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Quantum Increases

Raith Karanis May 2009. Draft.

OOC: the following is in-character and based in ingame canon.
It will be available to specific people in Raith's circle of friends and allies, to start with.


Definition and Background

quantum: (noun) (4) a large quantity (5a) the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck's constant times the frequency of the associated radiation. (6) (adjective.) sudden and significant: "a quantum increase in effect" (7) (adjective, specialised) any entity wielding a Quantum Array Gun, tasked with opposing threats specifically Kheldians (Peacebringers and Warshades).

Readers would be familiar with with the general disposition of groups and factions in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Amongst the vast array of weaponry at the disposal of various groups is Quantum Array Weaponry, typically a Quantum Array Gun. I first encountered these last year in Paragon City. Since early this year significant time has been spent investigating this technology and ramifications.

In essence a Quantum Array Gun is a specialised weapon carried by specific members of many groups, as well as Void Hunter mercenaries and the like. I've tracked their primary manufacture to the Council, on Striga Island. Council distrubute them widely, the distribution network is almost impossible to close down.

However, as is the nature of technology, copies appear and other sources have arisen. At one stage the Hellions were considering manufacturing their own, and recently I've become aware that Arachnos have developed an experimental version with some additional capabilities.

In essence the Quantum gun contains a battery of negative energy which is delivered to the target. However, additional technology is present to to alter the way the energy is released. I call this additional technology a quantum waveguide (my term). Based on principles of quantum mechanics and physis, the waveguide tunes the negative energy to the specific energy signature of the target, and impacts the target in some fundamental fashion. Typically in Council weaponry the guns are tuned to the energy signature of Peacebringers and Warshades, members of an interstellar and extra-galactic species known as Kheldians.


What is the result, in simple terms?

Nicti Damage

What is Nicti damage? Nicti energy is the term for the damage delivered to Khelds by Nictus, a member of the Kheldian species that feed off the life-force of Peacebringers and Warshades. Peacebringers and Warshades are at war with the Nictus.

Note that the key here is the energy signature. Kheldians are, in essence, energy beings. Any organised repeatable energy matrix can be 'solved', in the sense of solving a complex equation, and once solved defenses can be bypassed, as if defenses were non-existent. Thankfully, in early 2008 Kheldians were able to develop some partial solution to this, allowing a small amelioration of the effect of the weaponry. However, it remains deadly.

Quantum Energies

So what are 'quantum energies'? Effectively, quantum energies are any energies 'tuned' to the target, that cause a sudden and abnormal change of state in it. Negative energy tuned via a quantum waveguide will change the state of the Kheldian's matrix, allowing the energy to massively disrupt it at a fundamental level and destroy the order bonds of the Kheld. An analogy would be delivering a biotoxin to a human that instantly halts the ability of each cell in the body to generate energy: resulting in an immediate 'lockup'. The delivery of a simple attack after this will then cause death, even if ordinarily the attack would be no cause for alarm.

Ramifications, Variants, and Warnings

I have talked to Lucius, Peacebringer and leader of the Iron Wolf Cartel. We will be testing and further detrmining the effects of the Arachnos variant of the Quantum Array Gun mentioned briefly above (with myself as the test subject).
I am developing a specific application of the quantum waveguide used in the Arachnos variant, and am determining the equivalent of the 'energy signature' used by Abyss members in general and Ash Demons in particular. Needless to say, this is a type of technology most would deem 'arcane'.

The Arachnos Variant

I recently did some 'work' for Psymon Omega in the Isles. In the course of this I came across an experimental Quantum Array Gun being developed by Arachnos. This differed to the standard Council-issue weapon in one important outcome: it actually split the target (a Kheld working with Longbow in the Isles) into host and Kheld.

The ramifications of this are staggering. To give just one example: if tuned to the energy signature of a non-Kheld energy-being based on a human metahuman bioloigical matrix, such a device could conceivably render the target into two separate and complete operational entities: a mundane human plus a completely energy-based being.

It's important to note that in the reported cases where hosts have had their joined Khelds separated by other means, the host remains aware of the Kheld even after the separation. Some from of link remains.

I'll add to and reorganise this information as more information comes to light.

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