Annie Axrial

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Annie Axrial
Player: Psythe
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 29
Personal Data
Real Name: Annie Liriallax Axrial
Known Aliases: none
Species: quarter-daemon
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero, unknown
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Father, mother (unknown) grandfather (unknown) Lirilliax (succubus, grandmother)
Known Powers
daemonic invulnerability, claws
Known Abilities
daemonic rage
No additional information available.



Several decades ago (the exact date and details are unclear) the succubus Lirilliax attempted to damn a young man. She ended up getting more than she bargained for and fell in love with him. The two had a child and a happy but (unfortunately) very short marriage. Lirilliax's superiors descended on her and dragged her back to Hell, where the punishment for falling in love with a mortal was terrible indeed. Lirilliax's lover was untouched, and taking his daughter he set out into the world, hard of heart and focused in mind. He raised his daughter to be a good upstanding woman, but never attended church and never had anything to do with religion.

His daughter eventually married and had a daughter of her own, who she named Anne. Anne (preferring to be called Annie) grew into a rather unusually beautiful young woman, with a reputation for toughness and playfulness. Weaving in and out of relationships and social circles, Annie quickly reached the age of seventeen.

Then, one evening, she was applying nail polish and botched the job. Having a date, and angry that she'd have to start over on that finger, she swore and shook her hand angrily. And the nail burst forth and extended into a long, talon-like claw and shattered her bedroom mirror.

A day later her hair turned purple.

What followed was unpleasant. Upon hearing the news her grandfather rushed to his daughter's house and told them the whole story of his own relationship. He had always been afraid that Annie's mother would show the signs of Lilliriax's daemonic blood, but it seemed that the bloodline had remained dormant in her, and now awakened in Annie. Annie's mother cut all ties with her father and refused to publicly acknowledge his existence. She told Annie that she could live a normal life, that she didn't have anything to do with what her grandfather had done, and that she didn't need to do anything with whatever powers her grandmother had left her.

This proved not entirely the case. Upon returning to high school after the family crisis, she found herself unable to keep boys off of her, and a night of romance with her boyfriend transformed into a night of passion that she was somehow unable to control. She left him soon after. But things came to a rather violent head when a few weeks after her heritage came out, roughly a dozen warrior daemons arrived in her hometown and began causing massive damage. Before any efforts could be made to repel them a large detachment of Circle of Thorns cultists appeared and began battling the daemons - and the entire battle was waged around Annie's home.

When a SWAT team and a local hero, the Ventriloquist, had managed to stop the rampaging daemons and the cultists, the dust settled, and Annie was alarmingly aware of one thing - they had been fighting over her.

Not wanting to put anyone else in danger (and her mother and father looked at her rather nervously afterward) and with encouragement from her grandfather, she left for Paragon City, attempting to use her daemonic powers for some good, and to combat the forces that had attacked her hometown.


Annie is a free spirit. No villain worries her and nothing seems to be able to drag her down. She is flirty and carefree. On the outside, anyway. Certain difficult battles will reveal a darker side to the beautiful young woman, however.

Powers and abilites


Annie's fingernails extend into long, razor-sharp talons. She somehow manages to wield these "claws" as efficient and deadly weapons, and she possesses incredible agility and strength to go along with them. She can retract the claws with no detrimental effects to her fingers.

Daemonic Resilience

Annie is incredibly resistant to physical damage. Bullets, fists, and other generic weapons barely affect her. More powerful weapons, such as Rikti swords and superpowers, have the ability to break through her resistance, but she can regenerate most damage very quickly. She is essentially immune to psionic attacks and mind-reading. Annie has, however, shown an aversion to fire, and because of her bloodline it is possible that this may be the only thing capable of harming her permanently.

Daemonic rage

When pushed to her limits or otherwise enraged, Annie will often temporarily lose control of herself and give into her semi-daemonic nature. When her "blood comes out", as she puts it, she becomes many times more deadly and commits disturbing and often sadistic acts of killing. As she prefers to use precision to keep her attacks nonlethal whenever possible, Annie hates when this happens.


Upon arrival in Paragon Annie took to the streets and began cutting a swath through crime. She quickly met Silencer Micheal and joined the Paragon Youth Corps, where she has quickly assimilated. After she and Unblinking Watchman broke a world record at Time Crisis 2, rumors have been spreading wildly that they have begun a relationship. She has greatly expanded her daemonic powers, becoming incredibly resilient and disturbingly skilled with her claws, as well as developing the ability to hide herself in darkness and to drain life from her opponents to heal herself.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Confidential
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: unpronounceable except by Nalia Danar
Known Aliases: Krae, Lairxa
Species: daemonette
Age: unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: assassin/temptress
Place of Birth: The Depths of the Warp
Base of Operations: none
Marital Status: none
Known Relatives: brother (unknown)
Known Powers
claws, daemonic resilience,
Known Abilities
daemonette powers of seduction, shadowshroud, True Form
based on Warhammer 40,000's daemonette


Most of the preceding information about Annie Axrial is false, part of a disguise and cover identity of Krae'thanna, a powerful daemon assassin and seductress in service to Another's Damnation, also known as the elf Nayla. Krae's infiltration of the Youth Corps as Annie was part of a plot by Nayla to bring about the downfall and destruction of the Youth Corps, a plan which was recently launched and failed. Krae fabricated the story of the young girl struggling with her heritage, and to reinforce the disguise Damnation and her allies constructed a number of powerful enchantments to lock away most of Krae's powers until she regained them by fighting. As the bindings were not perfect, Krae came up with Annie's "daemonic rages" to release her power without giving herself away. Annie's permanently-worn sunglasses were a simple yet effective way of concealing Krae's eyes, her most powerful and enchanting features and the ones no amount of magic could hide.

