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((work in progress. All information in this page is extremely outdated and you can ignore it forever.))

Cross-dimensional killer
Amok Valraa
Player: @Mako
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human/Avalonian
Age: 17
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Right: Yellow, Left: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Avalonian
Occupation: Arachnos Agent
Place of Birth: Avalonia
Base of Operations: Avalonian Capital
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Dual Blades/WP
Known Abilities
Telepathy, Aura sight, Demon form



"I'm not -that- short..." Amok Valraa as described by a Mook: "Yeah, he ran by after he roughed up some of those fish people, right? He was a real scrawny kid, looks like he needs'ta eat a sammich. He's got this visor thing on his face, think's he's a freakin' tough guy or somethin'. He's also got this white thing with a buncha stripes on it for a shirt, looks like a toddler did him up with a paint brush. A Tsoo guy I know said they're tribal markings, but what does he know. Anyways, he wears these baggy pants like he's a freakin' skater or something. I seen 'em 'round before, too. All goofy and like a kid. I'm tellin' youse, he's just a little punk." With strange garb and a child-like behavior, it's hard to tell just who Amok Valraa- now called Mako Avalar- truely is. One would hardly ever find him acting seriously, and rarely find him wearing one would consider normal. One thing however is nearly a constant in his get-up; his strange visor.



While far from being dumb, Mako Avalar could be considered quite naive. He rarely questions the motives of others unless he has reason to distrust them. He also rarely lets appearances frighten him or make him judge another. He'll also thrust into adventure without thinking of the consequences until he's knee-deep in it, unless he's told otherwize beforehand.


Mako's temper is quite hard to lose. He often takes insults as banter and simply banters back, and hardly gets angry at combat situations. When he does become angry, he is quite a force to reckon with, but his anger can be cast aside easily if necessary. Mako also does not hold an easy grudge, and those he does begrudge are usually avoided, anyway.

Physical nature

Mako eats and drinks like, well, a shark. Having undergone mutation due to demon infection, his teeth and stomach have been altered, although his teeth can be manipulated, slightly. Mako has been known to eat a lot and with little manners; he has also been known to eat parts of inhuman adversaries, such as demons and devouring earth. When Mako comes into contact with a large amount of water, the full force of his mutation surfaces. His skin becomes rough and nearly sharp, and his skin turns a mixture of blue and white. His neck becomes lined with gills, his mouth forms several rows of teeth, and his nose becomes much stronger.

Mental nature

Mako's mind, should one choose to invade it, is relatively simple. It resembles an island, with a single tree, in a vast ocean. His thoughts leap through the waters like fish, while his emotions loom overhead as white clouds. For some reason, this mind is hard to invade, and when it is invaded, the ocean and sky becomes unreachable.


Mako's known for his mastery over two blades. He fights using acrobatic moves and quick strikes, his blades flowing like water. He has no true defenses, and merely 'toughs out' is wounds, while he is not in his more predatorial form. He is also known for throwing his enemies off with spirit sharks, although he rarely uses them, prefering to attack with his swords. Mako has a cloaking ability that was brought on by his first 'mutation.' He enters a feral stance, and his eyes turn yellow and slitted, as he fades away. His greatest tactic similar to the hit-and-run: He calls it the taunt-and-get-the-hell-out-of-there.

Powers and Abilities

Arachnos Patron SelfBuffResistancePhysical.png

Shark Mutation

Mako has a mutation that has given him shark-like properties. His teeth are sharp, he can breathe underwater and, when he focuses, he can smell from long distances.

Assassin Training

During Mako's reluctant time in Arachnos, he was trained in the way of the assassin. It's this and his own self-teaching that gives him his abilities in dual blade combat.

Jump LongJump.png

High Jumping

A remnant of Mako's magic, he can jump incredibly high distances.

Travel superspeed.png

Super Speed

Mako's mutation has given him incredible speed which he uses to amuse himself in a variety of ways. He loves the thrill of the chase, so this is one of his favorite skills.

Willpower StrengthOfWill.png


Mako does not have supernatural defenses, although he is quite agile. He simply dodges or toughs through injuries.



Mako is, for all intents and purposes, immature. He can find himself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and constantly digging himself into holes. He also spends much time bantering when he could be fighting.


Mako's kind-hearted nature often leaves him to be too trusting of the motives of others. This gets him into trouble often, especially with the likes of Arbiter Death.


Mako Avalar's career as a hero stared when he ran away from home, during the start of a civil war. Mako made many friends, and enemies, and always stayed above the law. One day, however, he was ambushed in the Rikti War Zone by mages from his home realm of Avalonia. He soon developed a voice in his head, and became all but incommunicable. He soon became the the butt of the jokes of his peers, due to his unresponsiveness, which triggered something violent within him. This, combined with the voice within his mind, drove him to the murder of one of his close friends. Ashamed and embarrassed, Mako fled Paragon via Portal Corp, leading him to his current dimension. Once he got to the Rogue Isles, the voice spoke to him;


"Huh? Who's there?"

"...the darkness... within you..."

"...You! What the hell do you want?!"

"...your body... will be mine... if you do not... heed my demands..."


"I desire... blood... chaos... power..."

Mako's hands tightened into fists.

"You must... Become... evil..."

'So,' Mako thought. 'It's this thing's fault... Whatever it is. Fine. I'll play along... for now. Not much left to loose...'

"...How do you feel about spiders?"


Amok's feats in the name of Arachnos soon earned him a spot in Arachnos Elite. There, he met Hasdrabul Skaras. The two soon began to run missions with eachother, and Skaras took Amok under his wing. The two became a powerful duo, stealthing their way through objectives as Hasdrabul taught Amok the way of the assassin, and the glory of Lord Recluse, all the while Amok's transformation progressing more and more. The two faced many adventures, and one day, Hasdrabul declared Amok to have surpassed him in strength. However, this achievement would not last long...

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