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HeadlinersRool87's Blog - October 20th

Hello Paragonians! It is I! I know I need to cut back on the blogging haha, but I saw something today in Talos Tidbits that I needed to just vent about you know? I never believed it. Well I did once I saw it LOL. But here's the deal. I know everyone is probably thinking, "Talos Tidbits? You kidding? That newspaper lies about everything!" Trust me though, this is for real, because after reading it Talos Tidbits, I also saw it in Steel Canyon Gazette, Atlas News, and The Croatoa Scroll. I know what you're all thinking! WHAT IS IT?! Well I got three words for you! THE. BEST. SUPERHERO. Adding a 4th. GROUP. Crap need a 5th too. EVER!

Apparently, Coldcrash, that lovable superhunk started a new group called The Headliners and its being funded by Snow Enterprises! I bought my microwave from them! Anyway, that's not the exciting part, I mean yeah Coldcrash is cool and all, but him alone does not make a good group. And trust me, when I first heard he was in on this I was thinkin, "no way man, he's a loner." But sure enough, he's got a whole slew of celebrity heroes following his lead! Don't believe me! Well Lagoon confirmed via his Twitter that he'd be joining forces with The Headliners. Lagoon! Paragon's IT boy! You know what that means right? HE'S STAYING IN PARAGON! SUCK IT SEATTLE!


Not only Lagoon is in on this! Resident super-activist Duckman was quoted in the article saying he too was joining. Duckman is a legend! My ringtone is him quacking! The Duck has always been a lone wolf! Now he's in a group with two A-Lister heroes! If you thought that was it, you are an idiot! Johnny Turbo is making yet another comeback with The Headliners after being asked to join by Coldcrash. THE Johnny Turbo! I model my LIFE after his! And even if you don't like him, and I know a LOT of people don't, he makes things entertaining! I. AM. STILL. NOT. DONE. Accelerate, the young speedster, sent out a Facebook message saying he was joining. I mean the man is one of the quickest things alive! Coldcrash also stated that he was looking into having 'superdiva' Niva Voss AKA Mass Conniption and teen heart-throb Pyreblast join as well! Snow Enterprises said that extreme sports meathead Offroad was also a canidate up for membership. I don't know what to expect out of this group, but I know it'll be AWESOME! You know what?! I DO KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT OUT OF THIS GROUP! I don't just expect awesome, I expect side-splitting, amazing, stupendous, crazy, exciting, edge of your seat action to keep me entertained 100% of the time while I sit at home alone!

The Hero Critic's Website - November 1st

Today I am critiquing the heroic exploits of international phenomenon The Headliners in the Rikti War Zone. Don't know what happened? Well then here is the low down.


"Coldcrash, Johnny Turbo, and Accelerate went to the Rikti War Zone and talked to Dark Watcher, they discovered that he wanted them to go defeat a very powerful Rikti war general named Hro'Dohtz, along with for generators that were collectively opening a portal to the Rikti dimension. What was Hro'Dohtz doing? Well, lets just say it involved the conquering of planet Earth and thank you.

When they finally found Hro'Dohtz, they realized that they might be in trouble. The Rikti were everywhere, running after them and attacking them nonstop. Eventually, they made their way up to Hro'Dohtz (who was standing conveniently in front of the portal) and defeated him... at which point Nemesis came out of nowhere and revealed to the trio that whatever Hro'Dohtz was up to was a massive Nemesis plot to spread Nemesis' brain among the entire Rikti army, creating a bunch of Rikti with the mind of Nemesis and the abilities of the Rikti.

Really, they had no choice but to destroy Nemesis then and there. It was tough, but eventually they took him down. Coldcrash was confident in Nemesis' legitimate suppression, but after talking to Dark Watcher afterwards, Johnny Turbo was quoted as saying he was hesitant and that he thought Nemesis would strike back at them."

Poppycock right? I was thinking the same thing! Nemesis wouldn't strike back after The Headliners pummeled him quite a good bit. A beating delievered quite rightfully. I applaud these men and give them "props" as they are indeed great heroes. I've known many a superzero to fall in battle with Hro'Dohtz, let alone Nemesis! My final thoughts: Good show by The Headliners and don't you guys worry about Nemesis one bit!


JohnnyTurboSucks1234's Blog - November 7th

It has been a WEIRD year in the world of celebrity hero hook ups. I mean Manticore and Sister Psyche? Was I the ONLY one who thought that wouldn't last? Whatever, that's beside the point! The point is, a few months ago, Lagoon changed his Facebook status to "in a relationship" and crushed the hearts of millions of young girls everywhere. Yep, he started dating Naomi Briggs, which is surprising because he'd been viewed as one-night stand type of guy for so long. Hehe am I right? I mean that's what I told myself after he never called me back... Uhhh. Nevermind.

Ok, but Lagoon is a good guy, here's the REAL story. Johnny Turbo is supposedly dating someone?!? Yes, Johnny Turbo has been seen out on several nights with the same woman...and let's just say they're more than friendly. Who saw them you ask? People...not me stalking him or anything! That'd be ridiculous. I mean sure I slept with Johnny Turbo, Lagoon, and Coldcrash and NONE OF THEM EVER CALLED ME BACK. But think that would make me stalk them?! HAHA YEAH RIGHT! But back to the main topic! What foolish woman would ever think it would be a good idea to date this meathead? Next thing you know girls are going to be flocking to Offroad too.

Ladies got to stick together! These men are bad men! The only good thing coming out of this puppy dog romance is that Johnny Turbo will finally get over me. I mean I know he never CALLED, but he WANTED to. I could tell. He did. So did Lagoon. And Coldcrash? He definitely called, but he called from a blocked number, and when I answered he pretended to be a tele-marketer and somehow disguised his voice using some crazy technology! Oh! Lagoon just Tweeted that he's going to the I guess that's it for this entry! Because...that's all to say! It isn't because I'm going to the gym after him to beg him to take me right there on the weight bench or guys and your imaginations...hehe.

It aint the H-boyz' fault if you can't satisfy them. HEADLINERS 4 LIFE! - HeadlinersRool87

Get yourself tested...all I'm going to say... - lilslut666

NIVA VOSS UPSKIRT? - November 13th


Here's Niva Voss wearing a skirt that might be just a tad too short for someone posing for a photo shoot on an elevated stage. Just a tad. You know, when I post pics like these, I think about the spaceship that crashed here on Earth carrying me as an infant and wonder, "Am I truly inspiring humans to greatness?" And the answer is "Yes. Yes, I am." Now who wants some space sex? Ladies? But let us move on:

Question from HeadlinersRool87
No way! That's not her, is it?
Response: You maybe be questioning the authenticity of such a photo as the above but trust me, it's her. Would I lie to you people?!

Question from MissVossFan12
Heheh, does the carpet match the drapes??
Response: The amount of first hand witnesses is scarce, but from what has been said, she's gone brazilian.

