Ardente Anima

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Ardente Anima
Player: @Aurion
Origin: Syrian
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ardente
Known Aliases: Arde, Ardy
Species: Syrian
Age: 25
Height: 7'
Weight: 205lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Syrian
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Galaxy of Syria
Base of Operations: Paragon
Marital Status: Engaged to River Connelly
Known Relatives: Omisition, Shadow Mokadara, Yndara Kriss
Known Powers
Brute strength, High fortitude, Control over lightning an electricity.
Known Abilities
Capable of leaping great distances an height.
Sryian armor made from ship scrap metal.


   Chapter 1

Several lightyears from Earth, from paragon. A planet lay under siege in a galaxy known as Syria. A young boy an his family caught inbetween a company war for resources utilizing mercenaries. Not a single survivor of his village. None except his sister unbeknownst to him. She escaped the two having lost sight of each other in the fire an smoke of the bombing an gunfire. Ardente made his way sneaking through the smoke an brush in the fields. Climbing his way into the storage compartment of the merc ship, he hid an waited to escape onto the next planet. The merc ship containing resources gathered from the mines on his home planet left. Landing on a frozen planet called Blizzardia. Wandering for days in Zero City he had nowhere to turn. With not but the clothes on his back he was nearly starved to, an dehydrated to death. He collapsed outside a shop on the outskirt of the city. A shop owned by a man an child. This child later would later become his greatest of friends. More than that even, a brother, family. Taken in by the shop owner Omisition whom they both called pops. The two of them quickly became friends. Moka at the time created by the scientists Ukathrax an Ukarax an injected with abyss was radiating. The matter still strong within him. It was this very thing that gave ardente his powers. Being close to the boy since they were both young the radiation seemed to leak out. Ardente survived this encounter an soaked up the leak like a sponge. Becoming stronger by the day. The two of them never went to school much. Except in their later years finally attending middle school. Later the two went on to attend high school, an later finish college. Moka majoring in ship advancement an sciences. Ardente learning ship engines an hyperdrive systems. The two took over omisitions shop after he left them alone. Years passed an the two were trying their best to hold the shop up. Moka eventually went back to underground racing. Having fallen slightly into debt. Slightly being more than he wished. Learning of this arde went to compete in the underground arena. The two dominated both fields with gusto. Arde crushed competitor after competitor. Moka set lap records five times in a row. It wasn't long before arde paid of moka's debt without him knowing. Only to find that moka had disappeared. Traumitized that his brother had left him behind he went on to search for an answer. Finding a lead two years later learning that his friend an brother had taken off for a place called Earth. Using what money he had. An fixing up the ship left in pops shop. He left Zero City, an set off to find his brother. Find him he did, finally reaching earth. Nearly ready to enter it's atmosphere he had come at a bad time it seemed. Being pummeled by a few incoming rikti ships. He had arrived on what seemed to be an invasion. Landing not far from the battle that ensued he exited the ship upon a scene of chaos. Watching people fleeing what would later be known as the rikti war zone. The two of them only seventeen at the time. Ardente went on to do the only thing he knew how to do best. Crush rikti skulls. An with gusto he did just that. Rushing to the scene amidst the battle doing the best he could with damage control. He searched for a year on earth for his brother. Finding no traces yet. Feeling hopelessness set in. It was not but a few days later he met a woman named Octina, Tina for short. An joined with the tesseract castle. A group dedicated to housing outcasts an misfits. He felt which was more than appropriate for him. Being a stranger to the planet an all. An shortly after he suddenly found moka. The two of them together with no way home. An their pops omisition nowhere to be found. Made earth their new home. From then on they proceeded to make a name for themselves. From stomping the rikti with every invasion back into their stranded mothership. To stopping invasions sent by cole. An later dending against praetorian hamidon attack. The two today are easily the most combat experienced an skilled in tess. Their power unmatched. The only one capable at the moment of toppling the two in terms of raw power being Sierra. Though she need only but to hone her skills an experience with combat. Arde's life had slowed down soon after this. Though he's still seen helping from time to time around the city. His life took another path later, upon meeting a now good friend named Ben. Whom introduced him to a girl that would later sneak her way into his heart. Even with all the trust issues he had. The two quickly grew closer than he realized. An feelings began to grow for her within him. An soon before he knew it he was very much in love with her. The two now engaged. What his life holds in store for him from here on is anyone's guess. Though it's sure to be epic in proportions. An unknown to Moka or him, a storm on the horizon brewing. That will shake them to the core.

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