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Azure Tracer
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· Natural Scrapper ·
Body Mastery
Player: @Ran Kailie
Real Name
Lilia Lourdes Drake
Tracer, Blue, 9
April 5, 1960
New San Diego District, U.S.C.P.E
U.S.C.P.E, Naturalized US Citizen

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The accidential character, Azure was created one night after a round of joking and lamenting over Agent Mackenzie's hiatus from S.C.O.R.P.I.O.. Fearing the upcoming lack of booty shorts the players of Cyber Knight, Echo-3, and Ashen Wren among other made the mistake of asking Ran Kailie to fill the void. Azure was then created after a night of drinking a bit to much beer.


Arriving on Earth Prime

Nutri-Gen Pellets, flavorless, tasteless and specifically generated for your own body composition needs based on a rapid genetic profile taken moments before dispensing. It was all any in the earth shard classified as Omega Tau 37-4 had ever experienced. Food and other life necessities were government sanctioned. Synthesized nutrition, hydration and sleep, no one in the whole of the confederated nations went without and they wanted for nothing.

However that doesn't mean all human senses were gone, and when you've never smelled or tasted food almost anything Earth Prime could offer might smell like forbidden ambrosia. For sentient #998i10234REDSDRA, a female named Lilia Lourdes Drake that ambrosia would be pizza, specifically pineapple and ham pizza.

Each child born is genetically modified at conception to be geared towards a specific duty with one of the many U.S.C.P.E. corps. Lilia was born to her parents pre-programmed for her service within the MOR-Corps, the Mobile Operational Reconnaissance Corps. Like all others born specifically to combat oriented assignments her body has a suped up regenerative state.

Classified as an alpha-type human Lilia is the height of the U.S.C.P.E. biotech achievements. Designed primarily for risky recon and counter insurgency in hazardous situations all MOR-Corps personnel are adapted for close quarters hand to hand combat.

Lilia was proud to serve her home, she was even more proud to join the exploratory dimensional gate project as a guard for the diplomatic corps. They were ordered to not integrate with the society on the other side, in most dimensions this had not been an issue, but upon arrival on Earth Prime Lilia and two other MOR-Corpsmen would find themselves tainted by the society found there, tempted by the pizza a lazy lab worker brought with them into the portal clean room.

It was an incident for which Portal Corporation found itself apologizing to the U.S.C.P.E. government body before agreeing to take on their three tainted corpsman. None of them could go home, or would be allowed anything other then censored government access to their family.

The MOR-Corps would fight valiantly alongside the sapiens of Earth Prime against the Rikti. It was sometime after the Rikti war that the inherently mental instability sometimes found in MOR-Corp agents began to appear in one of the other corpsman. He would disappear shortly after the Rikti War, Lilia and the other remaining MOR-Corpsman would go their own separate ways.

Lilia took well, initially at least to life on Earth Prime and occupied herself with a short lived fascination with the new experience. It was shortly after the war that she agreed to sign on as a model, and would spent three months struggling to break her programming in order to do the job. The idea of money, cost, and having to provide for yourself to live was a new one for her.

Thankfully her unique personality, background combined with her chameleon like appearance made her a popular model choice. She's been a continuing figure in the world of alternative and fashion models, even if for her relatively short stature, and has gained a small measure of notoriety.

(Strategic Command Objective for Research, Protection + Interdictive Operations)


The Infiltrators


The Challengers


Dimension Omega Tau 37-4

The Unified Socialist Confederacy of the People's Earth (U.S.C.P.E.)

For Omega Tau 37-4, more shortly known as the U.S.C.P.E. or U.S.C. Earth, the population had seen a drastic surge in the 1800's. Predominantly due to the lack of any major disease outbreaks thanks to an early break through in antibiotics, the population surge would increase world population by 1000 fold. Long lives and more efficient technology found people traveling larger distances. This early melding of populations would help U.S.C. Earth avoid the tragedies of World War I, World War II, and the American Civil War.

With rapid population expansion the governments began to struggle to provide even the bare minimums for survival to people. Natural resources began to disappear at an alarmingly rapid rate, and the world for the first time in over a hundred years was wrapped in tension. Faced with potential extinction, and chaos, the people of the world however moved to unite in the face of adversity. In 1940 the Unified Socialist Confederacy of the People's Earth was formed.

It was quickly determined that human kind as it currently existed would need to rapidly adapt in order to continue thriving in a world so short on resources. As they currently existed homo sapiens were resource greedy and inefficient in design. The oceans began to disappear below steel girders, the world quickly began to change, and the U.S.C.P.E. scientists created a new species of human to ensure the survival of their race. This new species was named homo callidiens.

All living homo sapiens were profiled, sterilized and those fit to raise children were given a child of the new species that had been melded with their own DNA. These new humans were stronger, faster, smarter, and designed specifically to live in the world their home had become. Adapted to live without a need for sleep, and to be able to process nutrients more efficiently, homo callidiens were designed to function with the welfare of the greater whole ahead of their own individual welfare.

