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Member of the Anti-American Coalition
Japanese War Machine
· Heavily Armed Exosuit ·
Heavy Weapons
Boxing Glove



Name: Yoshida Yamada
Alias: Shogunner
Affiliation: Japan
Status: In Hiding

Yoshida Yamada was a young boy undergoing treatment for a rare genetic disorder during World War II. His disease was almost always fatal and the only team of researchers who wanted to attempt to fix it worked out of an underground facility in Nagasaki, Japan. Yamada traveled to the facility the day the atom bomb was dropped. He and all of the researchers were shielded from the blast, but that did not change Yamada's anger about the situation.

Furious, Yamada went insane and demanded the researchers build him a weaponized suit that he would be able to use to retaliate against the Americans. The researchers spent years perfecting a suit that would both supply him with treatment for his disease and be able to be used as a powerful weapon. Yamada donned this armor in the late 2000s, now well into his sixties, it was scary to think that with his metallic warsuit he was still a deadly combatant. Using this, Yamada terrorized the civilians of America as revenge for dropping the atom bomb.

Eventually, Worldwide was sent out on his fourth mission to detain the supervillian. Yamada used all of his suits weapons to try and eliminate Worldwide, but the design was too primitive to penetrate Worldwide's shield. Yamada was carried into police custody, but escaped shortly after. It is rumored he is now part of the criminal underworld, working to improve his armor and return to the public's eye as Shogunner once more.
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