grey hue and is decorated with large scars, burns and sickly yellow-purple bruises. His back, if ever seen, is significantly more scratched and scarred than the rest of his body. The ragged scratches start from his shoulders and down into the back of his jeans out of sight, yet continue down his thighs. Along with those horrid scratches are fifteen small, circular burns, seemingly made by cigarettes. His fore-arms, if not covered by armor or sleeves, have a ridiculous amount of black Sharpie lines across them, which he uses to keep track of various things. The texture of his skin is extremely odd; smooth in most places containing scars, yet untouched skin is dry and very uncomfortable for him. He lacks body hair of any kind, such as his; arms, legs, under-arms, facial-hair and ... those regions. A peculiar detail is that his fingers are an inch longer than they should be, as well as adorned with claws that are an inch and a half long after his fingertips. They are filed to a point and kept thickly coated with matte black nail polish. On both hands, the claws on his index and middle fingers have been removed. Occasionally his fingernails will be tinged red with blood, sometimes even continuing up along his fingers to his wrists.

His horns have grown significantly since his arrival to the Rogue Isles, now curving back and down, instead of originally peeking out of his hair. They are ridged, black, grey and rough. His tail is dark grey with a pointed green tip, feeling hard like bone with a light fuzz coat, and will usually be seen absently wrapping itself around his leg, waist, nearby objects, or used as a make-shift belt to avoid being stepped on. His ears have various holes in different sizes, like earring gauges that never closed, but are soft and 'sensitive', and will often purr when scratched, or become protective of them. He refuses to put jewelry or gauges in the holes of his ears. Rarely seen are his small wings, as they are almost always folded into his shirt and jackets. The majority of his wings are black with a green outline, leathery in texture and very scrawny, rendering them useless for flight.

His hair is a murky green color, cut in several layers and very spiky, raggedy but soft, tangle free and free of product, obviously well-taken care of despite the crazy cut. His eyes are noticeably larger than normal, his left being a shocking violet in color with a vertical pupil and black eyeliner-like rim, often mistaken for make-up. Recently, his once removed and stitched right eye has been replaced with surgery, reconnecting nerves to form a working one, granting sight yet again. This eye is sky blue in color upon request, with an identical vertical pupil and black rim. It is slow to react due to the lack of work in his nerves over the years, but it isn't exactly 'lazy'. The deep scar starting from his eyebrow and ending at his cheek bone still remains, as well as the holes from his barbed wire stitches on his top and bottom eyelid. Upon closer inspection to his face, you will find he is free of 'beauty marks', freckles and acne, but small scars (as if made by fingernails) decorate his cheeks and around his lips. Behind his variable masks, he rarely wears a frown upon his chapped and split, naturally black lips. His teeth are serrated and shark-like specifically for carnivorous eating, surprisingly still white and straight despite all the candy he eats daily. Plus, he proudly holds a white tongue bar piercing.

His clothing is usually dark in color and follows the gothic style, rarely will you find him wearing colors. His top either being clad in armor, a dirty hoodie or white or black trench coat. The old black jeans he adores are several sizes too big, dragging under his dirty, black converse sneakers, and are torn, showing off his bruised and bandaged left knee. He covers his severely burned palms with old black gloves, armor, or a black chain wrap, keeping his scarred fingers wrapped with cartoon (favorably Finding Nemo) Band-Aids. His scarf (if seen) is made of soft faux fur, dyed into white or green and black stripes, loosely wrapped around his neck. He wears a simple gold, chain bracelet on his left wrist, given to him by his best friend, Ash. Those who look closely could see he wears a small golden locket on a gold chain; it sparkles as the lights hit it, a million different colors, given to him by his husband Haldien. Inside the locket is a miniature cut-out of their wedding picture.

