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The Mythic
Midnight Warrior
· Magic Tanker ·
Dark Melee
Player: @Silverblade
Real Name
Richard Benjamin Donovan
November 28
Fort Worth, Texas USA
United States Citizen
Paragon City, Rhode Island USA
Classic Car/Motorcycle Business Owner
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Michael Donovan (father-deceased), Sarah Donovan (mother-deceased), Victoria Caldwell (sister), Robert Donovan – uncle
Physical Traits
Fae Infused
Apparent Age
Mid 30s (Real age is over 150)
6'2” (188cm)
215 lbs (97.5kg)
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Durability, Endurance and Senses – Darkness Control and Manipulation – Regeneration - Magical Fire – Super Speed - Flight
· Equipment ·
Multiple Magical Artifacts
· Other Abilities ·
Expert Hand-to-Hand and Weapons Combatant – Expert Marksman – Military Strategy and Tactics – Covert Operations and Surveillance – Demolitions – Piloting – Gymnastics - Mechanical Engineering

Captain Richard Benjamin Donovan is a decorated veteran of the Rikti War. Part of the U.S. Army Special Forces, he led a team of operatives providing vital surveillance during their reconnaissance missions. He was also involved during the second Rikti invasion in Paragon City working with Vanguard and the United Nations to push back the invading force.

Shortly afterwards, he vanished from Paragon City only to suddenly reappear five years later with superhuman powers. Richard now contracts his work to the military and FBSA. To the general public, he is just a co-owner of a successful car/motorcycle restoration shop on Talos Island. But he also patrols the night sky as the Midnight Warrior.



Richard was once an ordinary human being. But during his time in the Fae Realm (Faerie), he developed powers beyond mortal humans. His body has been magically infused and he possesses numerous magical artifacts that enhance his magical powers.

Darkness Control

While serving in the Unseelie Court, Richard learned to harness the power of darkness and over time dark energy altered his DNA to the point where he is no longer a normal human being.

His darkness mastery has manifest in the following ways:

Durability – Richard is able to surround himself with a thin layer of dark energy which acts like a force field. This allows him to deflect and defend against almost any kind of attack. The darkness field also works in absorbing and dispersing kinetic energy allowing Richard to absorb concussive blows without internal injury. This allows him to hold his ground and prevents him from being knocked down.

Regeneration – The molecules in Richard’s body is constantly being repaired and altered as a side effect of his infusion with dark energy. It allows him to repair wounds at a much higher level in case any attacks do penetrate his defenses. In addition, his bones and muscle tissue have become naturally more dense and stronger. The same healing ability also makes him more resilient to disease, fatigue and chemical effects like drugs or alcohol.

Super Strength – Dark energy has reinforced his body at a molecular level allowing him to be stronger than possible for a normal human being. Currently he is capable of lifting 50 tons without any outside aid. While wearing the Gauntlets of Dagda (see below), his strength can potentially be astronomical.

Extraordinary Physical Attributes – The restructuring of his cells has given Richard physical attributes beyond the scope of the finest human specimen. His speed, agility, endurance, stamina and reaction time are all enhanced to superhuman levels.

Extraordinary Senses – Richard’s five senses are also beyond the parameters of normal human beings. All his senses are highly acute; his eyesight and hearing being the most advanced.


Richard also lived with the Seelie Court and there he was taught spells in various schools of magic. Some of the frequently used are:

Glamour - Like most fae, he can perform glamour to change his appearance and to alter his clothing and magic items. Due to his skill in glamour, he is also able to recognize basic illusion and invisibility magic.

Darkforce - Magic is also used to engulf foes in darkness while siphoning off a small portion of their health and transferring it to Richard. Due to this draining and his bodily infusion with fae magic, it is possible Richard may be ageless like all fae but only time will tell.

Pyre – Although his main focus is darkness, Richard is quite capable of casting blasts of fire of various effect and strength. He can also trap foes in rings of fire.

Recall – Richard does not have every magical item in his possession on his body at all times. But with a powerful teleportation spell, he can recall any or all his powerful artifacts. They are kept in his personal pocket plane and can be summoned anywhere almost instantaneously. This recall spell also works to teleport friends to his location.

Portal Ritual – Richard can open portals to certain planes such as his private pocket plane and Faerie.

Flight - He is also able to levitate and fly with magic, his top speed currently capping off around 600mph. Richard eventually wants to be able to fly at supersonic speeds.


During his estimated 120 years in Faerie, Richard acquired and was rewarded numerous magical items. Some are minor trinkets with simple enchantments but a few are major artifacts.

Many are bound to his life force and can only be used by him. If he is killed, the victor would be able to claim the items as its new master.

Some notable magic artifacts:

Helm of Dalio

This headpiece offers physical protection to the wearer since it cannot be damaged but its greatest magical trait is its mind protection. Anyone wearing the helm is immune to any sort of mind control or suggestion and are immediately aware of such attacks. The helm does not counter telepathic communication or direct psionic attacks.

