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Alex Erikson
Player: @Taosin
Age: late-twenties
Description: 6'2", athletic build, green eyes, orange hair; Mercenary/Hunter
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles (Cap au Diable)



Name: Alex Erikson

Date of birth: 5 January 1984 (27 in 2011).

Place of Birth: France (Reims).

Occupation: Mercenary, Hunter.

Current Employment:

Languages: English, French, German, Afrikaans.

Skills: Hand to hand, demolitions, some other weaponry.

Height 6' 2"; Weight 182 pounds; Green eyes; long orange hair.



Raised in France, Alex attended school and college until he was 18. Good grades, wide interests, gregarious. He then set out to become a mercenary. Serving over the next eight years, with many reputable mercenary groups, he took to this life with great elan. He bacame skilled in hand to hand combat and many other aspects of mercenary work, including demolitions and some other weaponry. He showed considerable competency and willingness/proficiency at working in a team. He easily made Corporal (equivalent), leading Fireteams, within 18 months.

After three years (now aged 21) he was sometimes forced to operate as a squad leader (6-13 men) (Sergeant or equivalent). This became the norm after five years. Many of the jobs from this time forward were difficult, challenging, and daunting by many standards. They succeeded. He saw many comrades fall, however, around him.

After seven years (now aged 25), Alex was sometimes acting at the equivalent rank of Lieutenant, leading up to three squads, if the Lieutenent was KIA. Twice by assignment.

He served widely throughout Africa, South America, Middle East, Afghanistan, Mali and elsewhere. Any reports or contact with any of the above companies will bring back exemplary references.

Mali (late 2009) was the turning point. He has said: "Mali. A job went wrong. The rest of the company were... went... mad. The things there ... I fought through to get out. Definitely supernatural. I don't know what they were, only that I and I alone was successful in not going mad, and in defeating some on my way out. I... kept a level head despite what they seemed to be."

After Mali (late 2009) he dropped out of sight.

Late June 2011

Alex arrived in the Rogue Isles. He was introduced to the Van Helsing Association. They needed new hunters after recent setbacks, and are rebuilding, a new darkness looms, they say. They accepted him as a Hunter.

He was assessed as provisionally capable and competent, no demonic taint or like taint, very stable of mind, easy going. His combat training and assessment went well, he thinks. He told them he has a bloodline gift, of which he knew little; and it was strongly patrilineal.

He kept busy learning what he could of lore about the van Helsing's enemies; and also getting to know the Isles, enjoying working with the many others to be found there.

He left the van Helsing's at the end of August 2011

Phoenix Insurrection

During his time at the van Helsing's, and after, Alex worked with and continued to work Phoenix Insurrection, often going out on Liea's strikes, and spending time with many of their members. He remains on good terms with them and is considered an ally.

Other Notes

Alex has a spacious apartment in King's Row, as well as the apartment he shares with Brendan in the Isles. He spends most of his time, at present, in the Isles, and is currently working to refine and become skilled with a new type of beam weapon.


Alex became friends with Stheras, Vincent Granby, and was responsible for the scope and training of Vincent's hand-to-hand combat and defence skills. Their friendship had some ups and downs to begin with, however Alex considers Vincent an equal, a very dear friend, and the one person with permission to question Alex' actions.

Lilith aka Mirror Shade

Alex considers himself a not-enemy and probable friend of Lilith; although it's hard to catch up.


Alex works with a Isles-based mercenary known as Siegerunner from time to time.


Alex is in a steady and committed relationship with Brendan, a civilian technologist who came to the Isles after his marriage failed. They share an apartment in Cap. It is a relationship of two equals.


Alex considers himself a close friend of Flare, although again, they rarely had the chance to catch up. Alex is quite prepared to put himself in harm's way to help Flare; should it be necessary.


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