Human kind had conquered Earth, and the world moved into a period of almost utopian peace. Starvation was eliminated, money no longer existed, and everyone had anything they could ever want. With the exception perhaps of a rogue contigent of homo sapiens who had escaped to the lower portions of the world city before sterlization was complete, the world was for the first time truly at peace.

The year was 1959, and it would bring the first threat the U.S.C.P.E. and the new species of human would face. Alien outsiders would arrive, bent on conquering the world for its technology. Unified however the humans of U.S.C. Earth would prevail, and the hostile forces would be pushed back to their current base of operation on Mars. In response the U.S.C.P.E. would develop special infantry corps dedicated to specific parts of the war effort to stave off the continual attacks from the outside.

With the planet now covered in miles of steel girders, and a glittering skyline clearly visible from space, MECH-Corp heavy assault arrays were some of the first to be deployed in defense of U.S.C. Earth. Various other corps would arrive in short time and the people as a result live their lives happily and without worry of outside attack or event attacks from the few remaining sapien renegades.

Sapiens are always welcome back into the U.S.C.P.E. provided they submit to sterilization and the continuation of their bloodline within the new homo callidien species. The rogue pockets have also been offered a chance to move to another earth dimension, but having mostly reverted to a primitive lifestyle, the Sapiens often only respond with violence.

While the U.S.C.P.E. does what it can to track the sapiens through the miles of unused under city, they have only managed to keep the sapien population from blossoming. However recent evidence points to involvement of the aliens who continue to assault the world with the sapien renegades.

Future city-benedictcampbell.jpg

Original Artwork by Benedict Campbell

Species: Homo Callidiens

"Cunning Human" "Experienced Human" "Clever Human"
Azure's symbiotic armor absorbs several bullets. (Original Artwork of Aphrodite IV © Top Cow)

As it became apparent that humanity would eventually run out of the resources required for survival the early U.S.C.P.E. decided to re-engineer the human genome. Their goal was to create a new more advanced and efficient species within the homo genus. Taking a natural genetic phenomenon, A-Type Excel-Humans bearing the "mars gene", early U.S.C.P.E. scientists were able to successfully bio-engineer a new species of human. The first was simply classified as Alpha MG, and the species would come to be called Homo Callidiens.

In order to ensure that previous, inefficient, Homo Sapiens would no longer be a tax on resources each person was profiled, and sterilized. The first generation of Callidiens were bio-engineered from homo sapien genetic data combined with the genetic data of Alpha MG and specially engineered to fit specific tasks within the U.S.C.P.E.. Callidiens would retain their human like appearance as scientists did not want to alarm the humans of the time who would be raising this new species of human. However much of the Callidien anatomy is vastly changed to adapt to what the U.S.C.P.E. saw as as necessary in the coming centuries.

Callidiens however exhibit vast changes in the rest of their bodies to support their amplified, intelligent immuno-defensive systems and nervous systems. They are effectively faster, stronger, more hearty, and vastly more intelligent and cunning then their human ancestors.

Reproduction in Callidiens is similar to their human ancestors, with two very significant changes. All Callidiens are programmed to be disinterested in reproducing with inferior Sapiens. Given the closeness of the two species and the potential that Sapiens had slipped under the government's radar, the scientists wanted to ensure the species could not be potentially polluted. The second change was to amplify their ability to accurately sense a genetically viable mate. This natural ability in human beings was tied to a vastly more sensitive sense of smell.

Most homo callidiens go their entire lives with no exposure to homo sapiens. There are however rogue pockets of Sapiens existing in the lower unused levels of the world city. For Azure and the two other Callidiens stranded here the genetic preference has manifested as a superiority complex in regards to Sapiens.

Callidiens were designed to naturally migrate towards each other and away from Sapiens. It has been noted during their time on earth prime that the Callidiens tend to be drawn to known excel-humans bearing the mars gene. It is unknown at this time what the extended effects of remaining primarily with Sapiens will have on the Callidiens.

Due to restrictions in place however by the U.S.C.P.E. there has been no research conducted. It is unknown how long they live, or how they will react to mutating agents that exist on earth prime but not in their home dimension. What is known is that they require no sleep or normal food (though they can process normal food at a vastly faster rate then a Homo Sapien). It is also known that there is an outstanding issue of mental stability. However the reasons for that instability or the rates are unknown.


In contrast to what many would think, Lilia, like most of the citizens of U.S.C.P.E., is very free wheeling and fun when she's not working. She loves food, new experience, she doesn't require sleep thanks to a steady supply of Nutri-Pellets from her closely guarded and regularly updated government issue synthesizer.

Lilia's biggest problem, aside from her superiority complex with Sapiens, is boredom compounded with isolation. Callidiens are driven to seek new challenges to keep themselves at peak performance, however even during the Rikti War, when faced with what should have been insurmountable odds the Callidiens were often left bored and looking for the next interesting thing.

This tendency towards attention deficient disorder seems to be directly related to the amount of entertainment options available on her home. It is also directly related to her own specific corps position designed specifically to fight the unknowns of various dimensions. MOR-Corps are pushed to the very limits of what the Callidien species can handle.

As a result Lilia's primary driving motivation tends to be alleviation of boredom. Not that she ever gets sloppy, she's always at the top of her game, but it tends to make others see her as spoiled or self serving. And given the eleven years she has lived on earth prime with Sapiens, she has slowly begun to turn selfish.

