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Doctor Dane Robinosn is a powerful psychic mutant and former professor at the Steel Canyon University in Paragon City.

In the late 1980s, Doctor Robinson had briefly wooed student and art major Marie Brenner. The short-lived affair resulted in pregnancy, and Doctor Robinson filed for transfer, leaving Marie Brenner to give birth to his daughter, Lilah Brenner, now registered as the hero 'Aglow'.

His whereabouts during this time are unknown, and he returned to Paragon City after several years absence. He now heads and owns a developmental research specializing in psychic mastery. The company is rumored to be funded by The Crey.

Daughter Lilah Brenner sought out to meet her father after learning of his return and the death of her mother, at age 16. She was turned away with little interest and never made another attempt to reconcile with Dr. Robinson again.

Later, after Lilah Brenner's (now registered as the hero 'Aglow') memory was jostled by a timely incident in Faultline, Dr. Robinson realized the potential and possibility for using his daughter to further his research. Once again, Lilah Brenner reached out to connect with Dr. Robinson, and now was welcomed with open arms.

His intentions are less than honorable and seems overly protective of Lilah, showering her with gifts and other expenses in order to buy her affections. He has even gone as far as to manipulate her mind, dampen her memories, and drive a wedge into some of Lilah's relationships with others.

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