Even Demons Need Love! ♥

Envy was always surrounded by boys and girls alike as they fell in love with him left and right, yet he had never been one to fall in love. Instead experimenting until he found he was having fun, and as expected in his situation, he was never the 'dumpee' of a relationship, meaning he was the one to end it if he eventually became bored. He broke many hearts in his short time in the Rogue Islands, but a certain Brit swept him off his feet, and he just had to have him. An awkward evening of Haldien approaching Envy and his three brothers led to a one-sided friendship, and soon a love struck infatuation for the blonde man. Envy found Haldien to be the coolest thing since sliced bread, while Haldien would roll his eyes at the boy whenever he had the chance, nicknaming him 'Sallie Anne' in a mean to mock his girlish figure, and even shoving him away whenever he got too close. Envy was chasing after someone who didn't want him, just like those who had done the same to the green haired boy, yet Envy was persistent. He continued to hug and cling to the man in hope he would 'loosen up', and eventually he did.

A few days after their meeting and a few missions together, Haldien and Envy discovered the sunken cargo ship in Port Oakes, claiming it as their own 'spot', which led to light-hearted conversation, and a few hugs and cuddles when Haldien was too tired to argue. The next day, things finally got more serious, with hugs, awkward pecks and hours of slow dancing to the Cape Radio. After a heated night, Envy revealed he was engaged to another man, causing Haldien to run off, hurt and angered, and leaving Envy to think over his options, struggling through tears. To stay with the man who he was to wed, who hadn't shown his face in months nor treated him kindly, or to choose the man who stole his heart, and even came back despite his foolish and hurtful mistakes. Haldien returned, beaten and bloody, saying he wouldn't lose who he loved again. Envy promptly returned his engagement ring the next time Greed showed himself.

The following month, on the much anticipated Halloween night, Haldien put a ring on Envy's finger, claiming him as his fiancé and life partner. On December 28th of the same year, Haldien and Envy were officially married. Finally, the childish demon that refused to love was caught, spiraling in love with the abrasive, serpent-eyed mess. Much too different, yet so much the same in their own world. Their love and relationship refused to dim, growing stronger as days passed and challenges in their lives together threatened to yank them apart. Life had never been this sweet.

"Every day spent with Haldien is better than the last, but never better than the next."

The Good,

Metal Apocalypse - First and foremost, Haldien is Envy's life savior, guardian angel and matching puzzle piece. The first person Envy ever came to truly love and trust, it's no wonder he craves his presence. He is sure that if he had never met Haldien, Envy would be swimming in a pool of his own blood by now.

Artemis Raith - Artemis was Envy's very first friend in the Isles. Arty was the leader of a pickup group, and they happened to keep in touch. Artemis regularly visited Envy at his table in the Pocket D, and he thought of her as a big sister he never had.

Lilith Iron - Envy's first best friend and love interest in the Isles. Lily was in the same pick up group as Artemis and was there for Envy when no one else was, also the first to know Envy’s entire back story. They had even considered dating each other while Envy was interested in both genders, confessing their love after an angelic pair threatened to take their lives. Sadly, they had been separated as Lily was banished back to Hell for being a Succubus, leaving Envy alone and heart-broken.

Psiteria - An old friend come back, Envy remembers Psi as the third person he had ever come to know and call a friend in the Rogue Islands. Despite not being as close with her as he was with Artemis and Lilith, with his 'Big Sis' suddenly returning, he hopes to regain and develope a better friendship.

Glacier Sagittarius - A man effected by Envy's hyper aura, Alan is someone Envy can turn to for intelligent conversation, or sugar-induced games in Pocket D; Alan is one of Envy's closest friends. The second person to truly know who Envy is, merely by being there when no one else was, he has earned himself the special title of Brother Bluey.

Gemini Spirit - Bluey's sister, Emily. She is shy, clumsy and has an odd sense in fashion. At first, Envy didn't think too much of her, but while trying to cheer her up one night, Emily became a huge part of Envy's life and story. Seeing the torture Envy went through during the removal of his eye, Envy feels as though Emily has become the mother figure he lost.

