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The Mass Eradicator was an ancient dark matter doomsday device of unknown origin that existed in Guatemala. A Mayan Temple was constructed around the Mass Eradicator and archaeologists believed they were worshipping it as some kind of religious idol. Due to the Mayans' belief about the apocalypse, it can also be deduced that they predicted 2012 would be when the Mass Eradicator would activate and destroy the planet. The Mass Eradicator runs on dark matter energy and uses it to project an expanding black hole that would engulf anything in its radius, sucking it into the "Dark Matter Zone". Exadeus discovered the device on one of his first expeditions, but was unable to activate it. It was impossible to decipher, until Cyborg Sinister, a powerful technopath, found out how to communicate with the machinery, revealing himself to be the ignition switch required to turn the device on.

Driven mad by dark matter, Cyborg Sinister sought to activate the device and destroy the world, but not without intervention by Phanto and Exadeus, who wanted the device for themselves, and The Infiltrators, who were on a mission to secure the device and save the planet from destruction. Knowing they couldn't handle the depths of the temple alone, The Infiltrators joined forces with Phanto and Exadeus and stopped Cyborg Sinister from activating the Mass Eradicator, but killed him in the process. They also took it upon themselves to destroy the doomsday device, scattering its pieces all throughout the temple.

After they withdrew, Longbow received a tip about the combat and moved in to investigate. Desperate to find out what happened, Special Agent Slate and Agent Dukakis ordered their team to attempt to reconstruct the device out of remaining pieces. Afterwards, they discovered that large pieces were missing, and that someone must have stolen them before the machine's destruction in an effort to rebuild it at a later date. After hearing Rave Spider interview on CNN, revealing The Infiltrators involvement in the events in Guatemala, they abducted Johnny Turbo and got him to come clean about the events in Guatemala. They made their prime suspect Phanto and set out to reunite The Infiltrators to take him down.

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