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R u t h l e s s, S a v a g e, E x o t i c, M u t a n t,
C r y s t a l K e e p e r / C o l d a s I c e
· Mutant Corruptor ·
Ice Blast
Radiation Emission
Leviathan Mastery
Arachnos Tower Logo1.png
Villain Group
Arachnos Tower
Lady/Patrons’ Agent
Real Name
Angelfish Cyantic
Angel, Lady Angelfish, Fish Laydee, Jawsette
May 16th, 1975
Arachnos Tower, a few miles off the shores of Grandville
Arachnos Tower
Villain serving in Arachnos as a Patrons’ Agent and
Legal Status
High-threat Villain
Marital Status
Single (not looking)
· Known Relatives ·
Vincent and Coraline Cyantic (Parents)
Physical Traits
Mutant (shark) and Coralax (Human)
Apparent Age
162 lbs.
Body Type
Fair curves and shape, slight muscle definition
None; has ten icicle-like spikes of coral bordering top and back of head pointing straight back a slight angle upward
Pure black; fish-like and slanted
Tough smooth and rubbery-scaly hide, mid-light ice blue, hairless and nailless (just looks better with the hair in-game; call it a shark fin),
· Distinguishing Features ·
Four rows of shark teeth, sharp six-inch fingerclaws, Personal ice control granted by the Coralax magic-enhanced gem Sapphire Crystal (worn as necklace, gem is diamond-cut w/ three spikes jutting out and up on either side, Crystal grants Humanoid form by altering appearance like a mirror), shark snout, green leafy coral growing on upper arms, webbed feet, blue tribal Coralax runes on lower arms/legs, lipless mouth stretching from one ear to the other (ears have no lobes; they're only small holes on the sides of head), three horizontal gill slits on throat, tough-smooth rubbery hide
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
Sapphire Crystal, Arachnos Tower communicator
· Other Abilities ·
All five senses, metabolism, and speed heightened, a few Coralax Mystic spells


She’s New. Improved. But Still Blue.

Been a while, eh? But yeah, Angelfish has had some remodeling done. Just a little, but big changers!

1. The Sapphire Crystal is not the only Crystal. There are other gems that are enhanced with Merulina’s power in the storyline, most of which harnessed by the Rogue Coralax (group lead by Electric Eel/Xell’kurak).

2. Parthenogenesis. Guppi has no father.

3. Angelfish’s in-game look has been altered.

4. An accurate example of Angelfish’s voice is now found! Black Canary from Young Justice:

The Past

Angelfish Cyantic was only six when her life changed for the better--or worse. When she was born at first it was assumed she had cyanosis due to her pale-blue skin coloring, but when the doctors took a closer look they found she was actually a shark mutant. Her parents sought to raise her, and teach her right from wrong, giving her a fair aquatic title: Angelfish. Her parents were picture-perfect, doing all they needed to in order to raise their daughter in the right way--and, the rich way, as the Cyantic family was quite wealthy.

Little Angelfish became a jewel and shell collector, easily finding most the gems she wanted and getting all the shells she wanted. But whenever she requested a sapphire her parents would try to slip her an aquamarine or another gem not even resembling blue. This frustrated Angelfish for years, until she decided she would get her own jewels from there on out.

Soon the time came for Angelfish’s fate to be twisted. Her sixth birthday only three months earlier, Angelfish traveled out to the beach the parents owned, early in the morning, to collect new shells. She found herself a fancy large conch, but it was glazed over with seawater, and it tumbled from her hands into the ocean. Angelfish, being half-shark of course, could easily swim, and her gills on her throat were completely developed, so she dived way down after that shell. She went down about two or so miles, before she caught something shimmering out of the corner of her eye. She went to investigate, finding…a sapphire, with three thin spikes on the outer edges jutting straight out and up, laying in a bed of red coral. Literal, Red Coral.

Eager to own this unique gem, the conch was easily forgotten, and Angelfish nabbed the sapphire. Not a moment later did it suddenly ice over, latching to her palm, proving a distraction as the Red Coral suddenly branched out and snagged the edge of Angel’s skirts and limbs. The Coralax coral began to infect her, forcing their way through her flesh and mending to her bones, and even acquiring her colors. Angelfish’s screams were drowned out so far beneath the surface, and with each cry she could feel her body growing strangely…numb. Soon she was freezing to the core, as the Sapphire Crystal’s ice powers even began to ice over her emotions, to the point Angelfish just stopped screaming in pain. Her heart became cold, and her shark mutations were matured a little further than what they were supposed to be at a young age, turning her eyes a cold void of black, darkening her bluish proportions, growing her claws, and clearing out all hair on her body, replacing the hair on her head with icicle-like coral.