JohnnyTurboSucks1234's Blog - November 13th

WELL I GUESS YOU ALL KNOW, HUH? The Headliners...those cocky, arrogant, selfish, mean, handsome, NO! DAMN IT THESE ARE BAD PEOPLE! Apparently, Coldcrash found me rummaging through his trash (I dropped my contact lense! I swear!) and he got a restraining order against me! Johnny Turbo and Lagoon did the same! What did I do!?! I did nothing! I went to Accelerate for help! HE GOT ONE TOO! THE WHOLE GROUP IS SHUNNING ME! WHY WON'T THEY LOVE ME?! I know I come off a little strong, but it is part of my personality! I hate them! I love them! They don't love me back though, so I HATE THEM! This will be my last blog...FOREVER!


pwn'd - shakemaster45

TruthRevealed69's Blog - November 13th

I come to you a humble blogger. I am here to change the rumors circulating of the heroics of The Headliners. They are not good people. So now, sit back as TruthRevealed69 reveals the TRUTH behind these 'heroes'. Niva Voss? She's an angry little diva. She once fired an assistant for saying she was slouching. You do not even WANT to know what happened to the guy who put up that upskirt picture of her. Coldcrash? The dude is a sellout. All he cares about is money and women. You ask him for help, he'll roll his eyes and try to figure out what HE can get out of it. I got more dirt on all the rest of them. The TRUTH will be REVEALED.

STFU HATER! - HeadlinersRool87

THIS IS ALL A NEMESIS PLOT!!!!!! - Senile Joe Crackpot

gtfo joe - HeadlinersRool87

Somebody call 911! My legs are broken...I don't know where I am...I think I'm Port...OH GOD I HEAR LUSCA! - Anonymous @

...gtfo - HeadlinersRool87


TruthRevealed69's Blog - November 14th

This is PPD Officer Larry Bourne here to report that the user of this account TruthRevealed69 was not entirely truthful in his writing. He could not help it he was the by-product of a Nemesis plot. Allow me to elaborate. Lord Nemesis, having been angered by The Headliners for foiling his plans for the Rikti War, cooked up a revenge scheme so diabolical that it involved internet blogging itself.

TruthRevealed69 was nothing more than an automaton developed by the nefarious 'Prussian Prince.' His plan was uncovered by The Headliners when they arrived to...uh..."visit" the internet sensation that had been trashing their name. His articles were developed by Nemesis to dethrone The Headliners and then, when they were weak, kill them with unstoppable waves of men in fancy clothes (AKA Nemesis Soldiers). Coldcrash found the warehouse that manufactured the automaton and brought Johnny Turbo and Duckman with him to shut down the "roboblogger".

In a completely unavoidable accident, Johnny Turbo hit the wrong button and sent the Roboblogger onto a murderous rampage through Steel Canyon. Nemesis took this opportuinty to attack as well and sent out dozens of reinforcements. The Headliners arrived on the scene and dispatched of the Roboblogger, proving once again that you shouldn't always believe what you read on the internet!

I told ya'll, ya'll said I was crazy, but I told ya. I TOLD YA. - Senile Joe Crackpot

wtf is a roboblogger? - heyguysitsNICK

pwn'd - shakemaster45

The Hero Critic's Website - November 15th

Well, I'm sure the humble masses have caught wind of the escalating conflicts between the nefarious villainous organization Nemesis and the self-proclaimed 'Protectors of Paragon' supercelebrities The Headliners. Now I know this squabble could lead to quite an entertaining show of carnage, destruction, and action, but think for a moment. This overly-hyped macho contest is nothing more than a revenge scheme. Let me track back to the beginning of this fiasco.

Upon finding out about the incidents regarding The Roboblogger, Accelerate embarked on a quest for revenge. Enlisting some others, he took to the streets and interrogated Nemesis soldier after Nemesis soldier. What did he find? Why he found the location of 3 distinct weather labs Nemesis was using for a plan that was not to be unveiled until mid 2010! Accelerate trashed the weather stations, arrested the soldiers, and posed for the paper, but I mean, come on!

This wasn't heroics! This was just revenge! You can't foil a guy's plan months before he even puts it into action! Normally this would discourage any villain from ever trying anything against The Headliners again, but Nemesis doesn't sway that easily. He won't let up and neither will the Headliners. So I ask you. Will you be excited for this Paragon turf-war? Or will you just try and not get caught in the crossfire? I mean come on! This is worse than that Bloods/Crips thing in Los Angeles!

Senile Joe Crackpot's Website - November 16th


There are two sides to every coin. Whereas everyone wants to look at the brighter side of a picture, people seem ignorant of certain darker qualities. Take The Headliners for example; noble group of heroes protecting the fair Paragon City? Or perhaps deranged demon-summoning cultists intent on bringing citizens to an eternal damnation!

My accusations are not without fluent proof, of course. Take for example the so-called "hero" of The Headliners known as Pyreblast. It's a little known fact that before his work as a self-proclaimed hero, Pyreblast was a member of the criminal, occult street gang known as the Hellions! People wonder where he got his powers, but I have a good idea of where they come from. He apparently sold his soul to a dark force in exchange for his control over fire and flames. What else could it be? How are we supposed to trust our city to a group that works with Satanists? What's to say that Pyreblast isn't still a member of the Hellions? Worse still, what if ALL of the Headliners are members?!

As if that wasn't bad enough, you won't believe your eyes when you see the next photograph caught. What we see here is The Headliners' Niva Voss, appearing to be consulting with what we believe to be a demonic force. Take note of the cloven feet of the man or creature she's speaking with!

screw the headliners!! stay out of king's row!!!!! - XxMarrowSipxX

pyreblast is such a puss. LOL! - heyguysitsNICK

Senile Joe Crackpot's Website - November 19th

Now in all my years of running a conspiracy website filled with lies deciet and UNTRUTHYNESS, I have never stumbled across something so crazy yet completely factual as the incident that took place in one Pocket D on Sunday! Johnny Turbo has always been an "egotistical jerk" of sorts, but it seems he crossed the line when he and his 'boss' Coldcrash supposedly hired a prostitute to seduce the hero Scarlet Wing. Later, during a heated arguement between JT, Accelerate, Scarlet Wing, and his large monkey-like friend, Atomic Guardsman, Scarlet arrested Johnny Turbo for soliciting prostitution!

He in turn also arrested The Masked Outlaw in hopes of unmasking him and making him pay for his unorthodox 'robin-hood' way of combatting crime. JT and Masked were eventually released after Scarlet Wing viewed his interrogation to be pointless. This little 'hiccup' though costed The Headliners a lot of fans! Luckily, Johnny Turbo donated an insane amount of canned foods to the annual Battered Womens' Shelter canned food drive. I think we can all agree that this generous giving donation completely makes up for hiring a prostitute for a hilarious joke. JOE CRACKPOT...SIGNING OUT!

