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Planetary Information

The frigid planet, Olympia

The planet Olympia is roughly 300 light years from Earth, orbiting the star, Betelgeuse. The exact distance from Earth is still widely disputed by the scientific community. Olympia is a frigid ice-world. The planet has an average temperature of –140 °C. It’s dense atmosphere is composed of mostly nitrogen, methane, ethane, and argon. The planet shares similarities with the Saturnian moon, Titan. Olympia has roughly three times the gravitational pull as Earth. Orbiting around the planet are its two moons, Celeste and Gorgoroth.


Although it is a frigid, hostile world by human standards, Olympia harbors life, both sentient and mundane. Life on Olympia is very alien to what Earth is accustomed too. Olympia harbors three forms of life: silicon-based life, ammonia-based life, and carbon-based life. The dominant life forms on Olympia are silicon-based life, followed by ammonia-based life and, finally, carbon-based life.

Glaciorian scientists believe that the evolution of silicon-based life on Olympia was the result of panspermia from its volcanic moon, Gorgoroth. Indeed, silicon-based beings thrive on the Olympian moon, although none have achieved sentience. The mechanism by which this life was able to adapt and evolve on frigid Olympia is both fascinating and complex.

Although silicon-based life is an important part of Olympia’s ecosystem, the Glaciorian believe that life on Olympia began underground, in an ocean of liquid ammonia. Most ammonia-based life is unable to survive on the surface of Olympia because of the severe cold temperatures. This life thrives in the deeper caverns and underground ammonia oceans of Olympia. Some carbon-based life thrives here as well.


The only sentient beings on the planet Olympia are the Glaciorians; a race of evolved humanoid beings. The Glaciorian are an ancient race, having existed on Olympia for over 100,000 Earth years. As a result, they are a highly technologically advanced race and have a robust cultural history. Glaciorians are able to traverse great distances in space using dimensional wormholes near their home system. Hundreds of light years can be traversed in mere minutes. Although they are a spacefaring race, they are not imperialistic and uninterested in territorial expansion. The Glaciorian are primarily scientists and observers, interested in the diverse universe in which they live.

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