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Checkout by ArtGutierrez
Passing the time
Player: @check
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute/Stalker
Security Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Madison
Known Aliases: Check
Species: Mu Lineage Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129 lbs
Eyes: Green
Marital: Unbroken
Biographical Data
Relatives: Brother, Grandfather
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Property Manager
Place of Birth: Sharkhead Island
Base of Operations: branded Safehouse
Known Powers
Mu Lightning, intuitive mastery of Mu Magic.
Known Abilities
Experienced in escape.
Cell phone, A .357 handgun
"Everything that I thought that I'd figured out was a lie. Suddenly I've got a brother, a dangerous grandfather, a, a, a heritage."
- Raincheck

Real demons craft fake chains, and a breaking waterfall casts shattered rainbows. A family tree watered with the blood of tyrants and innocents. Raincheck's story is one of changes within changes, of revalations within revolutions. From humble beginnings to exalted places, hers is a story that wends from the most exalted of bloodlines through the commonest of gutters. A twisted vine that bears pure fruit. A rosethorn story, dotted with wilting petals, thorns, barbs, and other pricks...


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."
- Pericles

Raincheck has some classic hallmarks of a submissive, traumatized personality; she doesn't seek to engender conflict, and tries to avoid fighting with someone she's friendly to. At the same time, she also has demonstrated an intense drive to survive. Mostly by dehumanising her opponents, Raincheck can fight for prolonged periods against others. Thanks to this, the seemingly shy exterior can occasionally give way to remarkably callous remarks. Even when dealing with long-term friends, Raincheck can occasionally let a real nasty phrase slip, usually the result of her trying to build up an emotional wall to protect herself from inevitable disappointment. Nonetheless, she can use this emotional barrier as a way to provide support. She will rarely, if ever, let your problems burden her, and she will just as much not let her problems put pressure on you. Her problems are on one side of the wall (and will be dealt with by her) and your problems are on the other (and she can help deal with them while disregarding her own).

Once Raincheck has been able to establish a friendship, she does her best to keep it, though there are always hallmarks that indicate emotional distance. She rarely, if ever, pursues romantic interests, and most social occasions are discussions of weather, drink, or current events, with a generally naive or childish face put on them. Perhaps most obviously due to her traumatised childhood, Raincheck feels strange and out of sorts in a world that directs you to be normal. Even though she is herself not normal, she seeks to be normal, and just as much expects other people to be normal too.

Despite what Raincheck has been through, she is quite well-adjusted; She is a very loyal friend often putting the feelings and concerns of her friends above her own. She’s always willing to listen and give silent support if needed. Again, this is something she sees as normal and natural, and is prone in her more judgmental moments to wonder why people aren't more giving.

She spends a lot of time relaxing in Pocket D, vodka tonic in hand. In her time as a social fixture, she's met a wide variety of people and finds the place to be in the very least entertaining[1]. Raincheck also has taken to being something of an arena rat, taking on challenges from a variety of sources, purely for the sake of competition. In turn, she's been pursuing the study of her own, newly-discovered culture, the Mu subculture of which she knows so little.


"Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
- George Santayana
Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.



Raincheck was born in Sharkhead Isle, in a hidden Mu cell. Shortly after her birth, she was smuggled out in secret to Anchorage, Alaska, possibly at the behest of her Grandfather and lorekeepers. Records were subsequently falsified and hospital staff were coerced to consider her birth mother a runaway.



Placed with adoptive parents in Richmond, Indiana.



Due to night terrors and hallucinations, after repeated trials of alternative therapies, her adoptive parents, lacking any alternatives, committed Raincheck to a mental institution.



While still at the Institution, Raincheck's plant and thorn powers begin to manifest. There was little to no known cause for this as voiced in her medical records.



Entered servitude...



Released from medical care, declared 'cured' The cure was considered of dubious quality, as it happened nearly overnight, unprecedented given her extreme psychosis. Despite this, she was discharged. Due to her parents' impoverished state, she was taken in as a ward of public housing, and subsequently shuttled between hospitals that were willing to study her medical history and reaction to her previous medical trials.