Appearance and personality

When revealed, Krae becomes sultry, fair, pale-skinned, incredibly figured, and well endowed. Her hair becomes waist-length, silky tresses, which give the appearance of a cape from a distance. She is seductive at worst and flirty at best, essentially taking everything of Annie's personality to extremes. If snubbed or angered Krae will stew and let the grudge simmer, if accepted she will worn her way deeper into whatever circle or relationship she finds herself in.

Powers and abilities

All of Annie's powers, including her claws and resilience, become even more effective when she is not in disguise.


Krae is attractive to essentially anyone, and if she strongly wishes to be attractive to any one individual there's little that person can do to resist her. Her physical beauty is usually enough, and if not she can surround herself with supernatural glamour that makes her almost overpoweringly attractive. Krae can also emit an intoxicating perfume that smells like whatever attracts the object of her attention most, and prolonged exposure to it will cloud the mind and ensnare the senses.


A creature of darkness, Krae has the ability to actually melt into a shadow, becoming an intangible thing that can fly and move through solid objects. She is for all intents and purposes invisible when in this state, though she seems to not be able to maintain it for long.

True Form

In the most dire of circumstances, Krae can cast off even her natural form and take her True Form. In this form she wears an even more revealing outfit and grows horns, gigantic daemonic wings, and spikes on her shoulders. She loses all semblance of subtlety or humanity, as an unholy glow bursts from her eyes, her scent intoxicates and renders insensible anything it reaches, and she cuts her enemies apart mercilessly. The chains that bind her to this plane also take a physical form when Krae is in True Form. When she chooses to unleash her power this way it depletes her massively, but while it lasts she is nearly impossible to stop and almost completely irresistible.


The being known as Krae'thanna has a murky past, serving the Chaos sorcerers across the universe. No one is sure how many have Fallen to her, how many friendships were shattered, how many true men turned, and how many betrayals have been wrought by Krae'thanna's wiles. She first appeared on Earth roughly a year ago, as an element in Keltros's attempts to kill Skye Valentine. The sorcerer, however, lost control of the daemoness and she began acting of her own accord, but after being rejected by Valentine several times (Including an attempt when she knocked out Nalia Danar and stole her shape) she dissapeared. It is assumed that after Keltros's death she was no longer bound to the world, and vanished.

Krae would have a rude reminder of her exploits on Earth, however, during the events of Switched, Nalia's second trip to Azeroth. In the course of attempting to build up her warlock powers, Nalia summoned Krae to act as her servant (as well as to get some payback). Krae built up an extreme resentment for Nalia during this, which was not helped by the fact that after being restored to her own world and body, Nalia never released Krae, leaving her confined and bound for weeks. A mistake on Nalia's part, as it turned out. Krae, being a creature of Chaos, felt undercurrents of what was happening in the minds of her masters, and when Nalia at last summoned her and promised her release in exchange for information on just that, Krae told her all she knew. It wasn't much, merely the fact that the elf Nayla had returned to Azeroth searching for something, but it satisfied Nalia.

Much was Krae's surprise and delight when almost no sooner had Nalia dismissed her, she materialized in the service of none other than Nayla herself.

Wanting revenge on Nalia and harboring a desire for Gothic Defender and Silencer Micheal, Krae threw herself into the work of the Blooded and Nayla's plans to destroy the Youth Corps. The plan to infiltrate the Youth Corps as Annie Axrial was almost entirely her doing. She easily earned the trust of most of the Corps, and knew exactly what information to dangle in front of Nalia to keep her off the trail of "Annie's" background. The plan was executed, and as Nalia lay comatose and defeated by Nayla's ensorcselled bullet, she came under close scrutiny. When at last everything was in place, Krae made her move.

As Nayla made use of Nalia's powers to disable Assembled Girl and Gothic Defender, Krae made her move on Silencer Micheal. He was able to resist her seductive powers and narrowly managed to defeat her when she attacked him. Nayla was beaten soon after by Micheal. Krae expected to return to the Blooded's headquarters and continue her efforts, but when the "negotiations" for the release of Nayla grew hostile, the elf's lieutenant Joseph elected to leave Krae behind. Her resentment was nothing compared to what happened next.

Restored to her body, Nalia berated herself for not realizing Nayla's plan (as well as Krae) for what they were, and proceeded to take Krae as her servant once again. Nalia correctly reasoned that the ultimate punishment for the daemoness was to force her to keep doing what she hated, so she bound her to continue acting as Annie Axrial and continue serving the city. Humanity likely does not have words for the depths of Krae's rage at this, but she may already be working on a new plan to undermine her new "mistress..."

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