Arch Templar

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I am not your enemy, those surrounding you are.
Arch Templar
Player: MrWakka
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Harvey Wright / Gareth Bywater
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 27 / 730
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 203lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Archaeologist
Place of Birth: Savannah, Georgia / London, England
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Mind Control and Empathy
Known Abilities


Arch Templar was a character i made up just goofing off and ended up becoming rather attached to, i imagine him as akin to Harry Dresden, sort of a hard boiled magical detective... with some psychological issues on the side.



Friendly and somewhat of a closet optimist, Arch Templar gives off the impression of not caring and being somewhat all about the job. The fact is he prefers to close himself off out of a hint of fear, Wright, one of his personalities is dying and he is somewhat suspecting another personality lays in wait for a time to strike.

Further, he is several hundred years out of date, an issue at least that he can remedy.

When it comes to fighting crime he prefers the more subtle approach and detective work to open confrontation, the way he sees it is, he isn't invulnerable, he can't regenerate wounds in mere seconds and while physically capable he isn't going to beat a villainous brute in a strength contest.

That leaves him in the position of out thinking his opponents, a position he is happy to take.


To really start at the beginning you can not start with Harvey, for he was the last to enter this story, and though old by most standards even Gareth is a relative newcomer, to truly begin we must start with the Amulet of Zerak'Sahn.

Little is truly known of it in fact, save what its markings denote to those who take the time to decipher the ancient symbols, a process which would be nearly impossible were not secondary markings translating a portion of it into ancient sumerian present. The Amulet's markings denote it as the creation of "Zerak'Sahn, Supreme Ruler of the lands of Assaai and God of his people."

It could be worked in such a way that one could change the texts order, and presumably in so doing, alter it's powers, but any chance to discover what other powers it may have once held is now lost with its disappearance.

Gareth Bywater

Gareth bywater was a deeply religious man who had earned knighthood by serving well the king of england in one of many small conflicts of the era, having gained such recognition he was eager to join the military order of the Knights Templar. He had as a child been raised by monks and prior to being conscripted for the kings army been taught much by his caretakers, particularly in the field of history, languages and cartography. With these skills he was found to be a prime candidate to serve as the lead of on a mission to recover holy relics in the holy lands.

Though he was never one to find a major holy relic, from time to time he did discover some strange scrolls, most of these writings denoted a power hidden away lest it be used for evil, Bywater become more and more convinced that he may have stumbled onto a trail that would lead him to the ark of the covenant and as such became ever more frantic in his persuits.

Much to his dismay at the end of years of search he found merely a golden amulet, a prize to be sure, but hardly the one he expected. Regardless of his dismay however others were excited, having followed his work they struck now that his work was done. Though well trained he had always considered himself more of a scholar then great warrior, and the weight of his foes pressed him, eventually a strike made it past his defense and out of instinct he went to block it with his hand.

In the end, all lay dead, the amulet clasped in his hand and his body pierced with many wounds Gareth appeared quite dead to his brothers when they found him surrounded by the dead, who oddly enough, seemed to have slain each other.

Harvey Wright

Harvey Wright was a noted Archaeologist for the Paragon City Museum of History, kept on retainer to verify finds and acquisitions that the museum was interested in obtaining. As such he was quite skeptical when tests being done on a recent buy dated it as twelve thousand years old. An amulet found in a lost templar tomb in england, it was remarkable for the odd sumerian scribblings and the strange markings. Not to mention a mural on the tombs wall depicted a lone knight fighting a dozen men with the amulet in hand.

It was all very strange and he was fairly certain the museum had been suckered into a hoax while he had been away, so he ran the test again. He was right in suspecting the first test was wrong, it was not twelve thousand years old, it was a million, another test said a year, another said two thousand.

Every test, back to back, side by side, same person, same machine, regardless of what measure was taken always came back different.

This was a challenge he refused to ignore, the amulet became somewhat of an obsession, and he would spend three years attempting to learn more of it, eventually he deciphered the sumerian script and then realized the other markings were another language as well and began translating them using the sumerian key.

Eventually he finished, he spoke the words... and it vanished!