Gauntlets of Dagda

These segmented iron-like gauntlets cover the forearm all the way to the elbow. They are light, flexible and impervious to all attack making them exceptional for deflecting attacks. The gauntlets magical enchantment enhances the strength of the user by their potential. The more powerful the individual, the greater the enhancement.

Currently, Richard is able to lift 500 tons with the gauntlets but it is theorized as he grows in power, his strength can be almost limitless.

Ageless Armor

Although seemingly heavy and bulky, the armor is remarkably light and agile due to its magical enchantments. Richard wears this suit of armor when he expects heavy resistance. The armor reinforces Richard’s already formidable powers of defense. In addition, the armor works as an environmental suit. It allows Richard to survive harsh environmental exposure such as space or deep water and he does not need to breathe or sleep while wearing the armor.

Vorpal Glaive

On one of his many successful campaigns, Richard was awarded a very unique and special weapon. It is a glaive with a single edged blade at the end. It is unbreakable and unable to harm Richard in any way. Attempting to use the blade against Richard would only cause the blade to levitate/teleport away from his body.

It has vorpal capabilities, meaning it is extremely keen and sharp, capable of severing limbs and heads of even powerful enemies with one stroke. Many creatures have fallen to this extraordinary weapon.


Richard is truly powerful with his superhuman abilities, magic and magical items but he does have certain weaknesses.

Cold Iron

Cold iron weapons are a bane to fae. The process to create such weapons requires hand forging in low heat. They must be made of iron only. Steel or other alloys do not have any special abilities against fae.

Against cold iron weapons, Richard’s magical defenses and abilities have no effect. Essentially, against these types of weapons, he fights as an ordinary man. Wounds inflicted with cold iron also heal at slower rates and can potentially leave permanent injuries or scars.

This weakness does not extend to his magic items and artifacts. The vulnerability only applies to Richard directly.

Sensory Overload

Because Richard has highly acute senses, they can be used against him. Due to his strict and disciplined training, he can adjust the sensitivity of his senses but if he is caught unawares or off-guard, he can be disoriented by overloading his senses.

Social Adjustment

Having his uncle around helps him stay grounded but over a hundred years living among an essentially alien world with alien rules have made things a bit confusing for Richard. He remembers basic social norms and his military training stayed with him but he has occasional bouts when he acts more like a sidhe than human. Under the Seelie aspect, it’s not a big issue as he will present himself with honor and dignity but as Unseelie, he can be quite unpredictable and even hostile to human sensibilities.

Drawing out his Unseelie nature could have troubling and potentially dangerous situations.


Richard has a long history of training and education, not to mention a wealth of experience in actual combat. Even if he were without superpowers, he would be a formidable foe.

Military Training

Richard was a Captain in the U.S. Army. He has successfully trained and qualified as an U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces, making him an elite soldier and combatant. He has extensive knowledge in military tactics, demolitions, reconnaissance and surveillance. His combat training has made him an expert marksman and he is a certified pilot.

He was part of a crack commando unit during both Rikti invasions providing valuable intelligence and forward observation. Due to his valorous service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Martial Arts

Besides his military training in hand to hand combat, Richard also underwent training with fae warriors. He is well versed in multiple forms and styles, some of which is foreign to Prime Earth.

His training in various martial arts has also provided him with an iron will. The training is especially useful against mind attacks and he knows techniques to fight against mental intrusion.

Mechanical Engineering

Richard earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas. He has a natural affinity to anything mechanical and has a knack at jury rigging engines and motors.

Fae Expertise

Dwelling among the fae for over one hundred years has made Richard an expert to all things fae. He is highly knowledgeable of their history and culture. Having involved himself in the royal courts of both the Seelie and Unseelie, Richard is also familiar with fae etiquette and social behavior.

A good portion of his time with the fae was involved in war so he is also an expert of their fighting tactics and abilities. Having killed many in the past, he is also very knowledgeable of mythological creatures and their strengths and weaknesses.


Early Life

Richard’s father Michael was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army while his mother Sarah stayed at home. Early on, when Richard was only a toddler, his family moved often but his father wanted his children to be grounded so instead of making the military his career, he was honorably discharged.

From then on, Richard had a pretty typical childhood. His father worked as a software engineer while his mother handled household duties. Richard developed physically early and was involved in many sports activities like basketball and football. His family was close and Richard has fond memories of his childhood.

All this changed when his parents were killed in a terrible automobile accident when Richard was still in high school. His uncle Robert received guardianship of Richard and his younger sister Victoria. They both moved to Paragon City where their uncle lived. As Robert was still trying to build his business, it was a rough time financially.

When Richard graduated high school, he was accepted to multiple universities but instead joined the Army. He sacrificed and delayed his college education so that money could be used for his sister as she was showing great academic potential. Victoria later finished college, graduated law school and became a renowned judge.