Headliners 4 Life, hardcore, when i grow up, i wanna be in the slamma! - HeadLinersRool87

it most certainly does not make up! that man needs to get his priorities in order! And why was Coldcrash not arrested! these guys need to grow up, get a job! - srsbuziness09

those two pretty boys were lucky they didn't drop the soap in my shower!!!!!! - sucks2beinjail333


WELCOME MASKED FANS! This is! Your one stop shop for all the juicy details on the one, the only, Masked Renegade! Big things in the news today as Masked has supposedly joined forces with superhero celebrities The Headliners. Now, I don't know about you all, but I always thought of Masked as "the lone wolf" and not the "celebrity spokesman." Either way, Damian Snow confirmed that he was officially a Headliner. Could all this fame and fortune change the Masked that we all held dear? I know us here at hope not!

Good news for Masked/Chopkicks fans because Damian Snow also stated that Juliette Cole would be a Headliner as well! This could be the little push we needed to finally see this unspoken love realized! Do you think the two should be together? Leave a comment with your thoughts/opinions! Thanks from everyone here at!


Boo! Girls have cooties! dont kiss her Masked! - LilMaskedFan11

GOD I HATE THE MASKED OUTLAW!!!!!!!! - respectdalaw48

Masked and Chopkicks! Love forever! <3! - hotyoungthang212

I pity the fool Masked who won't just admit his love for Juliette! - Sayno2groupiez


The Kegger has confirmed a sighting of the Formula 1 champion Elliott Hood in Paragon City, RI, USA this racing off season. He was perusing with the starlet Niva Voss, the pro surfer Calvin Callahan and the leader of the Headliners Damian Snow in the popular trans dimensional club Pocket D. It is unknown as to way Elliott has been visiting the States, but rumor has he has also moved his driving sessions to a race track in New York. Is Elliott Hood moving to NASCAR? Is he courting Niva Voss? Or is looking for new friends over the pond? Or could he be a super hero? We'll update you soon when we get more information.


Brilliant! - HoodF1Fan

I don't get it, is he going to NASCAR? - HugeNASCARfan#24


NINJAMBOREE - December 7th

Lots of news in the world of celebrity heroes as it seems the Headliners have finally met a group willing to fight them. Their status in the hero world has made them legends within the criminal underworld. Nobody but Nemesis or Lord Recluse himself would dare challenge them...until everything changed. A few days ago it was caught on camera in an industrial district that The Masked Renegade had been caught in a scrap with the supervillain Tyrannical who had kidnapped Headliners member Chopkicks. A battle ensued, ending with Tyrannical plummeting 50 stories and becoming imbedded in the concrete! Damian Snow assured the press that it was accidental and in no way an intentional killing.

Later in the week, a group of masked men attacked Accelerate. He defeated them, finding six in total, but not without being slashed several times in the chest and legs. With the six in custody, Coldcrash ordered they be interrogated. They stated that they were messengers of death and despair here to rain down on the selfish and the dishonorable. They also wanted revenge. It appears that even though they were defeated by Accelerate alone the last time, the mysterious group would not stop trying to bring the Headliners to their knees. That became apparent in recent days.

For unknown reasons, Johnny Turbo, Lagoon, Masked, and Chopkicks fell into a trap in which these masked men, revealed to be Bushido, jumped them and stole a prototype nanite substance that Johnny Turbo was in possession of for some reason...probably relating to his crippling debt. They then launched an assault on Snow Enterprises burning one of the conglomerate's corporate buildings to the ground. Headliners arrived later to stop them. Dynamous did not make it out of the building alive. It seems that the first group to truly challenge the Headliners have taken their toll. The rest of the criminal underworld may take notice...and stop fearing these heroic juggernauts.


Starlette Niva Voss was found mingling in the Pocket D with an archivest of media for Atlas Park's City Hall, a little known man named David Libret. David has been in the news, himself, in the past, when his opera preformance turned awry. Now, whether Miss Voss was fraternizing with him on purpose, to get herself more in the lime-light, is uncertain. All that was heard of the conversation by our reporters is that David self-proclaimed himself as Lord Recluse. Could this be true? Or was it David that was looking for attention from the papers? Either way, he's going to get it. This paper-pusher is going to be under the microscope by the media, we can only hope he's ready.



It was late last night when one of our lead investigators couldn't help but overhear a conversation between Headliners Niva Voss and Calvin Callahan. A certain Niva, who wasn't in the best of moods, accused Calvin of being a prostitute. Always ones to reveal the truth, we followed Calvin that night to see if Niva's accusations were true. And what we saw that night was truly shocking. Calvin Callahan wandered the streets of Paragon, scantily clad in a short red skirt and matching boots, carelessly flaunting his body as he looked for potential customers. And quite a number of customers he would find--after all, who wouldn't want to lay with prettyboy Calvin of The Headliners? Men and women alike came one by one, each looking for a piece of Calvin's white meat special. It was later reported that Callahan had been spotted on previous days, propositioning himself on various locations. Included are several pictures taken by our lead photographers that may prove to be unsettling to certain viewers; don't let the kids see!


BULLSHIT!! That's not him!! - JohnnyTurboSucks1234

I don't know. That DOES look like his ass.. - srsbuziness09

lol hot I COMPUTE - Zen ss1


"The Paragon Tattler" - December 14th

Exclusively from The Paragon Tattler, where you can get your latest, juiciest gossip!

The spotlight has been shed upon amatuer hero, Juliette 'Chopkicks' Cole. Once a nobody, now she's lighting up the nighttime with her outrageous behavior and conduct! A close source tells us they saw the heroine turned now starlette partying it up all over town. Drinking wasn't enough for the wild child, she even indulged in some gambling, and our source tells us she was up on the bars dancing, even the tables! One can only think if this is what Paragon City had in mind when it became the refuge for heroes. Do they just HAND OUT the hero licenses to anyone now?

The fun doesn't stop there for Miss Juliette Cole who's been linked to the elusive Masked Outlaw; apparently they'll both be starring in an ADULT FILM. Another anonymous source also tells us there will be adult toys featuring the young heroin. She wanted the glory of being a hero, and now she can have the fame. Way to be the up and coming, Miss Cole!

One man tells us, "I slapped her on the ass, and then I couldn't get her off of me. She was drunk - she was barely standing." Is she on her way to being Paragon City's party girl, the Lindsay Lohan of Heroes?

The Paragon Tattler has been unable to contact Juliette Cole for comment.


Fawkin' skank, yeah I grind on that shit with my new haircut. - BrettBroski69

thats not even her! faaaaake, FAKES - when's the sex tape comin out - machinehead420

who cares?!?!?! girls got to have fun. - Youngnfun

NIVA VOSS A TOTAL SKANK! - December 27th

So on Niva Voss' Twitter, she reportely "got laid." But, by who!? It could have been everyone! Eyewitnesses have seen this hussie hanging with ALL the boys of The Headliners! First it was Lagoon, who she probably got it doggy-style from. Then it was Pyreblast, who surely got lots of oral from her fat mouth. Then Chicane, who we ALL know is a missionary kind of man. And now she's been seen with more than just our famous Headliners! She's been seen with lowly paper-pusher and botched opera singer David Libret! What the hell is up with this slut! She is just plowing everyone with her vag, isn't she!?


