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The Little Jade Buddha
Namo Amida Butsu!
Player: @USA Steel
Origin: Magic Originicon_magic.png
Archetype: Defender Archetypeicon_defender.png
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: Little Guy, Boodie, Lil' Buddha, Buddha Belly, Jade
Species: Golem
Age: Approx. 1,020 years
Height: 18 inches (Game will only allow minimum of 4 feet, however)
Weight: 35 lbs (at 4 feet, he would weigh 280 lbs)
Eye Color: Closed
Hair Color: Bald
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Kaifeng, China
Citizenship: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Occupation: Religious Figurine, Hero Align_Status_Hero.png
Marital Status: Unmarried
Legal Status: Confidential
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Known Powers
Empathy Empathy_RegenerationAura.png / Psychic Blast PsychicBlast_PsychicWail.png / Psychic Mastery PsychicMastery_MindOverBody.png
Training / Abilities
Empathy, Flight, Healing, Meditation, Psionics, Teleportation
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  • The Little Jade Buddha is actually the kharmic projection of a blessed jade Buddha figurine.
  • When not assisting his teammates, he meditates.
  • The Tsoo are constantly trying to steal back the little jade Buddha statue.


J9eaKbg.jpg Character History

The story of this little jade statue come to life is one of magic and awe-inspiring mystery; for none alive truly know why this jade figurine has come alive to take to the streets of Paragon City. Whether by magic, karma, or some other powerful esoteric force, the origin of his awakening is not certain; but, what is certain is that the Little Jade Buddha is here to thwart evil at every turn as a hero for the good people of Paragon City. Fragments of his amazing story have been pieced together by local historians, scholars, and hero afficianadoes in an effort to understand the origins of the little green hero. What follows is what is known, thus far…

1yyC8Wg.jpg Ancient China


The story of our little hero appears to have begun in Ancient China, during the period of the early Song Dynasty, around 1000 AD. During this period of Chinese history, China saw a cultural and societal boom, undergoing a dramatic growth in civil, governmental, and societal complexity. The arts and sciences also saw dramatic developments in skill and sophistication during this era. [1] Mahayana Buddhist teachings and philosophy had a profound impact on Chinese culture in this era (during this time, China was still a prolific, Buddhist State - unlike modern day), and religion and philosophy were fully engrained into society.

1yyC8Wg.jpg A Poor Family’s Dream

The dream of many families in ancient China was to do something to please the Emperor of the kingdom and, thus, bring favor upon their family for all time. It is said that this very scenario describes the humble origin of the small jade statue. Some say it was crafted by a master-work jade carver. Others say that a peasant who was born with a true gift created his or her most inspiring work of all time. What is known is that the little jade buddha statue was a gift for Emperor Zhenzong, who reigned from 997 to 1022 AD. As legend tells, the Emperor was so pleased with the statue, he shed tears of joy upon it and, shortly thereafter, it began to rain.


Over his 25-year reign, Emperor Zhenzong was known for his moderate and wise demeanor, and was loved by his subjects as a compassionate and tempered ruler. One is to wonder if the presence of the lovingly crafted, jade Buddha statue had something to do with his even temperament? One thing noted by hero historians is that towards the later years of Zhenzong’s reign, some scribes tells stories of the statue giving off a feint glow at night and also being warm to the touch. Some dismissed this as possibly indicative of the prescience of radioactive isotopes within the statue. [2] Over the centuries, many peculiarities surrounded this statue and it would eventually become legend when recognized in the court of the great Kublai Khan by the great merchant explorer: Marco Polo.

1yyC8Wg.jpg From Marco Polo to the Khan’s Court

The Mongols of Asia were, arguably, the greatest conquerers of the ancient world and ancient Song China was on their doorstep. Kublai Khan, grandson of the great Genghis Khan, would be the last great Mongol conquerer, overthrowing the Song dynasty. After crushing the remaining resistance, Kublai Khan settled into his capital of Khanbaliq. [3]

Marco Polo, the great Venetian explorer, found the Little Jade Buddha during his travels. The statue had been all but forgotten during the throngs of war. Polo sensed its power and knew it would make the perfect gift for the great Khan. As legend tells, the jade statue was the gift that won the Khan’s favor for Marco Polo.


