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Operation Supervisor: 0999
I have been tasked with monitoring Havok since the day he set foot within our organization. Shade briefed me on his plans, the Chaos Fission and his desire to essentially recreate Havok as a living Orthrus weapon. And who better for the job? Havok not only has a past in which there was much bloodshed, but also his strong desire for justice. When properly and carefully combined, Havok can be manipulated into disposing of villains - permanently. The first target happened to be Cyborg Sinister, a major opposition to Orthrus Inc. We set in motion a plan to rid the world of Sinister and Red-Havok was at the forefront of this plan. Of course, Tracer and Ford could kill, and have so in the past but it was Havok who needed to deal the blow in order to ensure our test was a success.
It was.
The following is detailed list of events leading up to Havok's first execution.

Havok undergoes Chaos Fission experiment and is unknowingly under our full control. We have access to his mind and can now increase his desires for extreme justice as we like. All that is needed is to decrease the time between fission reactions in his Chaos cells. Target number one: Cyborg Sinister.

Orthrus Squad ambushed, captured and defeated in Sinister's base. Havok sent with the group to battle Warcry. We are testing his leadership among new teammates Armaments and TJ Quake. Testing a success. TJ is loyal due to Havok recently rescuing her, and Armaments to anyone Shade tells him to follow (though he would never admit it). These leadership foundations are important to establish now. As for the others, Havok has a past with them, therefore no test is necessary.

Phanto and Deadwringer create weather anomaly, attempt to cause destruction in Paragon. Our control over Havok is put to the test for the first time. During the battle Havok attempts to kill Phanto - who was unfortunately an illusion. Havok finds his new desire for vengeance troubling but says nothing, and neither do his teammates. We let his hatred for Phanto linger in the forefront of his mind.

Sinister breaks out of Strongwall, along with several other names on the black list. Following the mission, Havok sets out in search of the villains to try and round them up. He encounters Phanto, and even took the man by surprise. Phanto and Havok again battled, one on one with our squad waiting near by (unknown to them both). Once again, we trigger Havok's fission and he attempts to kill Phanto, but is duped again by an illusion. Phanto throws Havok from a building. We increase his desire for revenge.

The Infiltrators help their teammate Renegade in defeating Deadwringer. The task takes them to Praetoria where they encounter not only Deadwringer, but several black list names, and Phanto. We allow Havok to keep his composure so as to not risk an incident in Praetoria. The end result of this mission, which was not approved by Orthrus staff, was the death of The Renegade. Shade tells the team Renegade is under deep cover so as to keep The Infiltrators sated.

In yet another non-Orthrus op, Nimbus asks for the team's assistance in solving the murder of his deceased friend. (We have our own theories but wish to keep it internal. The truth may cause further distention). Nimbus decided to publicly unmask and during the ceremony, The Infiltrators are attacked by Phanto and others. In this unexpected moment, we return Havok's blood lust, and hope he finally kills Phanto, or any of the other villains. Unfortunately black list #99, Instaport, saves the criminals from harm.

Havok and team sent to Guatemala, in order to defeat Sinister. and obtain any part or whole of the Mass Eradicator for Orthrus use. The entire team becomes emotionally unstable, most likely due to Dark Matter exposure. We should have sent them in hazard suits. Havok and Turbo sent after Sinister, while the rest of the team is ordered to deal with Exadeus and Phanto. Turbo was the member least likely to question Havok's execution of Sinister. Unfortunately the team regrouped before Sinister could be found. In a surprising twist, The Infiltrators take Phanto and Exadeus with them to battle Sinister. Havok is silently enraged. Following the battle, the Infiltrators are presented with the option to kill Sinister. Most disagree and leave the scene. Spider, Tracer and Havok are left with the task. We manipulate Havok's chaos cells and send him into a state of blind rage, for us to control. He kills Sinister as we "order". Though Sinister was killed, the fact Phanto and Exadeus escaped, and The Infiltrators completely destroyed the Mass Eradicator marks this op as a failure.


