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Double Front
Member of the Anti-American Coalition
German Loyalist
· Kaiser Follower ·
Superior Strength



Name: Schmidt Hoffman
Alias: Double Front
Affiliation: Germany
Status: In Hiding

World War I marked several advances in military technology. Machine guns, poison gas, and aircraft were only a few notable additions to the arsenal of weapons human beings hold. Kaiser Wilhem knew that the only way for him to win a two front war was to astound his enemies with an unstoppable new weapon. He and his best men drafted a prototype for a mechanized war suit. However, the project was scrapped because nothing at the time could power it.

Schmidt Hoffman, a librarian and World War I history buff, discovered the blueprints for the Kaiser's armor in an old notebook. Hoffman, who believed that it was Germany's destiny to win World War I and merely a fluke that they lost, decided that he would build this armor and right the wrong that was done so many years ago. He would wear the armored suit and power it using the technology of today.

Hoffman and his armored suit marched on the White House and declared that World War I would start again. Before he could do any damage to the White House though, Worldwide was sent in and he battled Hoffman the walking tank. Worldwide took advantage of Hoffman's lack of speed and found a way to deactivate his armor. Hoffman then ditched the armor and fled, vowing to return again with a better war machine. He also stated that he would do what Kaiser Wilhem could not and win a two front war. This nugget of wisdom earned him the name Double Front.
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