Amun Aergad

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Amun Aergad
Player: Jeremy
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Amun Aergad
Known Aliases: Amun, G-munny, Demon of Balance, Draxis of Ashes, Lord of Ashes
Species: Demon/Cursed
Age: (human)25, (demon)Unknown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210lbs
Eye Color: white, pupiless
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Egyptian
Occupation: Assassin
Place of Birth: Somewhere southwest of Cairo
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Electricity, Stealth, Cursed Tendrils
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Amun Aergad


Amun Aergad can be seen as cold and unfeeling to those who do not know him. Those who he trusts, however, know him as friendly and loyal. He is fiercely defensive of those he cares about. His wrath, once incurred, is relentless.



Amun was born the second child of Abigail Aergad and Chuma Mubarak. Traditional in family values, but not in politics, they struck out to join a nomadic caravan and make their fortune traveling from city to city, selling their trade. The two children were given different last names, in hopes that both would carry on the family names into the many generations that would follow. Amun's birth, however, was marred by a dark tragedy.

In the 8th month of his development inside his mother's womb, the caravan was set upon by bandits on horseback. The men of the merchant caravan did their best to fend off the attackers, but there were to many, on top of being well-armed. In a moment of desperation, Chuma beseeched the gods of ancient Egypt for protection. To his surprise, a demon was sent in reply.

The demon's spectral form descended quickly on the attackers, wiping them away from the sands as if they had never been there. When the dust cleared, the demon floated before Chuma and informed him of the cost of his defense. The demon would inhabit the still-forming child inside of Abigail, to manifest when Amun was strong enough to be a host to the demon. Having no other choice, the parents agreed, and the demon disappeared into Abigail's womb.

After his birth, Amun's parents quickly began his mental training. They knew that if he was to survive his coming ordeal with the demon, he would need to be well-learned in mental and emotional control. Once he was of age, Amun's father began his combat training. Having shown an affinity for magic, Chuma supplimented Amun's natural fighting ability with a control over electricity and stealth. Once his training was complete, Amun left the caravan and found himself a seat with the Mossad. Despite his egyptian heritage, the Mossad accepted him and utilized his talents in the black ops division.

Issue 1: Early stuff

Amun's last assignment with the Mossad brought him to the Rogue Isles. His mission seemed simple enough... Kill Arbiter Starkweather. Very quickly he was able to infiltrate the Shadow Spiders, Starkweather's organization. Gaining the trust of the Arbiter and his officers seemed easy enough. Amun's mission would be over quickly. Before long, he would be sent off on his next mission. But not even Amun could expect the one thing that would halt his mission.

Not only did the officers of the Shadow Spiders trust him, but many began to call him friend. Amun, having never had friends growing up, could not understand this feeling of friendship. And just as he began to sort it out, the day of the demon had arrived. His parents never spoke to him about the demon laying dormant in his body; they had hoped that his training would prevent the demon from taking over. They were only partially successful in this endeavor.

As the demon began to take over, Amun's humanity fought back. After many agonizing days of torturous pain, both mentally and physically, his humanity the demon were able to come to an agreement, so to speak. Realizing that without Amun, neither would survive, and that their constant battle was weakening them both, the souls of both beings decided to co-exist. The merging was successful, and Amun's body was perminatly transformed. Amun, the Demon of Balance, was born.

Issue #: Cursed

Issue #+1: Freed

Current information

Currently, Amun is no where to be found. It is as if he only existed in the minds and memories of those that have met him. Though his aura can be felt in places he frequented, he cannot be tracked by any means. Not even his mother Arren can locate him.

IC and OOC comments

<OOC> My computer when down hardcore on the 9th and i haven't been able to figure out the problem. That's why Amun is missing. I hope to return within the week, before the week of xmas.

Views and Opinions about Amun

-Arren Starkweather

-Allen Gabriel

-Noi Kino

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