He searched frantically looking for it, and then he felt "It", another consciousness was in his mind...

Arch Templar

Eventually the mind of Bywater and Wright were able to communicate to each other, and the strange tales they both shared would have been unbelievable were they not now two minds sharing the same body. Eventually they had agreed that the amulet somehow saved the soul or consciousness of Bywater when he was attacked, possibly unintentionally due to the blow to it.

But even coming to a working agreement between them did little to solve their problems.

Wright was obsessed with finding a way to free himself from the invaders thoughts, neglecting his work up until his boss came to personally check on him, it resulted in a huge argument as the stressed and disturbed Wright yelled angrily at him, blaming him for his current problem for having bought the amulet in the first place.

It was then the first ability manifested itself, as his boss took a nearby pair of scissors and stabbed himself in the neck. Bywater was shocked and strained to take control over the body, an act he would later regret, and in so doing the wound in the mans neck began to heal miraculously. The man, scared out of his wits left the two standing there, never to see them again.

From then it was obvious the amulet had done more then merely merge the two into a single body, and they experimented with these new abilities, at first only Bywaters mind could order their body to heal, likewise only Wright could exert control on others, but this would change. Ever since Bywater forcefully had taken over the body the two had noticed a change, slowly over time Wright has become weaker, losing his abilities completely while Bywater has been able to do both. Though unintentional Bywater is taking over the body completely, and they suspect that was the original intent of the amulet all along.

Zerak'Sahn, whoever he was, must have created it as a form of immortality, likely if he died whole wearing the amulet, his mind would be stored in it, and given that the amulet spoke of him as a god he would likely have had a high priest perform a ritual, and then the priest would be the host of two minds until Zerak'Sahn was ready to return.

This troubling concept while plausible leaves the disturbing question of what happened to Zerak'Sahn? is he in there with them? waiting for a time to assert himself? what will happen to Wright as time goes by? The answers are unknown to them, for now they work together to create a better world.

For Bywater, while he regrets the loss of Wright, he sees this as a new chance to serve, his order is gone, something he regrets and upon reading of how it came to be, leaves him somewhat bitter. Still it is a strange world, filled with many a new thing, and he has a chance to make it better and safer for those who live in it and that is what he intends to do.


Arch Templars powers have grown over time, his understanding of them is still somewhat limited but he continues to try and unravel the secrets of the amulet of Zerak'Sahn.

Mind Control

The very first ability Arch Templar discovered he had was the ability to affect the minds of others, he has since refined his skills. By focusing his will he can cause various effects, but typically uses it to make would be foes think him a friend, allowing him to use stealth in his dealings rather then direct confrontation.

Recently he has been able to augment his abilities by learning some of the arcane arts himself, while he has the innate power to do many things he has discovered that the methods others use in magic can enhance his capabilities nicely.


Healing for Arch Templar typically involves taking the pain of others unto himself, he has however also learned to augment this ability with various other relics, which he can use as foci to heal without injuring himself, they are difficult to come by, but have proven quite useful.


Quite by accident Arch Templar discovered his ability to fly, in one of his early attempts at being a hero he fell from a broken fire escape, he then to his surprise and his opponents dismay he could will himself through the air.

Physical Capabilities

Arch Templar as a knight was quite fit, as an archaeologist... not so much, however ever since the incident his body has begun to change, as if he had the fortitude and energy of two men together. Additionally his body transformed in more obvious ways as well, growing taller and with more muscle.


Trained as an Archaeologist, Historian, Linguist and Cartographer, Arch Templar has found himself quite adept at revealing the secrets of the Arcane.


While granted formidable enhancements from the magical relic, Arch Templar has found he is by no means beyond the need of other aids, notably he has discovered some relics help empower his natural abilities.

Boots of Damascus

These armored chain boots are made of enchanted Damascus steel, when worn his ability to jump and fly are greatly enhanced.

Three Rings of Solomon

Three rings to be warn on one hand connected by a small chain between the, the odd set have proven to be quite useful, his healing ability when channeled through them have had some interesting effects.

The first one allows him to clear the mind, the second to fortify the targets own abilities and the last he has yet to discover.

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