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Origin: Natural/Unknown
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: John Matthews
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Full Time Student
Place of Birth: Levittown, New York
Base of Operations: Levittown, New York
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None listed.
Known Powers
The power to gain applicable skills and abilities by studying history.
Known Abilities
Sword smithing, Armor Smithing, Swordsmanship, Pugalism, unlicensed Pilot, unlicensed medical practitioner
Hyperion Force Personal Comm, Suit of Armor, Long Sword, Throwing Knives, M40 Helmet.
"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."

I originally conceived of Anakronism on the Comics and Cartoons (/co/) forum of 4chan. I got involved in a discussion of how the physical sciences dominate the origins of Super Humans, such as Dr. Doom, The Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Octopus, etc. etc. etc. So we got into a discussion on how other fields of study could be applied to Superherodom. I'm a huge history buff and thus created "The Anachronism" as a Super Hero who gets his powers from history. After spending a very long time contemplating different builds, I finally decided this was the best way to represent the character.



Super Group

Known Associates

Physical Description

Out of uniform Anakronism appears as an ordinary human being. He is slightly tall standing at six feet, with the physique of one who keeps in good shape, though not remarkably so. His hair is brown and usually a mess.

In uniform Anakronism is known for his eccentric and eclectic uniforms. His uniforms seemingly randomly mix suits of Medieval armor, Vietnam Era American fatigues and boots, Soviet Officer Caps, and Chinese Robes. Together these give Anakronism a distinctive and easily recognized appearance no matter which uniform he wears.

Anakronism's Motorcycle, a reconstructed Z├╝ndapp KS750 Military Motorcycle.


Anakronism's abilities are psychic in nature. While extending his concentration on a particular person or event, he can bring about a mental connection with that person or a person involved in that event. While he could theoretically use this ability by power of his thought, Anakronism uses this power subconsciously by studying history, which allows him to concentrate his thoughts more effectively on that person. Anakronism does not necessarily gain the full extent of the skill of his subject immediately, skills of increasing complexity require extended study. Anakronism has been focusing his reading on medieval warfare since beginning as a Superhero, and has not yet fully mastered swordsmanship.

Side Effects

However, forming mental bond's with historical figures has not been without tax on Anakronism's psyche. He has become eccentric in his personal beliefs supporting such causes as Legitimism and the Temperance Movement. Moreover it has given him an extreme aversion to modern Technology, such as Television, Computers, and Cell Phones. This aversion has lead to his utter inability to use these things, making essentially technologically illiterate.

At one point, these psychic bonds were beginning to supplant Anakronism's personality entirely for that of another. He would wake up from at night, with someone else controlling his body. Anakronism initially believed these occurances to be a recurring dream, until he found evidence that the nights actions actually happened.

This became increasingly alarming as one of the Personalities forcing itself onto Anakronism from beyond the grave was Untersturmf├╝hrer Walther Krueger. Recognizing the danger Krueger posed armed with his own abilities, Anakronism contemplated suicide, before seeking out the aid of the Rogue Psychic Psych Calamity. Instead Psych Calamity used his access to Anakronism's mind to advance his as yet unknown lust for carnage and violence. He found Krueger to be extremely hateful of Anakronism, who he believed had somehow stolen his spirit away from what he assumed was eternal reward in heaven (Krueger can not remember anything of the afterlife) and into the body of a Pole to boot. Krueger agreed to craft a body for Krueger, in return for his service and to bring the spirit of Krueger out as a free form spirit, essentially a ghost, in the mean time. All of this happened without Anakronism's knowledge, and was merely glad that Psych Calamity had apparently removed any intruding personalities, and erected psychic barriers from to prevent the reccurance of the problem.

However, after Psych Calamity turned a new leaf and refused to help him, Krueger vowed revenge on Psych Calamity. By now able to interact with the world around him, and functioning much like a spectre, Krueger began operating in the Rogue Islands with former members of 5th Columnunder the name Deutschlandgeist. While Deutschlandgeist seems to be biding his time, working on some plot, and has yet to commit any major acts of superviallainly, Anakronism has attempted to stop his operations, feeling he is responsible for krueger's return.


The following is a list of abilities that Anakronism has learned through his powers.

Natural Abilities

Aside from the abilities he gained through his powers, Anakronism is intelligent and capable, and has the fitness level of a college athlete.

Base of Operations

Anakronism found that Paragon city constructed a series of Fallout Shelters in the Subway system, in the late 1950s to guard against a nuclear or superhuman attack. In the early 1990s, with the Cold War over, these fallout shelters went on sale on Public Auction, where they recieved no bids. While doing historical research, Anakronism found out about the sale, and through archival work, found that they were still technically for sale. Anakronism bought the system for $2,000 dollars, and has since began turning it into a Base of Operations to fight crime, as well as a functioning fallout shelter against nuclear attack, or a major Rikti Assault.

The shelters were not used during the Rikti invasion as they had been abandoned, with no food, running water or heat, and furthermore were only intended to provide shelter for important officials. Anakronism has since slowly begun to refurbish the shelters in his spare time.

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