A few minutes later, the Sapphire Crystal had completely iced her over in a thin block of ice, and what was left of the Red Coral bound around Angelfish, protecting the newfound Crystal Keeper as she fell into a deep sleep.

The Coralax World

When Angelfish awoke, she found she was in a wet gray cave glistening with faint rainbow shades. And surrounded by people covered in coral, peering down at her unthawed form. Little Angelfish was afraid at first, but one of the female Mystics by the name of Tai’Wen stepped forward to explain the scenario. After Tai’Wen explained gently, Angelfish become curious rather than fearful of these odd people, rolling her Crystal between her fingers. After a few more explanations of questions Angelfish inquired of, it was pointed out that Angelfish was a shark-Coralax mutant now, and she had to live in the Coralax world and not return to her parents. At first Angelfish was reluctant and became upset when she was smoothly forced to remain, but after about two or so weeks she succumbed and willing. She began to love these Coralax people, choosing favorites and accepting the Mystic Tai’Wen as a new “mother”.

Angelfish grew up learning the ways of the Crystal, such as the fact it was not the only kind of Crystal, and that it along with the others were enhanced with a fragment of the Coralax goddess Merulina’s power--just a different kind of power for each Crystal, of course. She trained, learning how to use its powers. Angel gained two companions, a male, true-blood, Australian pufferfish-Coralax by the name of Puffer, and a female regular Coralax girl by the name of Ker’Xel. She grew up with these two, implications of being from the “upper world” fading from her over the years.

But Angel had not forgotten where she belonged the most.

For a while she found she adored the Coralax world so much she forgot land as a home. But once she became 36, after so long, she decided she was homesick. Tai’Wen insisted Angel stay, but Angelfish was determined, and so at last Tai let her go. Puffer and Ker’Xel stayed under the surface, and Angelfish reemerged into our world. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shatter and Blackmail

She emerged not at the beach she lived on so long ago, but in the Rogue Isles, on the shores of Sharkhead Isle. A rather large band of Circle of Thorns were conducting rituals, and when Angelfish accidentally interrupted they saw her a threat. All attacked, and while most were killed either by claws and teeth or ice, the number proved too powerful. It seemed the CoT were familiar with the Crystals, perhaps they had one of their own, because they figured out how to break through its ice shell and break it. A Behemoth Overlord did the honors of that, and the Crystal was snapped in half. Angelfish managed to retrieve one half, but was knocked out before reaching the other.

When Angelfish woke up, surrounding her were the rest of the CoT were lumps of bloody destroyed flesh. Someone, or something, had saved her. Someone really, as there was an unfamiliar vicious-looking male shark mutant leaned against the wall of rocks, rolling the other half of the Crystal between his large bladed fingers.

Now, Captain Mako had the advantage of this meeting. He held the other half of the power of the Crystal, and could easily kill Angelfish in her weakened state. But she had a chance first. He had been patrolling his Isle when he found Angelfish in the conflict, and observed the battle, testing her. She proved fair enough, and he decided she could have the option of doing a few tasks for him for Arachnos. Or die and lose the Crystal, of course, as it would mean he had saved her for nothing.

Naturally Angelfish was willing, and didn’t really put up an argument.

Mako had her take care of a few handfuls of lesser-target missions to make sure she kept her word before he gave the other half of the Crystal back. The other Patrons and a few Arbiters began to study Angelfish, seeing a possible new potential to lead the Arachnos Tower being built a few miles off of Grandville. Soon, Angelfish was finding it wasn’t blackmail, and she was becoming more and more willing to do a few tasks for the Captain. Maybe it was the arctic-cold heart she had received from the Crystal over the years. That definitely seemed to be it.

A few Arbiters inquired with Recluse, and eventually Recluse decided to order Agent Angelfish the Lad y of the new Arachnos Tower No. 17 once it was finish being built. The Agents already signed up entered the new Tower curiously, and Angelfish found herself at the peak--well, two layers under the peak--of Arachnos, serving on a branch under Captain Mako.

Beginning the Tower

The moment Angelfish entered Arachnos Tower, she knew she needed Lieutenants, and so she sought out her two best friends, Puffer and Ker’Xel. Ker’Xel would at least be a “secretary” or someone there to assist Angelfish, whereas Puffer became the literal Lieutenant. A few weeks after that incident Angel brought forth Seawitch’s Daughter, whose mother had requested that Angel take care of her daughter for her. Sea was still young, and not really the fighting type, and so after about half a year Angel decided Sea could just be her adopted daughter, changing her to an Ex-Lieutenant.

There are indeed lots more people in the Tower now, and all see Angelfish as the "Mother" of the Tower.

The Rogue Coralax

Coming soon. Sorry!

"Fiiiish Laydeeee." -- Alpha Courage

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