Skills & Abilities

Infiltration, Combat & Swordsmanship

Each U.S.C.P.E. MOR-corp operative is a highly trained and lethal weapon of war. They are altered at conception and bred specifically for combat. They are impervious to most physical and mental assaults, even should a hit land it is quickly restored by their overclocked immuno-defensive systems. In their own right each of them is easily the equivalent of one or two full squads on their own. During the Rikti War the three were deployed into hostile zones alone, they would often walk out mentioning boredom the entire zone secure and clear.

This is not to say they are completely impervious, MOR-Corps deal best with hand to hand and direct assault. Their immuno-defense allows them to soak up the vast majority of the punishment dealt out the them that manages to get past their armor. However large amounts of direct continuous and overpowering firepower all at once can drop them.


U.S.C.P.E. Synthi-Skin: Combat Series

Synthi-Skin combat armor is designed and developed for each individual corpsman, it is resistant to most elements and toxins and impervious to most blunt and edged attacks. The Synthi-skin combat armor is also a semi-intelligent symbiote linked directly to the DNA and consciousness of the corpsman.

The organic symbiote is capable of replicating anything it has previously touched to a molecular level. It covers the host 100% and can be invisible as needed. Given the lack of natural resources all items including metal and tech are grown and are of an organic type and often semi-intelligent.

U.S.C.P.E. Combat Sword

A specially designed, atomically edged, organic diamond and optic laser sword. Able to cut through even the hardest substances, the sword was designed to stand up to anything thrown at a MOR-Corpsman who could find themselves fighting almost any sort of opponent. The energy on the blades optic laser can be amplied to provide extra protection to the wielder or to provide a short burst of laser energy as a weapon.




The Challengers

Blast Cycle:
Foxy Ferret:
Johnny Turbo:
Liquid Zero:
The Masked Renegade:
Paul Ocean/Ooshun:
Sovereign Fist:


Max Impact:
Spike Fuze:


Cherry 9:
Colonel Hero: Much like with Tyler Jankowski, Lilia was drawn to Andrew McKenzie for precisely the same reasons, his classification as an A-Type excel human. Though unlike Tyler, Andrew never really knew what to make of the strange blue hair girl. However, unknown to both of them they are actually "descendants" of the same A-Type Excel human on two different earths, Samuel "Master" McKenzie.
Cyber Knight:
Echo-3: It's been awhile since Lilia has seen Tyler Jankowski, its actually been awhile since most people have seen Tyler Jankowski. Most assume he's too busy with the hot new wife, but the truth is far more involved. Initially drawn to Tyler due to his classification as an A-Type excel human with the "mars gene", Lilia eventually found herself amused and often confused by the moody S.C.O.R.P.I.O. Lt.
Liquidus: Lilia found herself working on point with Liquidus shortly after the disappearance of Jack Slayton and her recruitment by Mr. Shade for Orthrus Inc. She's still not entirely sure what to make of Liquidus who at times reminds her of Tyler Jankowski and at other times something completely unidentifiable. What she does know though is that like Jack he's quickly earning a measure of her acceptance and respect.
Agent Mackenzie:


Cutter Reznick:
Orthrus Inc.:
Mr. Shade:


Candy: Skittles!
Food: Hawaiian Pizza
Drink: Disco Dance Ramune Soda
Conceited? - Many people end up with the impression what Lilia is quite conceited. Reality is that she merely doesn't have the capacity to lie or sugar coat the truth. Callidiens are an advanced human, she does not just feel she is better, she knows it. But this fact alone often puts her at odds with homo sapiens.
Age - Lilia was one of the first natural born 2nd generation Callidiens to be modified genetically prior to birth as a MOR-Corpsman. She was born on April 5, 1960 and would enter the on going conflict with the alien aggressors in her home dimension in 1972. While its true she is half a century old she barely looks to be older then 20.
Children - Prior to her entrapment on Earth Prime Lilia had two children. Not much is known about them.


Omega-Star: Void Stalker. Anyone part squid?
Azure Tracer: Nah not last time I checked.
Azure Tracer: I know a couple guys though, and I was in this movie once.
Omega-Star: I don't know if I like where this is going.
Vladimir Kalashnikov: ...
- - - - - - - - - - - -
<after waking up a hung over Echo>
Echo-3: "You better have a good reason for breaking into my apartment and waking me up. Or a sandwich."
Azure Tracer: "Coffee, donuts, pain killers, sorry the store was out of dignity."
- - - - - - - - - - - -
<toying with the Infiltrators before letting them in to see Liquidus>
Azure Tracer: "As amusing as it would be to take advantage of the fact you think I am in charge he'll probably get miffed or something if I make him wait. I'm the overly attractive guard dog. Azure Tracer by trade."
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Azure Tracer: I'm heading back in, next time at least invite me to your wild parties.
Echo-3: Fine. You prefer Asian, brunette, blonde, or red heads?"
Azure Tracer: Why choose a preference when I worked with a wide variety of vapid rich models.
Echo-3: Because the girls I like charge by the hour.

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