Military Service

In the Army, Richard quickly rose in the ranks as his academic discipline translated well in the military. He was stationed in numerous bases, going where he felt was the best opportunity to grow. In two years, he became a sergeant and completed Ranger School. By year four, he completed Special Forces training. Using the Army GI Bill, Richard was able to complete his college degree at the University of Texas in Austin.

Not wanting to waste any time, Richard immediately enrolled and successfully finished Officer Candidate School. As a commissioned officer, he eventually rose to the rank of Captain and led numerous missions throughout the world. His squad was also instrumental in reconnaissance missions against the Rikti during the first and second invasions.

After a distinguished and exemplary service record, Richard was honorably discharged soon after the second invasion was repelled. He ended up staying in Paragon City working at his uncle’s automotive shop.


Talos Motorworks was very successful and Richard was doing well. One night he met a beautiful woman named Bridget at a club and began a relationship. It turned out that Bridget was a sidhe in disguise. Completely enamored by the fae, Richard willingly escorted her back to her realm where he remained for over a hundred years.

Over time his human physiology somehow managed to merge with fae energy making him ageless and effectively immortal. As part of the Unseelie royal court, Brighid (Bridget) taught Richard dark magic.

At some point, he was swayed to the Seelie side where he learned to harness glamour magic and participated in rigorous martial combat training.

For many decades, Richard was engaged in the Shadow War, a war instigated by a rebel group attempting to shatter the tenuous truce/agreement between the Seelie and Unseelie Court. There he earned a reputation as a mighty warrior and where he claimed most of his magic artifacts.

He lived in a dream-like plane but his human side always seemed to yearn for Prime Earth. With a somewhat heavy heart (Brighid is still somewhat upset at him) he opened a portal back his home.

Return to Paragon City

When he stepped through the portal, he expected the passage of time to be the same. Instead he quickly learned he was only gone for roughly five years.

It took him a few months but he reunited with his sister and his uncle who were both doing very well during his absence. Richard also reconnected with the military and joined FBSA as a contractor since he now had skills and abilities of a hero.


Richard tends to be a no nonsense type of guy. He says what he means and he does what he says. But that doesn’t mean he’s stiff and uptight. On the contrary, he enjoys a good laugh, a fun night at the clubs or bars and the company of beautiful women. He enjoys sports and large cars and motorcycles with huge horsepower. Richard is also very loyal to his relatives and friends.

Due to his long tenure in the military, he is always on time and his equipment is always in immaculate condition. He comes prepared and ready. In combat or when operating in the field, he is acutely aware of his surroundings and constantly accessing the situation. In a fight, he is a pure warrior.


Brighid (Bridget)

A high ranking sidhe in the Unseelie Court. Initially, Brighid seduced and mesmerized Richard as a source of glamour but over time she found herself attracted to the human. Instead of tossing him aside as she normally did with her human subjects, Richard received the honor of traveling with her back to Faerie.

For decades they were inseparable. She taught him the ways of the sidhe and trained him in dark magic. But eventually, Richard realized his sense of honor and commitment did not relate well in the Unseelie Court and turned away from it.

Devastated, Brighid sought vengeance against him but during the Shadow Wars, when the courts had to unite against a common enemy, she allowed her anger to fade as she marveled at what he had become. Still, he harbors some bitterness but it is loss that fuels her, not hate. Richard still cares deeply for her and will often yield to her requests.

Robert Donovan

Richard’s uncle and co-owner of Talos Motorworks. Robert is the foundation that keeps Richard in check. With aliens, sidhe, metahumans and creatures, it can be hard for someone like Richard to be grounded. Robert allows him to remember the mundane things in life and of course, his deep passion for classic cars.

Victoria Caldwell

Richard’s younger sister. She became one of the youngest federal judges in the country. Her brother’s early sacrifice allowed her to enroll in Princeton then Harvard Law School that catapulted her way in the judiciary system. She and her husband Joseph and their two children live in Dallas, Texas but she tries to visit her big brother often.


Richard enjoys cars and motorcycles in general but he especially enjoys classic rides. He tends to buy broken down cars, rebuild and sell them at a large profit. Talos Motorworks is a car/motorcycle restoration shop located in Talos Island. It is co-owned by Richard and his uncle Rob.

He owns a few vehicles that he restored that he will never sell:

  • 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible – Red with white stripes and detailing
  • 1996 Ford Bronco XLT 4x4 – Silver
  • 1995 Harley-Davidson FXD Super Glide Custom – Black

Midnight Warrior tries to keep his hero identity a secret. As a registered hero and also part of FBSA, the government knows his true identity but by and large, the general public is unaware of Richard being the Midnight Warrior.

Richard also has a large hoard of precious gems and metals from his time in the Fae Realm. If he ever decided to convert them into cash, it would make him an instant multi-millionaire.


Midnight Warrior was developed and inspired when I was watching Thor: Ragnorak. He also has some characteristics of some of my old D&D characters.

Midnight (the name I would have used for all versions) is represented by multiple characters in-game:

  • Midnight Blade – Dark Armor/Staff Fighting Tanker
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