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The Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe is a City of Heroes fan wiki
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  • Aglowprof2.jpg


    A shining star who struggles with her own existence. Aglow is a heroine who manipulates energy and light, and has only recently begun to become aware of other powers. She questions her ability to control herself and even her faith in religion has collapsed. A darkness plagues her that she cannot shake. Can she overcome the psyche of her power, or does it consume her?

  • GGuillotine2.jpg

    Grinning Guillotine

    A baffling mask wearing killer with a penchance for decapitating her victims. The Grinning Guillotine has made more then a name for herself as a member for the Weapons Union and more recently Abyss Empire.

  • UULogo1.png

    United Underworld

    A criminal organization in the rogue's gallery style of costumed villainy United Underworld works out of the Etoile Islands as it seeks to extend its influence into Paragon City and perhaps the world. It is composed of all manner of nefarious villain types whose ambitions might range from the pedantic, to the conventional, to the truly bizarre.

  • Headlinersban.png

    The Headliners History

    Hello Paragonians! It is I! I know I need to cut back on the blogging haha, but I saw something today in Talos Tidbits that I needed to just vent about you know? I never believed it. Well I did once I saw it LOL. But here's the deal. I know everyone is probably thinking, "Talos Tidbits? You kidding? That newspaper lies about everything!"

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