Seriously?... Where do you get this information? - HeadLinersRool87

I'll tell you who got lots of oral from her fat mouth... THIS GUY!!!!!! As in me btw. - Ladykiller23

You're probably like some dweeb with a huge mullet dude. - badguy1

YOU STFU! - Ladykiller23


catamaniac64's Blog - December 30th

I am shocked! Check out this exclusive statement released by Johnny Turbo! He sounds really pissed off! Hooray, erm, I mean, that sucks, because now he's going to jump through hoops to get revenge. Anyway here it is word for word:

"My fellow Paragonians, I know you feel like The Headliners haven't been doing much lately. The city is in peril and we are more concerned with ourselves...BUT THAT COULDN'T BE One little explosion at Snow Enterprises and suddenly the criminals forget their place! Well it is time to teach them where they belong! It is time to send a message to them all, from purse snatchers to world destroyers! The Headliners ain't goin' to take that kind of stuff. The Phalanx might, but not us. And what better way to start this than by hunting down the notorious Cataclysm who I myself had a run-in with. I was blind-sighted, totally unfair fight. We will catch that cat-themed criminal and bring her to justice! That hissing feline will be turned into a PURRING KITTEN! That's all."

See what I mean?

Fawkin'...I be grindin on dat cat-lady all day drinkin' jaegerbombs. - BrettBroski69



He's at it again! That villainous Award has announced his latest target. Damian Snow, we know him, THEY love him, but we HATE HIM! Coldcrash! Quite an ambitious choice don't you think! Well, either way... Coldcrash and Award = ULTIMATE FACE-OFF 2010! We all know when Award set his sights on The Z-Hunter. What about Falcon and Eagle?! Hunted. Gone. Adios. Well, can't wait to see how this plays out!

Just read Award's Twitter...he won. - badguy1

Seriously? Coldcrash is dead? - ilovedamiansnow

Well that was anticlimatic... - ihatedamiansnow

FOUL PLAY! THERE'S NO BODY! - HeadLinersRool87

Stfu kid, you're really annoying you know that? Sabes que, Ima slap you. - ihatedamiansnow

Why would Award kill just doesn't make sense. Damian Snow...he's not worth hunting. Maybe...HE WAS PAID! - detectiveboyz

So who is going to be leader? - goodolecurious99

Well, I hear that 'CEO Garrett Snow named Pyreblast acting leader until they find someone more suitable. - machinehead420

AWESOME! - Pyreblastroolziamhisfan

THIS IS BULL! - JohnnyTurboFTW


You guys here about Lagoon's baby? - srsbuziness09

...gtfo this isn't about that - HeadLinersRool87


HeadlinersRool87's Blog - January 4th

Well, I gotta be straight up honest you guys. Things were looking pretty bleak for the 'Liners. I mean, their leader was hunted down by the nefarious Award and killed for what seemed like no reason at all! I mean, Damian Snow was a big deal and taking him down would make you feel MANLY. But seriously, no loling here, straight up, that probably put everyone in an awkward position. But thats when Pyreblast took charge and CHANGED THE WHOLE THING! He turned it all around! It was all him! When heroes like Johnny Turbo or Accelerate sat by and did nothing, Pyreblast whipped em into shape! I mean did you guys see Talos Tidbits the other day? Newcomer Draconic, Chopkicks (Whom apparently she is "involved" with LOL), and Masked chased that Award all through a popular ski resort!


He was trying to escape! He even went down the slopes, but they followed and bam caught him. And did you hear THIS? Apparently he was tied to TYRANT! So Praetorian Earth thinks they can just muscle in on Primal Earth? NOT ON HEADLINERS' WATCH! Apparently, Pyreblast got Johnny Turbo, Lagoon, and Masked to attack Tyrant's cell in Paragon. Well, it is over now. The fighting has ceased. The Headliners are the winners. And although Coldcrash may not come back! It looks like everything is at peace with Paragon City again! Hooray! Rejoice! Rejoice! Tyrant went back to Praetoria with his tail between his legs. I doubt they'll take too kindly to Emperor Cole's failure LOL! Well, g'bye!


I know what everyone is wondering! Duckman! Where's he been! What has he been up to?! We haven't been able to update the site for a few weeks now! Well everyone's questions are answered in this thrilling segment of ULTRADUCKMAN.COM INTERVIEWS! We caught up with Johnny Turbo and Footwork, the newcomer Headliner hired to replace Accelerate, for exclusive interviews involving their triumphant rescue of Duckman!

"Interviewer: Mr. Turbo! Mr. Turbo! We understand that with Accelerate and Duckman gone you needed a new whipping boy! So you started hanging out with Elastic, is this true?
Johnny Turbo: Yeah.
Interviewer: And he got a call from Duckman saying he was in Las Vegas!?! So you took Footwork here with you and found him?! Why was he in Las Vegas?
Johnny Turbo: Who the hell is Footwork? This is New Accelerate.
Footwork: Duckman was in Las Vegas, yeah.
Interviewer: How did he wind up there?"


It was then that Elastic AKA Davey Manuel burst into the studio without invitation! The eccentric superhero seemed to know more than these other two!

"Elastic: I can tell you why Duckman was lost! He needed to FIND HIMSELF! Suffering from the terrible effects of the HYDROQUACK, a fancy name for a broken heart in duck-talk... Duckman's one true love, Chopkicks, was found with Draconic...kissing. STRICKEN WITH HEARTBREAK, he fled Paragon in tears! Only to turn up in Las Vegas weeks later! He is excited to return to work with his fellow Headliners.
Interviewer: Right so, what did D-

And that was all I shook out of them. It seems you trade one hero for another as Accelerate, tired of being unappreciated and disrespected, retired from his life as a Headliner, Duckman returned to his! If you want to know more about the beak, please visit us at



PCN NEWS - January 6th

Ronald McDavish reporting here for PCN, Paragon News Network! I've seen a lot of stuff in my life, but never something quite like this! The people of Praetoria are REBELLING against Emperor Cole! And for an odd reason! Because of his recent failure against superteam The Headliners, the people have stopped seeing him fit as a leader. Nothing seems to be stopping these people either! Emperor Cole has already taken several protestors into custody to be tortured! They seem to have found themselves a new leader.

He goes by the name of Tyranno, and he has declared himself more fit to rule over the dimension than Cole himself! Citizens everywhere are flocking to the newfound political figure in a place that has been complete and utterly devoid of democracy or reform for years. The question is, will Tyranno, the mysterious new challenger, be able to defeat Cole and seize his throne without being KILLED. It is an enigma really.

