Atom Burst

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"Up and Atom!"
Atom Burst
Player: Kwamenkrumah
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Kwame Marshall
Known Aliases: Atom, Atom Brat
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Professional Crime Fighter
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Ga
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cousin: Albert Marshall(Crimson Fury)
Known Powers
Able to store immense amounts of energy and project it
Known Abilities
The best costumes ever!
No additional information available.


OOC Notes

Atom Burst, is my main character so far and he was inspired mostly by me. He is a hero projection of myself stealing my personality and my favorite move set on city of heroes. His flying style was inspired directly from Positron in the official comics. The theory behind his powers draws from the Atomic Bomb. I hope to expand his story via RPing.

Atom Burst Costumes.jpg


Kwame Marshall aka Atom Burst is a relatively young hero from Atlanta Georgia. He is usually very cool, light hearted and humorous. Even in the safe of sever danger, he keeps his sense of humor. He is slightly immature as displayed in his priorities and he has a lot to learn about the true meaning of being a profesional crime fighter. At heart he is a hero that wants to save everything and everyone including himself which proves to be difficult. He tries to appear humble but in reality he thinks he is very powerful. He also prefers not to wear tights. He thinks he is too cool for them. He keeps one tight costume just in case he needs the generic super hero look.


Kwame was born a mutant but his powers did not become apperant until his teenage years. He was born with a special atomic make up that allows him to absorb, retain and project large amounts of energy. He can absorb energy by eating large amounts of food with his high metabalism or by listening to loud music or even standing in the hot sun. He has yet to discover all the methods he can use. He retains so much energy whether he wants to or not that he tends to glow very brightly because of what his energetic atoms due to the surrounding ones. When a room is completely quiet, one can hear a sparking noise coming from him. He can also project energy in a explosive blast, multiplying its potential by manipulating protons and electrons to cause atoms to split. He does this very naturally as easily as moving an arm. As a result, learning new ways to manipulate his powers is about as hard as it is to learn how to do a back flip. He can also fly by projecting himself with a constant explosion like a rocket. Due to his amount of energy retention he is usually very energetic and rarely sleepy. Inversely when he uses too much of his energy, he becomes very tired and lithless.

Back Story

As a child Kwame was normal. When he reached puberty he began to become very energetic and he almost seemed like he was glowing. He and his family disregarded this as just an affect he has on people. He was unaware of his powers until one night he was playing basket ball. His team was losing and it frustrated him. In his rage he gave a passionate chest pass that cause his hands to flash in a reddish white color and popped the ball. From then on he began to learn more about his abilities. He soon became a local super hero in his home town of Atlanta. Though given the kind of power he had, there was not much he could take care of there and did not progress much as a hero. He and his parents decided he should move to where his powers are really needed, Paragon City. There he was much more active. He registered as a hero under the name Atom Burst and since then his control and development of his energy manipulation has progressed considerably. He eventually joined the united forces of heroes called the Jade Wire but even after joing he was still very independent in his heroics, barely attending meetings and missions.

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