Operation Supervisor: 0077
I was given the opportunity to keep tabs on Foxy Ferret. Though she is elusive and secretive at the best of times she has become a friend to most of the team. While her and Armaments first got off on a rocky start they eventually began to see eye to eye on situations. Her ability to care about her own teammates no matter the situation and try to help them is beyond us. It is in this as well that we fear she may be having other dealings possibly with Phanto. It is quite possible she will take both sides in order to protect her friends or her other squad from each of us. Shade had given her the madness shard to get her to join us in the first place. He told me it could drive her mad and away from us eventually. Shade said she had formed her team called FIST after an incident involving a child. Shade believes she uses the team to hide some deep secret that could effect the tides of battle on either side. When we obtain the knowledge we will wait for the shard to take her over. Unlike the others Foxy does not like to take Shade's orders without question. She does not willingly follow anyone including Red-Havok when it comes to destroying or harming Orthrus agents or allies alike. This could cause stress on our operations in time if it is left unresolved.

REPORT - Orthrus 77 wrote:
Update: After the last mission that was taken on, once the Mass Eradicator was destroyed, we noticed a change in Foxy Ferret. The madness shard no longer can be found however it's energy signature has been pouring off Foxy Ferret herself. What this means we are unsure. When she returned to the base she became very distracted and claimed that she could hear noise. I have reported to Shade that I believe her psychic abilities have grown and he had asked me to keep agents on her trail.


Operation Supervisor: 0022
Per joint instruction by Orthrus 0 and Orthrus 9, subject #27 is to now have a personal file maintained with notations made by any and all Orthrus Operatives with proper security clearance. Upon entry, each addition is to be exclusively reviewed by both #9 and #0 in order to maintain factual integrity.

It should be noted that subject is considered an "Omega Level" Metahuman with the ability to psionically alter his molecular relationship with himself and others. It has become apparent over time that the subject possesses a Factor 17 evolution rate, in that his abilities are scaled to the 17th differential. In lamens terms, as the subject is exposed to greater threats to his person or to objects or individuals that he deems worthy to protect, his abilities expansively evolve per Darwinistic classifications of survival and evolution in order to adapt & overcome.

Psychological and sociological charting reveals that the subject's vast majority of abilities are pooled and accessed at a subconscious level. However, bearing in mind the factor level of Grant Miller's power rank; it is to be assumed that his abilities and mental knowledge will grow in triplicate, with the amount of time shortening exponentially by an indetermined mathematical rate.

Subject is a known hacker in several deep web communities, with a general understanding of neurocomputing and nanotechnology. His adaptive inventive abilities and high ratio IQ make him an incredibly versatile tool for usage. However, social and psychological triggers have made Grant Miller very wary of group, team, and corporate structures. It is advised when engaging the subject that personal leverages be used in order to gain trust or placate.

Physical reports indicate that the subject is highly dextrous, can press weights now exceeding 100 tons, and can render himself intangible at will. Employ the usage of power dampeners if engaging subject; any and all forms of physical attack are considered to be highly erroneous. Psionic engagement is preferred. Specific authorization required for all units excluding Cerberus Unit regarding physical confrontation. Subject is a highly skilled martial artist, and a versatile combatant due to his brief, but dense history of combat with foes exceeding his power level greatly.

It is theorized that if used correctly, #27 could prove to be the most powerful asset that we have yet to acquire. However, extremely careful means must be used in order to achieve positive results, as subject is extremely dangerous, highly adaptive & incredibly intelligent.