Raincheck's escape from further medical study led to her stranding herself in the Rogue Isles.


Raincheck is left to her own devices for the first time in her life.


Raincheck co-founds a safe house in the Rogue Isles.



For some unknown reason, Raincheck was captured by Arachnos forces. Once captured, she was passed between various members of the Arachnos beaurocracy, before a concentrated political motion from the Mu led to her being tortured and interrogated by a discrete cell of unknown Mu mystics.


Noticing her bloodthirsty pursuit of the Rikti, Rikti Magi experimented on a rarely-applicable phase weapon, attempting to use it to remove particularly dogged Rikti hunters. The weapon functioned properly and phased Raincheck out of this universe, and trapped her in a subdimension in which the Devouring Earth had successfully overwhelemed all world defenses.



Raincheck returns from her interdimensional prison, somewhat changed. Extended exposure to the Devouring Earth left her extremely traumatised and limited in her power capacities - most of her plant and thorn abilities were suppressed and went unused for some time after this point.


After much deliberation, Raincheck opted to close the branded safehouse. Too much rumourmongering had led to the house getting a reputation it never meant to have. The proclivities of some people in the safehouse were endangering the people who simply needed it as a place to be safe.


Met with Mu'Rder and through obstinate investigation discovered that he's her brother. Subsequently, spent most of the month on the trail of her ancestry, trying to explain how she had a brother who was of the noble families of Mu.


Sinking the branded safehouse beneath Sharkhead Isle, Raincheck reopened it to a small, select group of people she felt she could trust.

Spoilers end here.


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
- Abraham Lincoln

Raincheck's powers could be said to derive from a confluence of three sources; Mu magic that derives from natural energies flow through her, but she has a mutation that makes the control and magnification of these energies an intuitive gift. Thanks to this, even mild amounts of restraint - experienced throughout her medical upbringing - set her powers into a form of building stasis. It only took a short while - relatively - for the energies welling within her to break free, and with even the slightest bit of Mu experimentation learned from Scirocco, her powers flared free, wildly.

Ironically, most of Raincheck's weaknesses can be traced back to traits the Mu consider to be strengths. Her insomnia speaks of depriving oneself of restraint, a form of self-denial; her agoraphobia would invite her to find small, quiet places, a claustrophilia that would take well to being caged or masked and hooded.

Unlike many others in the Isles with experience with psychics, Checkout may seems open to psychic attack and intrusion to any psychic amateurs. Experienced psychics, however, will find her mind somewhat like grasping fog, and successfully puncturing through the veils of crackling stormclouds invariably presents them with something strange.


RP Notes

  • Raincheck had for a while a set of chains that were worn about her body. These are gone and have been gone for some time.
  • Attempts to contact or interact with Raincheck's minds are defeated as though something is standing in the way. It will sometimes communicate if contacted and addressed directly. Raincheck herself

Themes & Inspirations

The following music has had an impact on Raincheck's development and design:

  • Nine inch nails "last", eraser The Perfect Drug
  • White Stripes Truth Doesn't Make A Noise Apple Blossom
  • Dresden Dolls "Delilah", half jack
  • Rainer Maria "A Better Version of Me", "Ceremony", "Spit+Fire"
  • Raincheck's original name, Checkout Girl, and one of the names of her two in-game incarnations, came from the The Dresden Dolls' song, Dirty Business


  • Raincheck's favorite drinks are anything with alcohol in it, ranked highest by proximity to her hand.
  • Raincheck's formal education is to grade three, after that she was tutored by hospital staff.
  • Despite her better judgment she has piercings.
  • Raincheck has freckles, and several razor thin white lines along the inside of her upper left arm none of which are longer then a few inches and very easy to miss
  • Raincheck does not eat solid food, surviving on a diet of broths and high-protein milkshake supplements.
  • Raincheck would, in a live-action movie, be best played by Keira Knightley


  1. The free drinks may or may not be part of her motivation for going there.
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