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Skeith Skull
"Head sho'."
Player: @AwkwardEnvy
Activity Level: Moderate
Archetype: Corruptor
Origin: Natural
Primary Set: Dual Pistol
Secondary Set: Dark Miasma
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Skeith King
Identity: Skeith
Known Aliases: Little Brother, Little Skull
Occupation: Full time Skull member
Education: None
Citizenship: Citizen of England
Legal Status: Illegal Immigrant
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Date of Birth: December 14th, 1875
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: Mercy Island, Rogue Isles
Group Affiliations: The Skulls and Weapons Union
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Species: Human; Undead
Ethnicity: British
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Complexion: Unnatural pale
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 112lbs
Build: Scrawny
Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, red eyes that blink asynchronously, horrid accent.



Super Groups: Weapons Union


In the City of Villains, you need a cut-throat attitude to survive. Skeith is just like any other teenaged boy; with a knack for insulting anyone who passes him by and prematurely using foul language. He's easily amused by others reactions, feeding his ego that he's able to get under someones skin. Skeith is nearly asking for a beating as he continues to irritate until he is threatened back, to which he will either walk off to avoid more trouble, or pull out his guns and start shooting. He knows winning a fight is awesome, but admitting defeat is just as cool. He is a huge risk-taker with a love for trouble, seeing how he's a Skull. Skeith will impulsively dart out infront of cars or an angered giant in the D, if it meant for some shits and giggles. He doesn't hold sympathy for many (if not any), and doesn't take too kindly when someone is sympathetic towards him. He knows his life was shit, and that others had terrible experiences as well, yet he got over it and encourages others to do the same (in a threatening way, that is). He is quick to accuse others of being 'a fackin' dumbass', or a whore, seeing himself as someone of higher power and always right. Skeith will be quick to hold a grudge for anything and everything, as he is untrusting of almost everyone and does not like to be touched. If pestered too far, he will slap someone touching him away, yelling "Don't touch me so easily!" Although like this, he has his randomatic side. As most of his insults are jokes, never meaning to cause emotional harm unless angered, Skeith has a terrific sense of humor.

While normally a loud jerk, those who can work past his rough exterior will be shocked to find a polite boy. Underneath that clever, bratty shell, he is selfish, not able to fully empathize with people, but he cares more deeply about them than he will ever admit. He is philosphical and intelligent, seeing beauty in things others wouldn't take a second glance at.

King Asylum

Born on December 14th, 1875, in a cold, lively city in England, as a normal boy with fair skin, expressively bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Life could have been different if he weren't the bastard child of Angelina Hunt, a rape victim locked away in an Asylum. Skeith was born and grew up in King Asylum, his mother being a patient suffering from schizophrenia and other instabilities that came from the trauma of rape by another patient. He was raised mostly by staff to keep him from developing mental problems from the rest of the patients, yet that proved unsucessful, as he was a disobediant and bold boy. Showing signs of 'mental instability', which were merely only more signs of his disobediant personality at seven years of age, Skeith was treated like the rest of the patients; like a guinea pig. Scientific experiments upon magical rituals were held on the patients, even the young boy as he continued to age, he grew up knowing nothing of life other than betrayal and pain. He only found comfort with his mother, wishing when she would deliriously say; "It's just a bad dream, they won't hurt you here" was the truth. Then there was twenty-seven year old Daniel Jones, another patient who quickly became a father figure, as a relatively stable and calm man who had a knack for cigars and sweet tea, he led Skeith to believe not everyone was dysfunctional in the Asylum, but more-so the staff members themselves. As a storm approached on the afternoon of March 24th, 1888, another weekly experiment was tested on the young boy, involving several cruel surgeries, to somehow strengthen his organs. He died of bloodloss inbetween surgeries, at the much too young age of thirteen. As another failed test subject, Skeith had died before his mother and best friend, Daniel. He was buried in the cemetary of the King Asylum grounds the same evening.

It's me again

On October 29th, 2009, Skeith awoke from his 'death', as his organs suddenly decided to start up again. Seemingly having not aged a day, as well as skin and bone all still surprisingly intact, aside from numerous cuts and stitches along his abdomen and chest, it was as if he had never died. He was alive again, but he was still inside his coffin, trapped and frightened at the realization he was alive, yet would be confined to a small box until he died again from natural causes, he began to cry. Lucky for him, a group of Skulls wandering the old cemetaries of England heard his sobs, and began digging up graves to find the source. His casket finally open after hours of digging and directions, Skeith was free and safe in the hands of a group of three Skull members, who brought him back to Paragon with them. The Skulls, being notorious for being a death worshiping cult, considered their finding of the 'living dead boy' as someone of great power and were quick to become protective of him. With a new life, Skeith took the name of the Asylum, King, and made it his last name, as Hunt was just ironic... As a new member of the Skulls with the nickname "Little Skull" or "Little Brother", Skeith didn't hesitate to continue his freedom in Paragon City with good old fun; vandalism and destruction. In March of the following year (2010), his group of Skulls packed up and headed for the Rogue Islands to expand their threat with Skeith in tow, which is where he continues his undead life today.






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