LOG - RS.1442.orthrus:
Rave Spider is tasked with deciphering bias node algorithms in the Warcry network in order to determine a possible location of Cyborg Sinister. It should be noted that the subject was able to do so in an unprecedented and highly improbable amount of time, exceeding our projections by a productivity percentage of over 3000. Upon cracking the code, subject explores the AI network before communicating with it openly. Rather than attempt to forcefully extract the information and risk Warcry burning its' physical drives, Grant Miller social engineers an Artificial Intelligence into trusting him with the task of uploading his mirrored drive into a Malta computing system in order to gain the processing speed to generate statistical probabilities regarding Cyborg Sinister's location. Upon receiving each probable location, subject then battles the Warcry network after convincing it to take a physical form in order to destroy Sinister. Grant Miller then disables Warcry, and begins reverse engineering the AI code in order to integrate it into our systems. In a mark of genius work, subject integrates the Warcry network to our systems, but produces the source code in Praetorian so that Orthrus Operatives cannot replicate his work.

LOG - RS.1443.orthrus:
Despite the protests of several Orthrus Operatives actively tracking subject's mental and hormonal levels, Rave Spider is allowed to travel with Infiltrators to Guatemala in order to confront Cyborg Sinister head on. As hypothesized, subject uses adaptive mutant ability to siphon vast amounts of Dark Matter energy from Sinister as a means of dulling his power so that the team can successfully overcome him. Subject then releases stored Dark Matter energy back into the machine, effectively destroying it and rendering the operation a complete failure. Comm records from inside the Shadow House illustrate high testosterone levels in various members of Infiltrators unit after arrival from the Ops location in Guatemala. Subject "quits" the group, citing irrevocable differences per Red-Havok's actions iniatiated subversely by Orthrus Operatives. Unfortunately, several tactical errors have been made on the part of all Orthrus agents in allowing the subject to have unhindered access to our database. We believe that Grant Miller still possesses several routes of access into Shadow House database, and that he is actively using them at this time in an attempt to damage or sabotage our intel. Subject is now to be treated as a threat of the highest level.


Operation Supervisor: 0431
My orders were clear, keep tabs on Turbo and file reports on his actions and his psychological standing. He has proven to be insanely dangerous. No risk is too big and no challenge is too daunting, but his pride often overshadows his actual courage. Shade believed he could find a way to make Turbo face truths, grow up, and become a better person, but I am beginning to think such a feat is impossible. There is cynicism and hatred buried underneath his selfish, egotistical exterior. As if everything irritates him, because no matter what, it is not exciting enough, it is not extreme enough, it is not fast enough. The world bores him. The thrill-seeker in him is what motivates him to be a superhero, not any sort of sense of duty or respect. This is what makes me believe he is beyond repair.

REPORT - Orthrus 26 wrote:
Turbo preforms incredibly in our first Infiltrator operation, the raid on Cyborg Sinister's cybernetics factory. He and the stealth team, consisting of the Masked Renegade, the Nitedevil, Foxy Ferret, and Cyberman, moved into the very depths of the mainframe to battle with Sinister himself. He was at his peak, and the operation resulted in the arrest of Sinister and the complete and total shut down of the factory.

REPORT - Orthrus 33 wrote:
When Liquidus requested help securing the VIP at the Rogue Isles Orthrus facility, Turbo seemed distracted. Not because they were fighting against Orthrus agents under the effects of mental manipulation, but instead because Liquidus asked him for help in a personal matter, even if he did keep most of it under wraps.

REPORT - Orthrus 29 wrote:
The Renegade's personal quest to track down and defeat Deadwringer eventually got his teammates involved, and it was Turbo who demanded answers from him after they broke protocol at the Vanguard portal facility. The Renegade and Turbo have a complicated relationship, and it was strained by this destructive mission, which resulted in the Renegade getting sucked into the Dark Matter Zone and entering suspended animation.

REPORT - Orthrus 431 wrote:
The mission into Guatemala was one of the most dangerous the team has ever taken on. The final confrontation with Sinister and Phanto meant more to some of his teammates than it did to him, but he still voiced his opinion on whether Sinister should live or die. He gave in easily though, and allowed Havok and Tracer to have their way. This lack of conviction can either relate back to his general disinterest in life, or it could be a sign that Turbo is beginning to acknowledge and learn how to follow orders.

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