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"If you are here, you deserve it. You are the scum of society and have been deemed unfit to be a part of it. Congratulations, you're the worst of the worst. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Strongwall Penitentiary." - Warden Steele

Strongwall Penitentiary was first theorized in 2001 by Longbow and Freedom Corps. Desperate for a suitable housing place for extremely dangerous supercriminals, Longbow was contracted to assemble and guard an un-escapable prison. The base floorplan of Strongwall was not completed until 2002, and it was constructed and opened shortly after. Strongwall was built on an island off the Rhode Island coast. Longbow maintains a strong presence there as the jailers and personnel. The prison itself has high tech security networks, firewalls, automated drones, and heavy turrets to quick make work of any escape attempt. The completely high tech security protocols are so complex that it would take years to even think up a plausible way around them. Strongwall was truly un-escapable...or so it was thought.

Jack Steele was selected to be warden shortly after Strongwall was opened and ships brought in some of the most dangerous criminals to be held there. Things seemed to be moving smoothly, the only criminals ambitious enough to actually attempt an escape had been thwarted, but 2011 marked the arrival of Cyborg Sinister. Cyborg Sinister's mastery over technology and computer systems made Strongwall's endless firewalls and coding easily breakable. Because of this, Cyborg Sinister was able to take control of the entire prison, turning the automated turrets and guards against his captors, as well as threaten to blow up the island, forcing the superhero team The Infiltrators to escort him out to save countless lives. The Infiltrators were unable to keep all inmates secured, and several notable criminals escaped during this infamous breakout, including: Exadeus, Goldmonger, Powerlaser, Rockefella, Drown, Technotroll, TJ Decay, Nyte-Owl, Dr. Fatal, Cyborg Sinister, and Warcry. This lead to Freedom Corps rethinking the amount of money they poured into Strongwall.

After this catastrophe, the state decided to discontinue Strongwall, as its reputation of being unescapable was now shattered. To avoid the prison being a total waste of money, the state decided to sell the land and operations rights to billionaire industrialist Amon Aser, who sought out the means to make his own privatized prison, apparently to gain favor with the people of Paragon City.

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