Tyranno has been rumored to be the man that took over as leader of the Praetorian Peace-Keeping Squadron, Bushido. If so, the man has a lot of allies, but he has also been known to make many mistakes. In the words of Headliner Rave Spider, "The man is like an idiot savant. He has spurts of genius and can actually be dangerous." I guess only time will tell what happens in this other dimension, but if things turn south, we all know who to blame...THE HEADLINERS!

Lol PraetoriaFAIL! - epicfail12


Hey readers! Surely you've heard the buzz by now. Supposedly, the twenty-six year old super-hunk Lagoon and his (now ex-)girlfriend Naomi Briggs have broken up after a few months of dating according to an insider. The split was said to be amicable and the two "plan to stay friends." We all know our favorite superhero and well-known ladies man is no stranger to the single-scene either. Cal is infamous for his past horn-dog antics. It's rumored he's slept with half the San Diego Chargers' cheerleading squad and numerous former superhero teammates.

He's staying tight-lipped on the cause of the split. Apparently he's not the kiss-and-tell type anymore. Maybe Naomi changed him for the better? Either way girls... he's ours for the taking!


I'd hit it. - calfan147

Already did! - Lagroupies

You guys hear about Conan? - machinehead420

wtf unrelated much? - vhudge89



...and the man admitted to being a serial rapist. IN SUPERHERO NEWS, the escalating conflict between celebrity superhero team The Headliners and the nefarious Bushido Praetorian organization seems to has finally reached its breaking point. Over the past few weeks, notable Praetorian "usurper," Tyranno has been taking his group, Bushido, and moving for revolt in Praetoria, replacing Emperor Cole with him. For unknown reasons, The Headliners became involved with this conflict. Their battles have been nothing short of...legendary.

Tyranno mobilized his 4 best agents to capture Rave Spider, because after Damian Snow's disappearance, he was the only one that suspected the Bushido syndicate's involvement, instead of Tyrant, whom Lagoon swore was behind it. Rave Spider, Heatpulse, and Asunder were the three Headliners held captive, but Rave Spider managed to find a way out, saving Heatpulse and himself. Asunder, who was still in captivity, was saved later by Rave Spider, Lagoon, Chopkicks, Johnny Turbo, Masked, and Draconic. This sparked the turf war between the two superteams, as Tyranno was quoted as saying, "The Headliners are bad people, and they don't belong in the utopia I am trying to create."

Several days later, CEO Garrett Snow informed the Headliners that their funding was to be cut. Without his son leading the group, he saw no reason to continue sending Headliners money. Pyreblast worked on a solution to the problem, exploring other sponsors, but to no avail. Bushido saw this moment of weakness, some speculation says they even caused it, and set several new plans into action. Heroes Duckman and Accelerate announced they were quitting the Headliners, fed up with the abuse and mistreatment they recieved from their colleagues, Johnny Turbo in particular.

Niva Voss' confirmed boyfriend David Libret, was one of the first to be abducted by Bushido. Tyranno and his bodyguard, Renascent, cornered him in Striga somewhere. Surprisngly close to where Coldcrash vanished. Pyreblast, Mass Conniption, Rave Spider and an unknown colleague, managed to rescue the poor citizen caught in the crossfire, and were said to have seen strange altars and cult-like devices where Tyranno was holding him. Of course, Miss Voss put it more colorfully than that, know her.


Elsewhere, Johnny Turbo thought it would be a good idea to take newcomer Footwork with him on a recon mission. Unapproved by Pyreblast of course. The two wound up being ambushed by notable Bushido agents Sly Spyder and Ninjette and a freelancer named Suspense. Footwork ran, leaving Johnny Turbo to be captured by them. Just when he thought his time was up, Duckman and Accelerate returned, executing a classic manuever to save him. The six engaged in a fight, that ultimately ended with the Headliners escaping. Johnny Turbo apologized to Duckman and Accelerate, and the two agreed to come back.

The straw that broke the camel's back in this saga, was when Bushido's second in command, Mountain Ogre kidnapped Rave Spider's parents. Rave Spider and Asunder tracked Ogre back to an oil refinery, where Tyranno, Ninjette, and Sly Spyder were waiting. Rave vowed to end this conflict forever. Tyranno insisted it was too late, as he was about to launch an assault on Emperor Cole's palace and seize the throne. He then abandoaned those that served him well claiming all they did was fail him, ultimately betraying the rest of Bushido. Rave and Asunder rescued his parents, but Tyranno was still at large.

In the end, it was the most unlikely people to play hero. Tyranno had taken over Cole's palace and was ready to seize control of all of Praetoria. Mountain Ogre led Sly Spyder and Ninjette on a suicide mission through the palace, attempting to take down their former leader. Finally cornering him on the roof, Mountain Ogre extracted the nanites that gave Tyranno his power and injected himself with them. They turned him over to Tyrant who arrested the traitor. Bushido is now run by Mountain Ogre, with very different goals....perhaps they would even leave the Headliners alone.


LOL TyrannoFail! - epicfail12

Jeez dude, Mountain Ogre took down Tyranno? STRAIGHT UP BEAST MODE - BEASTBROMARSHAWN

Duckman is a G - gangbanginallido



So he's back. And it wasn't even a Nemesis plot! But moreseo, one of the diabolical Countess! For years this site's been dedicated to the downfall of one Crey Industries! Recent reports have something very disturbing in store! The Headliners uncovered superhero headhunter Award has had his illegal sick game of "sport" funded by Crey. Why you ask? Because after defeating his prey, Award takes his targets back to Crey where they are used for the infamous Revenant Hero Project. Damian Snow was just another on their list!

Pyreblast, Chopkicks, Accelerate, Chicane, Duckman, and more infiltrated the lab. They were shocked to find Crey using the genetic make-up of Coldcrash to create PARAGON PROTECTORS! They rescued him, but the trauma he endured within the labs drove him to step down as leader of The Headliners passing the position on to Rave Spider and Pyreblast permanantly. As usual, Crey has committed hideous crimes against humanity! But the government just won't take notice!


HeadlinersRSellouts87's Blog - January 18th


I knew it! Those Headliners would do anything for money! THEY'RE RATS! CHEATERS! Apparently, Johnny Turbo has struck a deal with Volker Tech for more funding! Snow Enterprises won't pay them enough for their precious...uhm...CAVIAR! So JT brutally arrested Airbound a small-time superpowered burglar that had been stealing from this Volker Labs place. The guy didn't stand a chance! So now Airbound probably needs therapy or something to get over the tremendously unecessary ass-kicking that the Turbo gave him. Seriously, a little abuse of power there? MAYBE. MAYBE NOT LITTLE EITHER. D-bag.

