Arctic Sea

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Sidhe Princess
Arctic Sea
Player: @SilverFoxToo
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 19
Personal Data
Real Name: Sedna Elaine Harris/Elanilin
Known Aliases: Lani, Winter Sea, Princess Lani
Species: Sidhe
Age: 17/117
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Alaska
Base of Operations: Honolulu
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mom, Dad, and Mother [names later]
Known Powers
Ice and storm manipulation
Known Abilities
Also genius level intelligence [not Super Genius], manipulation of a pocket dimension, flight, and other magical cantrips, also certain levels of sidhe magnetism
No additional information available.




Arctic Sea was first seen as a member of CAPES. After her capture and temporary transformation into a succubus, she slipped out of sight, then popped back up recently. She's since been restored to her normal self, with minimal changes. With her restoration, she's become a member of Capesters, deciding that she is more a girl who does sometimes heroic acts, rather than a hero, per say. See history below for more details.


Arctic Sea was a reasonably powerful weather mage with a focus on cold and ice. Then, she was given a pocket dimension to help her keep up with her schoolwork, social life, and heroing. After a few mishaps in her life, she's a sidhe with weakened powers that are fast recovering.


She has the typical weakness to cold iron of her kind. Also, she has an overwhelming protective sense, especially when it comes to her two loves.


Lani was born to two marine biologists while they were in Alaska doing research on various arctic marine mammals. Born in the middle of winter [ old reckoning ], and within the Arctic circle, they named her for the goddess Sedna, though quickly called her Lani. Once the research was done, the family returned to their home in Honolulu, where the girl spent only about half of her time as she grew up. Pale blonde hair slowly grew into its current shade of frosted blue, and she was thought to be a mutant.

The girl was home schooled and tutored, with all the traveling that her family did for their work. It was not much of a surprise that the girl was also very intelligent, soaking up everything taught to her, but especially myths and legends. By the time she was 14, the girl was ready for college, and decided upon Paragon U. Everything was fine for the first year, except for the starling revelation when she applied for her hero license - she was not a mutant at all, but a mage.

Then things started to get interesting for her in the later half of her sophomore year. As a gift, a friend gave her a gem that was a pocket dimension - all she had to do was attune it. In addition, she was told that she should never try and create living things in there, but stick to inanimate things, like furniture and the like. Attuning it, she created a copy of her dorm room, and spent a lot of time there studying for her classes.

Then, one day, she stepped out into the small clearing outside of the room, curled up to study under a tree and fell asleep. When she woke up, she found herself surrounded by murderous red caps who wanted to kill her, not realizing she'd awakened them in the first place. Fortunately, she was happened upon by some seelie warriors who rescued her, retrieving her mostly dead and mutilated body to where the Queen herself used some of her own essence to rebuild the girl who came to be known as Elanilin.

After spending what seemed like a century fighting a war at the head of seelie troops, peace was established and she could safely leave and return home to Paragon, but it was by then two months later and she was much changed. Over time, she managed to adapt herself mostly to looking her normal self, but while fighting CoT, she was caught in a trap and used for a binding object for a demon, a succubus.

The merged entity was, however, so small, that they were thrown out on their collective bum, and left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, the demon was a kindly sort, and showed the innocent girl how to hide in the back when she needed to feed. Then there was the changes to the body. It was with great relief when a certain Nezumi-ko managed to separate the two - except there was a third, and the succubus had gone without a trace, or so it was thought.

Known Associates

Outside of her fellow Capesters, Lani is known to be friends with a certain Paragon-Kid, as well as to being linked with several criminal elements, such as KnockerKing, Masabakes whom she has recently been linked romantically with. Also, she works with a Helmut Von Gast, a known mercenary. However, she also lives in the same house as known heros, such as Flamefall and Silver Rain. The young woman also has been seen in the Isles under the name of Winter Sea.

Player Comments

Arctic Sea was, rather mistakenly, erased to make room for other alts. When I brought her back as a character to just hang out for events and shows, I was rather surprised both by her reception and the fact she insists on attention from me. This is even funnier, considering once I12 hits, I'm rerolling two of the three versions of her, to make them match up a bit better.

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