Rebecca Saunders

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Rebecca Saunders
Player: NPC
Origin: Magic.gif
Archetype: Mastermind.gif
Security Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca Garnet Saunders
Known Aliases: None
Species: Eternalist
Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Around Seven Stonne
Eye Color: One Brown, One Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Head of Tyrfing
Place of Birth: Vares Sari
Base of Operations: Saleren
Marital Status: Engaged to Ben Campbel
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Ability to use and manipulate magic/Able to summon demonic entities/Very skilled with white magic
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Prior to Paragon and the Rouge Isles

Rebecca was known as an eternalist, she was born and raised to the age of six in the village of eternals otherwise known as Vares Sari, the island was shrouded in magicks powerful enough to shield the very island from access by anything forgein to it.

The island was shielded from even time, trapped within its own walls allowing the eternalists to create great summonings and spell works within a controlled environment, the tribe grew prosperous and their magicks increased to a point where the summonings also known as the Guardians were used for every day tasks, from baby sitting to DIY.

The tribe opened a colloseum where warriors of the group would hone their skills for battle, great temples where the newest summoners would pray to their guardians for assistance and to be allowed to call upon their power in times of need and a school where the foundations of magic were taught to all of the village young and old.

The city flourished being powered by magic, its buildings were alive with the ether and reacted in tune to the societies needs.

Great monuments were created to honor the guardians who now traveled around the city in peace and as members of the general populace, the use of magi-tech soon became a common practice in the house hold allowing people to evolve further with the ether incorporating it into their lives and homes.

Rebecca was born twenty one human years ago into the royal blood line of the society, she showed the greatest promise in all the students of her year surpassing even the tribes high summoness (Rebecca's mother and reigning queen of Vares Sari) at the age of four she had called forth her first Guardian a feat which even the High Summoness had not done until she was sixteen.

Rebecca's skills grew quickly by her fifth birthday she had three Guardians under control, had learned the basics of white magic and had come to grips with many more advanced spells in the black arts (aka black magick)

Her Father, Kerano Garnet had been in ruling over Vares Sari that year for fifteen years, in all of these years peace had reigned supreme under the watchful eyes of the guardians, until one day late august of this year, a guardian sounded the alarm that a breach had been made in the time barrier later to have been killed by the krivis, a warrior race who despised magick and all who used it, mainly due to the fact that they lacked the ability of it themselves.

The Krivis tore through the city like a plague destroying summoners and summonings alike, until they reached the palace, Rebecca's father stood and fought valiantly against the onslaught of krivis only to fall to the hands of a creature known only as the dark.

Leaving Vares Sari

Rebecca's mother fled with her two children (Rebecca's sister Svyna) to the portal docks hoping to escape across the tide sea to the world of humans and ask for assistance.

The three fled in a boat from the ruins of Vares Sari watching as their home was torn to the ground the wails of the guardians heard screeching across the seas only to be engulfed in the storms on the oceans.

As the boat tore over the waves, the guardian beast known as the Vares halted their path, Rebecca's mother pleaded with the beast to let them be to no such avail, it was here that Rebecca's mother used her final Guardian destroying herself and the beast at once but allowing her two daughters freedom to the world of humans.


The two made land on a quiet beach on the east shore of England where they hid within a cave below the cliff faces.

Adoption and further life

Shortly after arriving, the two were picked up by the authorities and put up for adoption in England, a pair of well known magical based heroes opperating in England saw the potential in the two, and took custody of the children.

The two lead a happy life, learning under the protection of their foster parents, and quickly started to gain an understanding of the magic being taught to them.

When Rebecca reached the age of nineteen, she began work on forming Tyrfing, the future Uni-Con's magical division. It originally started as a small scale business, but rapidly grew in popularity and success, before becomming one of the most well known magical oriented businesses in England.

Rebecca's sister began working for Tyrfing and is still working with her to this day.

Primary Powers

Summoning and White Magic

Secondary Powers

Empathy, minor mind control abilities.

Additional Powers

Telepathy, telekenisis, and minor earth and fire magics




Able to rune read, has telepathy, telekenisis and can turn invisible at will.

Life Cycle

Beccy's connection to the earth, other life sources and streams, means that she can only exist if there is life around her, her own life however justifies this requirement and in effect causes her to lack the ability to die.


Rebecca can tend to have a short fuse and dislikes her friends being in danger, she will defend them fiercly sometimes stepping over the edge and injuring herself. She can also cause harm to herself by over exerting her healing and summoning abilities.


Has access to various magical weapons suchs as staffs and all of Uni-Con's assets.

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