So the arrests have really been piling up, local street thugs, Circle of Thorns mages, drug dealers, but I don't know if The Headliners are doing this for the city or if they really are just in it for the money and the fame like all those conspiracy sites have said. Along with Volker Labs, GM, Nike, and El Super Mexicano have all begun sending money towards the group. I think Elastic even did a spot for Viagra. So here it is, the commerical, corporate sellouts hidden behind those tight costumes and fancypants names have revealed themselves! So I tell you! Get out of Paragon City! GET OUT! It is the STRAIGHT UP APOCALYPSE! The heroes we've respected and loved for so long are just in it for the money! I hereby resign from blogging! Cause if I keep this up! They'll find me! AND THEY'LL DO ME IN LIKE THEY DID TO TruthRevealed69! And I know that was a Nemesis plot, but, but...alright, I'm overreacting. I have that problem. Just...don't trust the Headliners...

aint nothin wrong with a few benjamins kid - rakeindatcash2

yo, hater...aint nobody want 2 hear u hatin, stfu - HeadlinersRool87


R.I.P MASKED OUTLAW - January 28th


Well everybody, its time to move on... It all started a few days ago, Masked told The Headliners that he needed to go somewhere where things weren't so perfect. Everything was fine in the land of "Paragon" what with Bushido's crippling defeat. He needed to venture into more dangerous, crime-ridden territory. He found himself unable to even leave the country however as he was shot dead when he tried to. So that is it. Chopkicks identified the body and Masked was no more. Others have been down to say their goodbyes like Rave Spider and Johnny Turbo. A funeral has not been planned, I don't think Masked would have wanted one. With that, this website will be disbanded. There is no reason to talk about a dead hero, now is there... Unless, he's not dead?

...maskedfail - epicfail12


With the recent death of Masked, the goodie-goodie superteam The Headliners have certainly withstood their fair share of BRUTALITY and MENTAL ANGUISH. Many have been in a dark place. For years it has been a struggle against good and evil, but now...oh now... These heroic "juggernauts" The Headliners, they've been exposed. They have all the funding in the world, all the popularity. But when an overconfident idiot like Award is bailed out of prison by Crey Industries and with the help of Airbound he immediately regains entry to Paragon City. What is there to be afraid of?!

Offroad, the BMX douchebag, met his demise at the hands of Award. Did he need a power-nullification ray? Did he need an army? NO. The Headliners are nothing to fear. They've put crime down to an all-time low, but now, its about to spark up again! Rave Spider sits upon his throne, casting down anyone who opposses "law" and "order," but no longer. It is time for this city to get a wake-up call. Skulls, Hellions, Lost, Vahizlok, all of you! It is time to rise up. If Award and Airbound can kill a Headliner, why the hell can't any of you?

Crime is about to strike back! HARDER THAN EVER! - CrimeRules

I miss the days when we could just do drugs in public! - yeahIlikecracksueme


The infamous Johnny Turbo has announced that the Headliners have gone international. The mental stress that the death of Offroad and Masked has put Rave Spider through caused him to surrender his leadership position to the egotistical speedster. JT announced his first action as leader would be getting the group more funding. Now, companies from all over the globe, from places like China, Canada, or right here in Japan, are buying a piece of the name. They're slapping "Headliners-Approved" stickers on their products and, guess what, THEY'RE SELLING LIKE WILDFIRE!

The truth of the matter is that these guys are not heroes anymore. Even they see that. Two of their members were killed, criminals are going mad everywhere, and these icons are just making money! I'm not sure what the world needs to stop crime, but after this little Headliners experience, I can honestly say, it is not big heroic juggernauts that care more about themselves than the people. They may have been intimidating, but that doesn't change the fact that they're heartless, soulless sellouts. They've seen that too, and that's why all the members are hanging up their ties with the group, and pursuing greener pastures.

It is only fit that they split under the leadership of the idiot who portrayed them best, Johnny Turbo. Deep down, all those corporate sellouts were what Johnny Turbo paraded around as. They were jerks, ego-driven, self-fufilling, greedy dirtbags. That is all they were. Lagoon is headed back to the West Coast, Duckman is dating some bimbo, so I guess they've all gotten happy endings, other than the ones who died. With no team to lead, I can only hope Johnny Turbo retires from heroing altogether. Once again, these guys suck, thank you.



It seems like it's been months since we've posted pictures of the Headliners here at since they dropped off the grid. But they've finally come out of hiding it seems! Seen here in Faultline, Paragon City, our sources have spied various members of the Headliners out in full view earlier this afternoon. Those accounted for included Coldcrash, Johnny Turbo, Fusefire, Jam Session, Lagoon, and Pyreblast. Has this infamous, controversial super group risen from the very ashes like the phoenix of legend? Or are they just shooting the s*** here in Faultline in full costume? You decide!

Oh. And they're on a boat.

Not if we have anything to say about it! - CrimeRules

Woooo! Go Headliners! - goheroes66!

These guys suck so much. - angryguy924



Another Headliner sighting today as a photographer caught a glimpse of Rave Spider on the move. Rave Spider has recently revealed himself to the masses as Grant Miller after taking a long retreat to Thailand with significant other Asunder. Obviously that trip didn't teach any manners because he got in a scrap with fellow hero Tyrone Hammer. Otherwise known as the Harlem Hammer, Tyrone is a big figure in African American community. From what we've heard, Tyrone did not instigate the fight whatsoever. Could this be a hate crime? Could Rave Spider's trip to Thailand have made him more intolerant of other races? We don't know! Do you?


This is the second big Headliner spotting in the week. Is this team back from the trainwreck that it was driven into? We'll get together with Pyreblast later to confirm if the team will be making a comeback, or if this was just a high school reunion thing. Either way, the group is still lacking a few core members. Duckman and Accelerate have not been seen nor heard in Paragon for a while. In addition to that, there is the death of key Headliner Masked. We'll see how Pyreblast and Rave Spider are planning to bring this group back.

ya'll straight KIDDIN me? rave spider took down mothafuckin' TYRONE HAMMA? thas some straight BULLSHIT - stereotypicalblackguy345

COME ON YA'LL, we know big spider be DOWN with da african american COMMUNITizzle, fosheeeeezy - HeadlinersRool87

^^^^^ yo cracka, you keep talkin like dat ya'll gonna get a BEAT DOWN - stereotypicalblackguy345

you both are reinforcing stereotypes that aren't true and only set us back hundreds of years - MrCollegeDegree119

This comment has been deleted by an administrator - raciallyinsensitive3114

^^^^ JESUS CHRIST!!!!! - HeadlinersRool87

^^^^ that was legit one of the scariest things I've ever read... - IDontGetScaredEasily666


THIS JUST IN! Rave Spider, hero or villain?! Earlier today we weren't quite sure the answer to that question! A few days after the accusations of him being a racist, reports came in that the Faultline dam was being ravaged by Freakshow led by none other than Rave Spider himself! Of course, when questioned, Rave Spider denied any knowledge about this, and he set out to find out just what was going on. It seems that this confusing paradox would be the first real news story to bring the Headliners out from hiding! Rave Spider was hot on the trail of whoever was impersonating him, but that didn't stop him from getting a little extra help from his fellow Headliners Lagoon, Fusefire, Pyreblast, Asunder, Chicane, Jam Session, and Johnny Turbo. The nefarious "evil Rave Spider double" was finally cornered within an abandoned lab.