Clerisy - Envy isn't too sure how or when they became friends, but Ash still puts up with him and Envy considers him his best friend. He still finds it hard to keep up his dim-witted persona while Ash is a very interesting and intelligent person, so their conversations are usually awkward.

Lolaire - Lolololo, as Envy calls her, was a girl quick to become a good friend, after a short amount of days. Lo's personality caught Envy's eye, as it was a mix of his own, yet rough and tumble. Although it's hard to keep her attention at times, she has officially been invited to Envy's 'cool club'.

Dawn and Dusk - Tomasu, Tomato, or Haldy-Clone bares a striking resemblance to Envy's husband, making it hard not to be intrigued enough to approach him for the first time. Tomato is someone who quickly climbed the steps to friendship. He feels as though Tomato could be a brother, as they enjoy teasing and drawing on eachothers faces while asleep (although it's more often Envy drawing on Tomato).

Panagiotis - A boy similar to Envy, it's too good to be true! Pete and Envy immediately cliqued, Envy finding Pete's sense of style similar to his own, as well as his passion for bugging his Boss. They are often seen chatting about nonsense that doesn't make sense, like their own kind of language, or singing so loud the whole D can hear. Recently however, Pete has disappeared due to marriage and a possible child, leaving Envy pretty damn bummed.

Lacey Gregory - Envy's first boyfriend, and the only friend who he's terrified of. Their relationship as boyfriends, ex's and friends has been an emotional rollercoaster of sorts, as Envy has many things to say about their past. One being Lacey turned Envy completely gay in a hate for women, as he reminded him of them to the point of slight sexism. Lacey and Envy had dated, hated, threatened, attempted to murder eachother, awkward friendship, friends, hated again, friends again, co-workers, neutrals, and back to friends again. In that order.

The Bad,

Shimmer-Strike - Envy and Sylvia have a very odd 'frienemy' relationship, and its something Envy is trying to change for the better. He enjoys goofing off with Sylvia, whether it be bugging the hell out of Tomato or exploiting wacky games. But whenever Ash, Envy's best friend, comes around, all hell breaks loose and he sticks on Ash's side.

James Perkins - James is Envy's Boss and father figure. In the past, they enjoyed playing pranks and rough-housing like all buddies would, but now Envy's relationship with James is dimming. It seems he no longer has time for rambunctious Envy, as he has begun to grow up; as well as acquiring a Holy aura. James has merely become a distant memory for Envy - of a man who he used to look up to.

And the Ugly.

Sol Victus - The hero known as Sol Victus is the first person to make it on Envy's enemy list, as his hate for the man is painfully obvious, even though Sol considers, or at least calls Envy his 'best bud'. Sol Victus found out Envy's biggest emotional weakness, merely by the two of them tossing insults at each other one evening. Realizing his last comment had affected Envy; he continuously uses it against him whenever they are together, and doesn't even bat an eyelash at his pain and sorrow. Each meeting they've had together, Sol has caused Envy to break into tears each time. He even witnessed Sol and Haldien fist and gun fight, resulting in a stressed evening between the couple, as Envy believed it was his fight to settle. Envy hates this man with all of his being, and won't be satisfied until Sol is six feet under, at his convenience.

Emil Marcone - Emil has picked on, drugged, kidnapped, and tortured Envy from day one, with no reason other than the fact Envy is an easy target. Envy can't stand the fact he even shares his first name with the leader of the Family, and would gladly take him off the earth if an opportunity opened.

Celi Marceti - Once a friend and a fellow fan of James Perkins, he turned to hate her when she betrayed and ruined his (James') marriage. Envy is truly terrified of the young vampire, once being her prisoner, pet and eventually ghoul, but was fortunately saved by Sillean. Despite her death, Envy is still haunted by her name and the things she made him do.