As the little jade statue passed through the royal imperial family and from one Dynasty into the next, its influence never waned. Stories precede of miracles abound from the statue’s presence. Some reported that the statue had the power to heal wounds if one were pure of heart and meditated before the statue by the peace of candle-light. Others reported that the statue would change slightly each day it was viewed. Subtle differences reported include changes in clothing, facial expressions, and arm positions. Last but not least, some would swear that as they chanted mantras near the statue, they would hear a strange echo, almost as if the statue was repeating their words…

The stories continued for many years, frightening some, and fascinating others. But, only those who were truly evil ever felt anything but warmth and solace in the presence of the little jade statue, as the scrolls tell. Evil doers reported that they were frightened by the statue. Those who would try to steal the valued jade figurine would face a psychic peril, reporting stories of nightmarish encounters. Would be thieves were often found sleeping and in a feverish state of delirium. In the future, only villains of extraordinary power would have the power to over-come the Little Jade Buddha’s presence in confrontation.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Have Buddha will Travel

Over many years, stories of the jade Buddha appearing in multiple places, simultaneously, had carried across the eastern winds. The statue would appear in several villages across southeast Asia. When it appeared, prosperity would come and hope would return to an impoverished region. For roughly 300 years, from 1325 through 1600 AD, the little statue brought hope to the those that had none and brought peace to those who knew only war.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Tokugawa Little Buddha

After 300 years of adventures, the statue would nearly find itself lost among the booty of pirate plunder during transport aboard a merchant junk. As was often the problem during these times, Japanese piracy along Japanese-Chinese trading routes would spare no ships or goods. Amidst a battle between pirates and Chinese merchants, Japanese samurai of the Tokugawa Shogunate fortuned upon the combatants, settling the conflict with militaristic precision in a fierce, 3-way battle. The little statue found itself whisked away by his rescuers as the remnants of the merchant ship sunk to the bottom of the East China Sea. Off to feudal Japan, the statue went.

The little jade statue found itself in a new land in the court of shoguns and samurai for this and many years to come. First serving at the offering shrines in the court of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Little Jade Buddha would bless the successors of the Tokugawa shogunate. Unbeknownst to the shogunate, the presence of the statue was a boon that brought prosperity to all of Japan.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Back to the Motherland

For over 200 years, the unassuming jade statue would watch over the Edo Bakufu, influencing the lasting peace. And, over the years, it would bare witness to events both big and small until one day Shogun Tokugawa Ienari gifted the small jade statue to Yamabushi while on piligramage along the Kumano Kodo to the Kumano Sanzan. Shogun Ienari was a particularly unsavory Shogun, and the little jade statue made him feel uneasy. It has been said that he swore the statue was “watching him” so he wished to be rid of it. The gift was well-received by the mountain ascetics, and they could immediately feel it’s power.

The details surrounding the return to China are unknown, but what is known is that the Yamabushi made a sacred, magical quest across the sea to China around 1802. The nature of their pilgrimage is a mystery to all, but some say it was the power of the statue itself that led them on this mystical journey. The Yamabushi were sensitive to the spiritual realm and some say it was the statue itself that called them to mission.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Blessed by the Jade Emperor


The most popular theory among hero historians is that the Little Jade Buddha was bestowed the power of the Jade Emperor when the statue was brought to the top of Mt Emei in Emeishan by the Yamabushi on their sacred quest. The statue had generated so much positive karma over hundreds of years, that the power of the Jade Emperor brought it to life. Whether the specific story is true, is not known, but there is something certainly magical in this hero’s rise to being. It is said that both the Yamabushi and the little Jade statue completed a sacred quest that day, for on that day all bore witness to the rise of the Little Jade Buddha!

J9eaKbg.jpg Public Knowledge

1yyC8Wg.jpg Recent Events


After coming to life, the Little Jade Buddha spent much time adventuring across Asia and performing miracles for the local citizens. It traveled from China to Tibet, India, Pakistan, Iran, and beyond! For nearly two centuries, the lore and magic of the small jade hero would capture the fascinations of many. Stories abound of the small green statue who would appear one day and come to life at night, the next, to seek justice for the helpless common folk.