An epic, paradoxical fight took place in the lab, but the Headliners emerged victorious! Upon exiting the lab, Rave Spider told the press that he would find wherever this replica of him came from and put a stop to all this nonsense forever! In a City of Heroes, one can only wonder how clones did not show up earlier. As for the Headliners as a whole, if you're trying to appear selfless and compassionate to win your fans back, it is best not to go after a villain who is only ruining your reputations.



and they said that clone repellent wasn't going to sell - Senile Joe Crackpot


...and in Entertainment news, the powerful superhero alliance known as The Palladium Sentry celebrated their two year anniversary by hosting a formal and fancy superhero party! Some of the big names in attendance were Galactoman, Knight Sentinel, Amendment, Pyroflash, and even The Headliners. Days earlier, Asunder announced to the public that the group was in fact making a comeback and that now they were determined to "turn over a new leaf". Their behavior at this party clearly contradicted the previous statement.

Rave Spider and Asunder maintained a sense of respect, and were photographed sharing a slow dance together. However, one reporter did comment that they disappeared in the middle of the party, only to reappear later, out of breath.

Elsewhere, Fusefire got into it with Galacto-Rangers frontman Chogori which resulted in her engulfing herself in flames and revealing her true form! Fusefire is some kind of devil-demon she beast! The Headliners do associate with demons! If Fusefire is truly Pyreblast's sister then that means that Pyreblast is some kind of creature from hell as well! The Headliners are led by a monster from the underworld, unless, our reporters did not get the right story. Further investigation will be required to fully understand the extent of this situation.

Lagoon found himself out of his element as he was rejected by woman after woman at the party. These women, being sophisticated and classy, viewed the West Coast beach bum as a chore. One woman even went so far as to outright insult Calvin and degrade him in front of everyone. Of course, the rest of the group came to his rescue and flung insults right back at Cal's prospective one night stand, especially Fusefire, who apparently put a cigarette out in the woman's clevage!

In probably the strangest turn of events of the night, Coldcrash had a brief moment of insanity as he suddenly turned into a giant snowman creature that wreaked havoc all throughout the party. He was eventually subdued, not until after ruining the party for several people however. Upon questioning, Coldcrash stated that he referred to this as "going yeti" and had little to no control over it.


At the end of the night, Johnny Turbo stole the microphone from The Palladium Sentry leader Knight Sentinel and wowed the crowed with his rendition of "Milkshake" by Kelis. The audience was shocked and assumed he was intoxicated, which his humiliated fellow Headliners said was not true and that this was him sober.

Yet, maybe we dismissed the "new leaf" comment as a lie too early. The night ended on a happy note as Johnny Turbo sang "Friends and Lovers" by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson with an arm around Knight Sentinel. The rest of his team embraced members from other groups and it has even been said that the Galacto-Rangers and Headliners have formed an alliance. So maybe the Headliners have changed for the better a little after all. They are finally embracing their fellow heroes instead of striving to out-do them. Perhaps Paragon's biggest pariahs could become the city's signature heroes once again.


PCN NEWS - June 6th

We've got breaking news. The controversial supergroup The Headliners have dug themselves into quite a large hole. The Spiritwalker AKA Morris Slade, a former industrialist and CEO of Slade Technologies, was in a bind as he recieved death threats from several unknown assassins. About a year ago, Slade had a "spiritual awakening" and realized his company was helping the wrong people. This led him to become a bit of a religious fanatic and dedicate his life to being both a charitable person and a superhero known as The Spiritwalker. Now Slade was returning from a trip to Africa to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize in Paragon City, but these unknown assassins were causing him much stress.


Desperate, he agreed to let The Headliners act as his bodyguards while he was in Paragon. While here, he was ambushed by three superpowered attackers calling themselves The Constrictor, Bionica, and Terrorstone. The Headliners easily defeated them and even discovered they were somewhat affiliated with Crey, who gave them experimental drugs to increase their power. Countess Crey stated that she was unaware the three were using these experimental drugs to become powerful enough to take down The Spiritwalker.

At the ceremony, something ironic happened. Slade's bodyguards turned on him and Lagoon, Pyreblast, Fusefire, Johnny Turbo, Coldcrash, Accelerate and Jam Session began fighting The Spiritwalker and his entourage on LIVE TELEVISION! Slade lacked the power necessary to defeat The Headliners and he was beaten to a pulp by them. Damian Snow tried to explain that Slade was evil and had betrayed his fellow teammates, but we have reason to believe that he cannot be trusted from his various past statements.

Several reporters followed The Headliners back to Founders Falls and overheard part of a conversation between Johnny Turbo and Coldcrash. It seems that Johnny no longer wishes to be aligned with Coldcrash or The Headliners. Some sources also say that Accelerate followed Turbo in his departure from the team.


HeadlinersRool87's Blog - June 9th

I am unsure that I can remain such a die hard fan of The Headliners what with all the problems they've been causing. I mean there's plenty of new groups out there who aren't, what's the right word? Obnoxious. The Paragonian Knights, those guys still around? They were pretty cool. I don't know, it just seems like if Johnny Turbo is resigning from the group, they must be doing some seriously effed up stuff. I don't know.

Johnny Turbo was in the news today. He took down some Arachnos big shot named Orbweaver Pogo. I guess he's not done with heroing, he's just done heroing for the wrong team! Maybe underneath his rough exterior, he's a nice guy. That happens right? Like, Hugh Jackman. Underneath his rough exterior is a nice guy, I'm pretty sure. I don't personally know Hugh Jackman. Not that I wouldn't want to.

I'm getting off topic, after JT defeated Pogo, he had an interview on the PCN News Network. They asked him about his departure from the group and he responded with some harsh words...towards someone we thought was his friend. Take a look:

"Damian is a sell out. I didn't like the direction he was taking the group so I had the common sense to leave. I had to convince Aiden to do the same because Damian is so intimidating nobody wants to leave his group. He's got Brent and Grant wrapped around his fingers. If you're looking for the person who's ruining the Headliners and maybe even heroics themselves, look no further than Damian Snow"

Bro that's some HARSH STUFF. That's gonna put some strain on their bromance! - goheroes66!

nemesis plot... - Senile Joe Crackpot


The Hero Critic's Website - June 11th

Today, Coldcrash succeeded in saving many children from a burning orphanage in Steel Canyon after an attack by the Hellions, which came as a surprise to both the orphans and the Hellions - and later, the media that wasn't even on the scene, which is unheard of for the Headliners - due to their previously very selective nature regarding their heroic duties.