Blast Furnace - Blast Furnace tried (and failed) to ruin Envy's heists, then fought alongside him against Arachnos, then betrayed and tried to arrest him again. What an ass.


Envy's super strength comes from his demonic curse, yet his 'powers' didn't attain until he was fifteen during a traumatic experience. Though it doesn't look like he has much (or even any) muscle, he could easily lift a lawn tractor, weighing approximately 500-600lbs. He can pack a good punch, with a quick arm and purposely stiff gloves, he could very easily knock out a fully grown man with an upper-cut.

Although he has super strength, he doesn't exactly know how to fight. Having never taken boxing or even karate, as he simply doesn't (and never had) the money to do so. He bites, punches, kicks, scratches, tackles and does what he can to bring the enemy down, in an almost animalistic sort of way. Obviously still not one of the strongest in the Isles, he is good enough to get by without any muggings, and for now it works just fine.

Shapeshifting of sorts. He cannot change his body-type at will, but he can under certain circumstances. An example being his 'disaster mode', becoming 7'0" when angered or threatened, as well as his human form when jealousy to be human becomes too great. Unfortunately, while he is in his human form, he is a human, without his strength and more vulnerable than before. His most common form does not change/age without his willing, as he still remains with the physical appearance of a pre-teen while he is almost twenty years of age.

He is highly skilled in parkour, and uses it as his way to get around the cities, as he cannot fly despite having wings. Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within your path by adapting your movements to the environment and looking beyond the traditional use of objects. Parkour movements typically include: running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, and quadrupedal movement.

Highly sensitive ears also help for his quick reflexes.


A big weakness of Envy's is his weight; being approximately 45 pounds. Although he is very strong, he is also impossibly light for reasons he doesn't even know, yet suspects because he's a demon, and does not follow the basic rules of humanoid life. He often curses himself for his light weight, as his friends have been known to pick him up for the fun of it.

Next being psychic attacks, as he has no mental resistance or guards against mind-probing, manipulation and assault. Having been tortured by psychics most of his early life, even the mention of one nearby can frighten him.

He can't fight forever, in fact he tires very quickly. Due to having no training in fighting, he ends up working his body more than he has to.

His rage towards the Family is strong. No one knows why he has a grudge against the Italian gang, as he will merely say 'it's personal' when asked. One may piece together that he lived in Dockside, neighborhood to Marconeville, and may have been pestered by them for years. While this is true, there is a deeper reason; involving drugs and trickery.

Being a demon, he naturally has weakness against Holy energies and Holy water. Depending on the strength and distance of the aura, he has different effects. A weak aura or long-distance can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches and sickness, then with a stronger aura or closer distance causes opening of wounds, slowing of organ function, increased blood flow as well as bleeding through pores and orifices (such as eyes, ears, mouth and nose).

Holy water will immediately burn his skin and disintegrate bone during prolonged contact. Christianity crosses (or crucifix) effect him to the extent of mild unease and sickness. Having his body burned to ash will kill him off completely.

Banishment, depending on who wishes it, will send him to different locations, mostly being an abyss, which he can escape from. Exorcisms will send him to his rightful level of hell, yet his true name needs to be known in order to do so.

All demons are given a True Name at birth, and once discovered they can be called to and controlled, or even banished and destroyed, by the summoner. This is only one of the reasons why Envy keeps his true name hidden, as well as to keep from being charged for murder or being found in general. Only one person (aside from his family) knows his true name. You could literally say he trusts him with his life.

Envy's husband is his weakness as well as his strength. Envy would easily sell his soul to the Devil if it meant saving his love's life. Amidst battle alongside Haldien will send him into Protection mode, encouraging him to be strong enough to protect him. He's squishy, after all.

Then, there's a weakness that could ultimately destroy Envy, easily reducing him to heart wrenching sobs at simply being mentioned. He keeps it locked up inside, fearing humiliation from being so sensitive to a simple topic, as well as to keep him from breaking down completely. Only one person has discovered this weakness, and Envy has begun plotting his demise.


