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((This page is severely out of date and in need of an update. Treat it with this in mind please :D))

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"Oh. It's you."


Tomato's Roleplay

G'day. I tend to roleplay characters of all different personalities and styles- from cruel ex-servants of demons to said demons to blue-haired blind hyperactive peacebringers to kickass FtM transgenders to Praetorian young geniuses to teenage mutant ninja dragons- and that's just a few of my favorites!

However, I do have a few rules when it comes to RP. They're simple though, and mostly the same-old, same-old, so yeah.

  • I ignore metagamers (unless there is a good reason) and people who are just a pain in the backside.
  • I'm traditionally a textfighter. However, I will occasionally take it to the arena. Only when I want my butt kicked, though.
  • Expect ANYTHING.
  • My characters may be nasty and rude, and can get into particularly NSFW situations. BE WARNED.

I Can Haz Profilez?


Name: Rob

Nicknames: Carpe, Tomato, Ranger, Slyraven (Slyraven was my original online alter-ego. :D)

Global: @Tomato is Tasty

Steam: (P|C) Tomato

Age: Young-ish?

Gender: Male (Gay)

Date of Birth: December 21st (For this reason, the whole 2012 thing intrigues meh. YAY BIRTHDAY END OF WORLD :D)

Ethnicity: Aussie (Though technically I'm a lovely mix of Scot, Irish, Welsh and German.)

Build: Boney Skinny Tall Person.

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Purdy

Country: Australia (No, I don't ride a kangaroo to school... I ride a cassowary.)

State: Queensland

Martial Status: Sadly single. D:

Religion: Agnostic

Occupation: Student

Team: Edward... ELRIC, BIATCH.

Persona: One of those people with a huge personality range and major mood swings. Serious and Super-Emo at one moment, Happy and Caring the next. I've been told I'm terrible at telling jokes, and I've been told that I'm hilarious. I also have a bit of a big ego. Sorry in advance.

Also, I have a habit of pulling people into problems that aren't theirs. Again, sorry in advance.

Favorite Instrument: Voice, being a singer myself. I admire pianists though. :P

Favorite Musicians: Linkin Park and Muse, but I like a wide range of bands. Owl City, for example. Disturbed, as another.

Favorite Games: CoX (Number One!), World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 (Number Two!)

Favorite TV Shows: Fullmetal Alchemist (Both versions), Doctor Who (Bow Ties and Fezzes are cool), Nabari No Ou (Saddest ending ;~;)

Dislikes:Stuff. :3


Mah Mainz!

 Dawn and Dusk (Tomasu) 
Stalker (DB/Ninj)

NabiAnime.jpg Confidentialimage.jpg CapricornAnime.png Confidentialimage.jpg
 Energy Among Us (Nabi)   Balth   Running (Capricorn)   Shadow Alpha 
Blaster (DP/Energy) Peacebringer (Triform) Stalker (Katana/Willpower) Mastermind (Demon/Dark)
Rest in Peace. Hi! What's your name? I'm Balth! It's awesome to meet you! Did you know I've got a rather mean alien inside me? They say he's nice, but I certainly don't think so... Sacrificing yourself doesn't make you noble, it just makes you the end of your family tree... Everything is going according to plan... this time...

Complete/W.I.P Character Pages

Here are all the PCs/SGs/VGs/NPCs/MAs I am going to/have write/written a Virtueverse page for. Ones in italics are pages I'm currently focusing or planning to focus on. Ones in bold are almost/completely finished and won't be having any modifications for a while.


Ranger of the Dark



Brightly Rising


James Browner (Eventually - currently Vill)

Carson Nabi Burns

Dawn and Dusk


Carpe Noctem

Emperor of Chaos

Kage Hebi

Operative BIG

The Narrator


Alaric Oost

Kryp the Thief

Tough Act to Follow


Shadow Alpha (VV needing complete rewriting due to retcons)

Pieces in a Puzzle

There is a special storyline surrounding all of my main characters and some of my minor characters:


It's kinda worthless though, so act like it's not there.

My Music

I very much enjoy music, and am a Baritone singer who recently graded a Distinction in his Grade 6 Trinity College exam. One of the things regarding music that I enjoy doing is writing song with the program "Sibelius" occasionally. It may not be the best program to use when making music, as it is actually a sheet-music program, but it's all I have, and it does the job. Here's a few songs I've written and stuck up on the internet.

Envy's Song - This song was written as a theme song for the character Highly Envious. It turned out completely different to what I was originally imagining, which was an extremely jumpy and happy song with a sudden sad part. However, Envy seems to like it, so I kept it.

Tomasu's Song - This much shorter song was written as a theme song for Tomasu, one of my mains. This song is supposed to be both happy and yet sad, due to the troubles and also miracles his life has had.

Ross's Song - This song is also short, and fluctuates between sad and happy, and is the theme song for the character Ross, Tomasu's husband. I intended it to be similar in some ways to Tomasu's theme song, and I succeeded in that, but it's also quite different- it's much more musically complex, with syncopation and a wider range of notes. It's also starts at a much higher pitch, and lacks the violin part in Tomasu's theme.

RE: Batch42's Brains - This is a cover of Jonathan Coulton's RE:Your Brains recorded by a friend and I. I'm on vocals and he does all the guitar bits. The drums is automated. We didn't do a perfect job, but people seem to like it!

What'choo People Talkin' 'Bout? Me? Kay, Cool.

If you have something you wanna say about me, stick it here! Doesn't matter if you dislike me or like me, I just wanna hear your thoughts! It helps me make mahself a better person. :3 Plus, I'm a sucker for compliments.

"Same story bro, Bracket to Bracket." ~ Domo
MEANWHILE, AT TOMATO'S BIRTHDAY PARTEH ~ I'm just jealous of your cassowary
Hallo there Mistah Imaginary Hushband!! ~ FuckYourCouchMan

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