After many years traveling the world, the Little Jade Buddha would find itself in Paragon City after chasing a mysterious adversary through a portal. The thief had stolen a magical phurba from a village in Tibet. Unbeknownst to the little hero, the thief was actually a Tsoo Sorcerer and the portal was a one-way gate-way to Talos Island!


In Paragon City, the little hero would seek to find the Tsoo thief but would end up getting caught in the life and times of the world of heroes. Through the course of its investigations, more miracles would unfold as the little hero developed name and reputation while on the trail on the Tsoo criminal. Of course, the story continues as now the Little Jade Buddha has become a famous healer and psion amongst the streets, buildings, and slums of Paragon City. Will it recover the magical phurba and return to asian lands? Or, perhaps, the little hero will decide that Paragon City is where it is needed the most and decide to stay after completing its sacred mission?

1yyC8Wg.jpg Appearance

The Little Jade Buddha appears as a small, stout, uniformly colored, jade statue wearing traditional monk garb, which is also part of its statuesque uniformity. A slight mottled effect of darker jade is patterned through the golem’s structure. The Little Jade Buddha is hair-less, and its facial expression is one of meditative bliss. The statue stands at only 18” in height, with a weight of approx. 35 lbs.


J9eaKbg.jpg Personality and Reputation

1yyC8Wg.jpg Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISFJ

(The following synopsis was taken from Verywell Mind.)

The ISFJ type relies on four key cognitive functions when taking in information and making decisions. The dominant function is the primary aspect of personality, while the auxiliary function plays a secondary and supportive role.

Dominant: Introverted Sensing

This function leads the introverted sensing types to focus on details and facts. ISFJs prefer concrete information rather than abstract theories. They are highly attuned to the immediate environment and firmly grounded in reality. Because of this tendency to focus on and protect what is familiar, ISFJs are often seen as highly traditional. When making decisions, ISFJs compare their vivid recall of past experiences in order to predict the outcome of future choices and events.

Auxiliary: Extraverted Feeling

ISFJs place a great emphasis on personal considerations. Extraverted feelers are focused on developing social harmony and connection. This is accomplished through behaviors that are viewed as socially appropriate or beneficial, such as being polite, kind, considerate, and helpful. ISFJs try to fill the wants and needs of other people, sometimes even sacrificing their own desires in order to ensure that other people are happy.

Tertiary: Introverted Thinking

ISFJs are planners and tend to be very well-organized. This function tends to become stronger as people grow older and involves utilizing logic in order to understand how the world works. As ISFJs take in new information and experiences, they look for connections and commonalities in order to find patterns. Rather than simply trying to understand a small part of something, they want to see how things fit together and how it functions as a whole.

Inferior: Extraverted Intuition

While ISFJs tend to be focused on the present and on concrete facts, this largely unconscious function can help balance personality by helping focus on possibilities. Taking in facts and then explore the "what-ifs" can lead to new insights about problems.

ISFJs You Might Know

Mother Teresa, nun and humanitarian
Louisa May Alcott, author
Kristi Yamaguchi, figure skater
David Petraeus, U.S. Army General
Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle

J9eaKbg.jpg Goals & Motivations

Coming Soon!

J9eaKbg.jpg Powers and Abilities

Empathy_HealOther.png Healing

The Little Jade Buddha is miraculous healer, having the ability to focus its karma and good will into pure healing energy. At will, wounds can be instantly healed, ailments can be instantly cured, and the dead may even be brought back to life! A sharp increase in Buddhism has followed in the hero’s wake, as Mahayana followers spread word of the heroes deeds and miracles. The Little Jade Buddha’s healing powers are so great, that it can even imbue beings with enhanced stamina and fortitude, enabling recipients to withstand trauma beyond what they normally should. It is this power that makes the little green hero an invaluable teammate, functioning as a beacon of life-force for its team.

Flight_CombatFlight.png Flight

The Light Jade Buddha can levitate itself and control its airborne movements as if it were on solid ground. While not a particularly fast flier, this ability affords the little hero some ability to travel and to escape from assailants. This ability is psionic in nature.