When asked about the matter, Damian Snow responded:

"I'm sure many of you have heard of the recent turmoil within the Headliners. It seems that one of our previously most enthusiastic members, Johnny Turbo, has decided that he would rather avoid the new direction that our group is heading. So, he has taken it upon himself to seek out other opportunities."


When asked about this 'new direction', he stated:

"We, the Headliners, are trying to clean up our act. We are aware that many people, both people and heroes alike, view us as less than we are capable of simply because we, in the past, have admittedly taken advantage of what our jobs have come to offer us. Our group is, from this point out, working as hard as we can to genuinely provide a better Paragon City for its civilians. The money, the power - those are all secondary. From now on, we Headliners are going to try our best to be the greatest heroes that this city has seen in a long time."

It seems that Damian is very serious about shaping up his act as a hero, along with several other remaining members based off of their current actions throughout the city. I suppose Johnny Turbo just can't handle being a real good guy. Taking him out of the group was a good move for the Headliners' sake.

You really think they can live without JT? - HeadlinersRool87

Aw, shit. - CrimeRules


Today, the Headliners completed a feat so astounding that it was only before tempted by a man that many thought was insane. Not us though, we stuck by this unorthodox hero! THE SUPER WALRUS! SW was the only hero to attempt "the Supercathalon". Five big name villains, all arrested in one day. SW got to his third and as we all know, the mental stress took over him and he committed suicide.

Any who, after that grueling test run, the Headliners thought, "Why not give this "SUPERCATHALON" a try?" I know what you're expecting me to say, but those guys pulled it off! Surprisingly, under the leadership of Jam Session of all people! Coldcrash, Powerlaser, Lagoon, and Jam Session are all Supercathalon finishers! IMPRESSIVE!

First up, The Exploder, a notorious Freakshow bank robber with the ability to make things...explode. Then they took down Ogrehead, some Cimeroran that got a hold of some superadine and became a troll. After him came Twinleaf, an infamous Family enforcer and drug supplier. After that two Council goons were the challengers, Dig It and Stonearms.

After their intial arrests, things seemed to backfire momentarily as the supervillains escaped from police clutches and teamed up for revenge! With a little unexpected help from the FREEDOM PHALANX, the Headliners saved the day. It was your classic comic book story! It seems these Headliners really are fighting for the right side this time...OR ARE THEY?


where was johnny turbo? - uninformedbiatch

he quit you IDIOT! - irrationallyangry87


HeadlinersRool87's Blog - June 29th


THIS IS THE WORST NEWS EVAAAAAAR! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I must regain my composure. The Headliners, America's greatest hero team ever. And I'm not just making up that title! They really are! Whatever! MAYBE I MADE IT UP! The point is, things have turned into an all out CIVIL WAR within that group! It all started with a chance encounter between former Headliner gone solo Johnny Turbo and old Headliner back on the scene Chopkicks/Switchout.

If you've followed the Headliners at all like I have, you'd know that Jules and JT aren't the type to get along! So they started flinging insults at eachother. "You're a whore!", "I put a warrant out for your arrest!", "Mark my words!", etc. Thats when things got really heated! Things broke out into an all out brawl! Johnny Turbo and Accelerate rushed to kung-fu fight with Jules who luckily, had some protection from Lagoon. But, that is when Masked stepped in.

Masked, dedicated to protecting the weak and defenseless, stepped in to protect Jules from the other Headliners. He exclaimed "your days are over mister!" and the battle erupted! Johnny Turbo and Accelerate were quickly knocked out, leaving only Jules and Masked, who for whatever reason, began fighting EACH OTHER!

It was chaos, the greatest heroes ever...all fighting one another! I could not watch! I mean, I watched the news cameras' footage about 300 times, but metaphorically, I couldn't watch! It has escalated to all-out Civil War within the Headliners! Everyone wants the prestigious title of Head Headliner. Whose side are you on!? Team Turbo? Team Chopkicks? Team Coldcrash? Team Pyreblast? Team Jam Session?


I suppose it was only a matter of time before these self-centered superheroes began fighting each other to further their own agendas - MrDeepThinker001

TEAM DYNAMOUS! - uninformedbiatch

he dead - goheroes66!

TOKYO DRIFT - August 12th

This just in! American super celebrities The Headliners and corporate giant Snow Enterprises go at it in an ultimate superpowered showdown here in Tokyo!


Just in case you're unaware of the recent Headliner gossip, Johnny Turbo and Accelerate left the group to pursue greener pastures. That led them to join Snow Enterprises, the company Coldcrash was once the corporate figurehead of. Snow announced to the press that they were creating a new superteam based in Japan as the Headliners had cut all ties to the conglomerate. This team was to be led by the former Headliners JT and Accelerate. Convinced Snow was up to no good, Coldcrash recruited several new members to his cause and brought the group to Japan to expose Snow's true natures.

It was a battle of the superhuman juggernauts. Coldcrash, Powerlaser, Trashtalk, and some freelancers they hired for extra muscle got to the bottom of Snow's plot. They were using brainwashing chemicals to create superheroes that would obey the company's every command. Perhaps after failing to control the Headliners with money, the company realized they had to turn to drastic measures to control their new group.

Meanwhile, Lagoon, Pyreblast, Dragun Fire, and religious zealot Sanctorum were in charge of infiltrating and extracting proof of Snow's corruption from the company's mysterious Japanese headquarters. This fight led them into the streets of Tokyo, doing battle with hired thugs, and even infiltrating a power complex located in the heart of Mt. Fuji. They were lucky though, and managed to escape alive, with the evidence they needed to bust the conglomerate for all of its corporate misdeeds.

Elsewhere, Coldcrash's team confronted his father and CEO of Snow Enterprises at the festival dedicated to the unveiling of Snow's new superteam. Garret Snow panicked and unleashed hell onto the populace in order to escape. The Headliners were forced to go toe to toe with the brainwashed Snow Enterprises heroes as well as a mechanical monstrosity known as the Blizzard Titan. The carnage and damage engulfed the city, but the Headliners were able to deactivate the robot and subdue the heroes. Powerlaser and Dragun Fire teamed up with the Tokyo police to arrest Garret Snow trying to escape at the airport while Coldcrash and the others snapped their fellow heroes out of their brainwashing.

Johnny Turbo and Accelerate admitted they had made a mistake and Coldcrash agreed to let them return to the group. One reporter said that although Coldcrash is happy to have his friends back, he still must deal with the fact that they inevitably betrayed him. They were brainwashed to fight the Headliners, but nobody brainwashed them to leave in the first place. You cannot absolve them for everything they've done. This realization will either make Coldcrash strive to be a better leader, or simply erase all of his cares on the subject.

So the Headliners are back together, the group is an international sensation again, they've got several new recruits, so what is next? Personally, I think it is time for them to relax. The group has taken down one of the world's biggest bad guys and instilled peace and harmony in the US, Japan, and even their own ranks. I guess only time will tell what is in store for the New Headliners, the Good Headliners.


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