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The Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe is a City of Heroes fan wiki
featuring Virtue server characters, supergroups, and more.
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What is Virtueverse? A primer for non-virtue refugees

Virtueverse is a repository of player written content, stories, character bios, and more, that was created in 2007 by Kadekawa in response to a request from Deathspider and a few other virtue role players. You can think of it as ParagonWiki's fabulous and eccentric uncle designed for player created content with a whole lot more catgirls and a lot of awful and hilarious jokes and fun.

Beyond just the hilarious and weird though Virtueverse is home to a lot of amazing writing and fiction, player created continuities, player created organizations and locations and is an archive of content for players who have passed on such as Stripling, Ascendant and Kichi.

Why does that matter to you?

The site has been reinvigorated with the rebirth of the game and we're welcoming all players, no matter what server you called home, to use the site to archive your characters and content. We're at our near 12 year mark and still going strong! We're in the process of resurrecting content from Unionverse to be migrated into the site and we'd love to welcome all City of Heroes players.

Welcome Home!

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Policies & Guidelines

Guidelines & VirtueVerse Etiquette - Important guidelines for users of VirtueVerse that all users are expected to follow.

Terms of Use - Required reading for wiki users. You must agree to these terms before using the site.

Guide to Vandalism - Is it vandalism or an honest mistake? Check out this page to learn how best to deal with edit issues on pages.

Areas of Interest

Recruiting Sysops - We're looking for dedicated users to join our Sysop team! If you would like to help or know someone who would make a perfect fit make a Nomination.

Virtueverse Discord: The central hub of communication for the Virtueverse.

Community Portal: Quick access to various important areas of the Wiki.

Help, Tips, and Guides: Check out the Getting Started page for helpful information on how to create and edit pages - and much more!

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