MentalControl_Confuse.png Psionics

The Little Jade Buddha is a master of psionics, able to employ abilities such as empathy, ESP, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, psychokinesis, psychometry, telepathy, second sight, and apportation - among others. The mystical hero has grown more powerful in its abilities over the centuries resulting in it ability to perform masterful feats of psionics, such as mass mind control, levitation, time phasing, and dream walking. The jade hero never uses these abilities to do harm.

PsychicBlast_TelekineticBlast.png Psionic Mastery

The Little Jade Buddha is able to affect the minds of large groups of foes instantaneously and while performing a multitude of other tasks simultaneously. The little hero can use this ability to communicate telepathically or perform a number of psionic attacks upon foes such as telekinetics, sleeping effects, mind control, levitation, and dream walking.

MentalControl_MassHypnosis.png Psionic Aura

The Little Jade Buddha is protected by a psionic aura. Its mind is powerful enough to cause blows to deflect away or to phase through time to arrive a second late. This barrier can also absorb various types of energy and redirect it around the little hero.

PsychicBlast_PsychicWail.png Karmic Reflection

The Little Jade Buddha can focus a person or creature’s karma and project it back upon them. Such abilities can be used to assail a person’s mind - particularly, if the person has generated much negative karma in their lifetime. Evil villains are particularly susceptible to such an “attack”. Although this karmic reflection appears to be a mental attack upon the “victim”, it is merely the victim’s own karma coming back upon them 10-fold.

Teleportation_Teleport.png Teleportation

The Little Jade Buddha can teleport and move through space and time at will. Through apportation, it can also transport other people, objects, and even monsters, to distant places.

Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport.png Astral Walking/Projection

The Little Jade Buddha can step into the Astral Plane and travel between worlds with either its mind or body [or both]. This ability can be used to escape from harm or to travel various distances.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Physiology

The Little Jade Buddha is a jade golem. While technically not a living thing as humans would understand, it is not unlike a magically sustained, stone automaton. When it moves, it moves with an eerie swiftness, and certain motions can make a soft creak or groan as stone rubs against stone. It has no blood, organs, or internal parts. Therefore, attacks that would injure a persons internals, cause no harm to the little hero. Additionally, the Little Jade Buddha does not breathe, so toxic gases, sleep spores, or even the vacuum of space, has no effect on it. It also has high resistance to cold-based attacks.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1yyC8Wg.jpg Skills

The Little Jade Buddha is a skilled Calligrapher and an expert at Mantras and Meditations. It is quite versed in the ways of both Mahayana and Zen Buddhism.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Weaknesses

Being, essentially, a stone statue come to life, the Little Jade Buddha is susceptible to blunt force damage. Additionally, any abilities that manipulate or shape stone will also cause extra harm.

J9eaKbg.jpg Paraphernalia

1yyC8Wg.jpg Weapons

The Little Jade Buddha does not use weapons of any kind.

1yyC8Wg.jpg Equipment

The Little Jade Buddha does not have need of equipment.

J9eaKbg.jpg Friends & Allies

Coming Soon!

J9eaKbg.jpg Enemies and Rivals

The Tsoo actively seek to capture the Little Jade Buddha.

J9eaKbg.jpg Character Evolution

1yyC8Wg.jpg Influences

This character was first and foremost inspired by my journey in Buddhism and my fascination with Asian statues and relics. I wanted to create something unique and light-hearted while paying homage to my religious and philosophical journey within the framework of City of Heroes.

In addition to my interests in Buddhism, this character was also partially inspired from fond child-hood memories of listening to the album “Buddha and the Chocolate Box” and his older stuff such as “Wild World” from Cat Stevens with my mother. Of course, my musical interests are much heavier these days, but this album will always be a warm memory from more care-free years past.


In addition to these primary influences, a smattering of other things influenced the creation of this character, including “Chin” from Double Dragon 3, the movie Big Trouble in Little China, and a small jade statue I bought on eBay.

J9eaKbg.jpg Costumes

So far, just one costume. Maybe more to come?…

J9eaKbg.jpg See Also

J9eaKbg.jpg Notes

  1. Culture of the Song Dynasty - The Song Dynasty was a rich and sophisticated era in Chinese history, showing advancements in the arts and sciences.
  2. Jade Radioactivity - Jade is known to contain traces of various radioactive isotopes.
  3. Khanbaliq - Khanbaliq was at the center of what is now modern-day Beijing.
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