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Pushed into reality by a million sweaty fortune-tellers. Oh, the ignominy.

Ascendant Who 06.jpg
Ascendant Who
Player: @Copse
Origin: natural
Archetype: scrapper
Security Level: 28
Personal Data
Real Name: Ascendant Who
Known Aliases: not applicable
Species: Zeitghost
Age: not applicable
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240# with armor, never seen without
Eye Color: variable
Hair Color: variable
Biographical Data
Nationality: not applicable
Occupation: Interior Designer
Place of Birth: Paragon City Transit Authority
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: not yet legal
Known Relatives: not applicable
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

This being is a Zeitghost, created by the subconscious wills of the legions of psychically active entities that regularly travel via the Paragon Transit Authority's monorail system.

Ascendant Who is tied to the history of the well-known hero Ascendant.[1]

Visitors to the PTA monorail stations often hear variations of the following: "Ascendant Who? I'm sorry, but you have the wrong number.", leading many of them to wonder who "Ascendant Who" might be. The resulting incarnate psychic amalgam is known as Ascendant Who.

Being associated with the Paragon City Telephone Company, his physical appearance seems to be based on the original logo for that company: a knight in armor, often rendered in various solid colors.

PCTC-logo-original.jpg PCTC-logo-colors.jpg

His association with overheard phone-conversations seems to have guided the formation of his personality and physical nature. His voice is made up of samples of the speech of others. He is by nature chatty and humorous, but can be as terrible as a 3:00 AM phone-call. His knowledge of the world is strangely spotty, consisting only of subjects discussed over the phone. He displays deep knowledge in some areas, and a childlike innocence about many topics. For example, when a conversation with a member of the Empire of Dawn was interrupted by her need to use the restroom, he was surprised and very curious. She had to be forceful with him to prevent his observation of the necessary function.

He likes and admires women, but identifies himself as gay. Being a relatively unstudied form of life, it is unknown if he can or would act on this assertion. It is possible that this claim is simply a form of solidarity with a misunderstood minority. He displays no sign of aging, and so any long-term romantic relationship would likely require another apparently immortal being.

He has chosen the bigoted Nazi-inspired Council as his nemesis, and once helped Serge to blow open a Council plot by noticing the order and delivery of a huge amount of charcoal neoprene and khaki spandex in Independence Port.

He has allied himself to the Superhero group known as the "Empire of Dawn", in which he serves as the primary Interior Designer for the physical base. He wonders who Dawn is, and if she's also a Zeitghost, and if he will ever be introduced.

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