Somewhat retired character. Maybe he'll be back!

Envy sounds most like Beast Boy from the Teen Titans! Singing, he would sound most like the lead singer of Kiethevez

Along with Autophobia (fear of abandonment) and Atelophobia (fear of imperfection/not being good enough), Envy has Ornithophobia (fear of birds) and the fear of cold temperatures/walk in freezers.

First language is Japanese, second is French, third is English. His accent is a mixture of the former two. Most commonly, he can't pronounce L's and T's, uses nasal tone and makes letters silent when they shouldn't be.

Has no record of being 'Highly Envious', as he merely stumbled upon the Isles and did as he pleased. Highly Envious was just a name to get me into the game.

Envy is an amazing pianist (piano player) and violinist, already having conquered Beethoven and The Devil's Trill.

Sneezes whenever his noise is touched. Always.

Envy has horrid insomnia, and very rarely sleeps for more than two to five hours. Weekly.
The color of his blood is actually a very dark green, almost black.
The only sweet Envy can not STAND is cheese cake.

Envy owns several pets! An orange calico kitten named Lyric, a metal dragon named Mohawk, a living statuette of himself named Mini-Envy, a blonde Tribble named Long, and a squirrel named Trevor.

Envy has had several influences in his time, but the few that stand out to me are Envy and Wrath from Full Metal Alchemist, and the Grudge.

Fun fact!: Envy's candy obsession started shortly after he came to the Isles. Of course when he was younger he had a sweet tooth, but never like this. It started because of the torture his father put him through, tasting his blood and other unmentionable things. Candy and other painfully sweet things have been the only thing that remove the taste and memory. When candy is mentioned or displayed, those horrible memories immediatly flood back into his mind, and the only way to remove them is to devour his personal medicine.

Theme songs.

Stabilo - Flawed Design
Soul Eater OST - Black☆Star Never Lose Myself

(( Way too many theme songs. That's better! ))


Got a comment for Envy? Sign 'em here and I'll love you forever!


"Envy is the Awesome force of nature that cannot be stopped, known as... Cuteness!" - Glacier Sagittarius

"There are a lot 'a people who say they can't find any reason to go on, and it's true. They really don't got any reason. So maybe that's why I consider myself so damn lucky that I got somebody to keep me going. That's my husband... that's Envy." - Metal Apocalypse

"Great to be around when you're feeling down. We just need to somehow get him off all the sugar. He's outrunning me with skates on, that's a problem." - Clerisy

"...The god damn glitta. When will i' stop?" - Open Arsenal

"Envy's a cool cat. He's kinda loud, and has ADD, but whatever. He's cute and funny, and I like him." - Clara Su'cour

"Envy is literally the only man I have tried to sleep with. I mean lets face it, who can resist that feminine figure and that oh so beautiful face! You have to be gay NOT to want him!" - Artificial Intel

"Envy's a friend... Still can't quite figure out why he thinks so. He's a candyholic homo that ain't quite got t'know me yet... So I guess that explains that..." - Ghost Lilith

"Envy is a nice, sweet, and hyperactive friend. And meh crayone buddeh! *leaves purple and black lipstick kisses all over the page*" - Lolaire

"So, we've had ups, downs, ups, and even more downs. But I can't help but like the little guy. Envy can be... Odd, and hate girls, but he's entertaining. It'd be a shame to have to... Y'know... Kill him and stuff." - Syl

"While he and Haldien do get a lot of enjoyment from tormenting me CONSTANTLY, they're good people. I'm very lucky to be their friend, and would probably do anything for them." - Dawn and Dusk

"Envy? He's a friend of my sons. All I can say...there is a lot more to him then most can see." - Top Hunter

"Envy is one cool customer! I'd say he's my mentor...but...uhh....there's too much candy involved, but that's not much of a problem!" - Rosilex
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