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Atomic - Avenger
Player: @Isos
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason King
Known Aliases: Atomic, AA, Double A
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5'10
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary (former); Registered Hero (current)
Place of Birth: Baumton, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marcus King, father (deceased); Deborah King, mother (deceased); Ashley King, sister
Known Powers
Claws, Willpower, Body Mastery, Leaping
Known Abilities
Naturally indomitable willpower. Proficient with modern firearms, melee weapons, and mixed martial art combat.
Spandex body suit with underlying body armor, armored helmet, shoulder, leg, and arm pads. Implanted impervium skeleton and retractable claws. Usually equipped with other gifted/confiscated gadgets.
No additional information available.

The Atomic - Avenger is one of Paragon City's premier heroes. Born with an indomitable spirit and a desire to fight for what's right, Atomic was the target of a sinister betrayal that, in the end, left him with powers and abilities that normal civilians can only dream of.





Cimeroran Averrnicus, left, and Praetorian Ionic Obliterator, right.

Alternate Variations



The Atomic - Avenger's main asset is his pair of scientifically implanted impervium claws. These claws are used to slice through the endless armies of evil that plague Paragon City and the rest of the world. As a master of claw combat, the Atomic can wield his claws effortlessly, shredding through waves of enemies with little effort.

Atomic - Avenger battling Rikti.


Ever since he was a teenager, the Atomic - Avenger has had a natural, indomitable fighting spirit that has kept him alive and battling throughout his life, even in the face of sheer defeat. Generally regarded as the only thing that kept him alive after his horrible betrayal during the Rikti War, his will to live was increased even further through his subsequent genetic changes.

Extra Abilities

Atomic's genetic changes have also granted him many extra abilities. He can jump higher than nearly any human being, as well as sense and see things that others cannot. He also has other minor genetic changes that grant him powers such as basic invisibility.


Atomic has an easy going personality and is always kind, compassionate, and dedicated to doing the right thing. Of course, he also has a shrewd sense of humor that often plays out as sarcastic to those who don't know him. Outgoing but rarely outspoken, he makes friends quickly and tends to quickly gather the respect of his fellow heroes, and sometimes even his enemies.


The Atomic - Avenger's costume was custom made for him by Icon. Of course, it was modified heavily by him, as a simple layer of spandex did not afford him much protection. Underneath the spandex and outer armor is a layer of specially made body armor that absorbs the impact of bullets and reduces the effect of slashes, stabs, and blasts. Atomic also keeps a set of custom Vanguard armor for use when combating Rikti in Paragon City's Rikti War Zone.


Other than his implanted claws and his super suit, the Atomic - Avenger uses a wide variety of other equipment. Tranquilizer darts are kept in his belt pack, along with other scanners and tech equipment. Atomic is also somewhat of a weapons enthusiast and often carries around extra weapons and gadgets given to him or confiscated by him.


The Atomic - Avenger is only human, and thus has weaknesses too. He often gets impatient and rushes into combat, sometimes finding himself momentarily overwhelmed. His overwhelming desire to always do the right thing also occasionally gets him into trouble and ambushes. One of his biggest weaknesses is that he is not actually invulnerable; while his impervium skeleton is nearly unbreakable to impacts and conventional firearms, energy and elemental blasts are always real threats.


Childhood/Teenage Years

Jason King was born to two normal parents in thriving Paragon City in 1981. All of his life, Jason admired the heroes of Paragon City and their efforts to defend the freedoms of all of the people of the city. Jason did not let his lack of powers bring him down; he was bent on making a difference in his city of heroes. Late in high school, Jason met Ethan Steele, and the two quickly became fast friends and decided they should aspire for a career in the military.

Mercenary Years

Shortly before the two friends planned on signing up for a career in the United States army, Ethan confided in Jason that he had the mutant ability to manipulate atoms, granting him radiation blasts and emissions. Jason, convinced that the two could go on and do greater things outside of the military. Jason suggested that the they form a team and register as heroes, despite his lack of true powers. Ethan agreed and the two exercised all of their connections within Paragon City and eventually were able to acquire body armor and military grade weaponry. The two registered as a super powered mercenary squad, hiring out their services to the military on special operations jobs. Jason proved that his fighting spirit and marksmanship were equal to the powers of his mutant friend, and the team quickly became a success and a staple in military operations.

The Rikti War

When the Rikti War broke out in 2002, Jason and Ethan were employed practically full-time by the military to help combat the Rikti threat. Nearly four months into the war, the duo was tasked with assisting a military unit in clearing out a particularly infested portion of the Rikti underground. Jason, plagued by a sudden weapon malfunction, was forced to stay behind and let Ethan and the squad of marines take point and charge into the caves. Jason managed to fix his jammed weapon shortly thereafter and plunged into the cave to reinforce his unit. In his trek through the cave, however, he found the remnants of a vicious firefight between the Rikti and the soldiers, and radioed in for backup as he continued his search for Ethan, whose corpse was not among the bodies sprawled throughout the cave. Jason finally found Ethan several minutes later but was taken aback by his mental state; Ethan was no longer the man he once was, but rather a cold, darkened version of himself, driven nearly over the edge by the unknown events that happened in that firefight with the Rikti. After a brief exchange of words Ethan admitted to murdering the last of the soldiers and remarked that he no longer understood what the purpose of being a hero was, when things so often ended up poorly. Jason, surprised, had no time to ready himself for the assault that Ethan launched upon him thereafter, and he was blasted with a heavy dose of radiation. The last thing Jason saw that day as he lay collapsed on the floor of that cave was Ethan turning and running deeper into the cave as the radioed reinforcements stormed in and began returning fire.


The marines quickly extracted the comatose Jason from the cave and relocated him to a military hospital. The doctors, after removing the large amount of radiation, were surprised to see Jason still alive, and said that only his sheer will to live was what kept him breathing. Scans on his body, however, revealed that his genetic code was changing from the exposure to heavy radiation; the doctors said that the odds of a phenomenon such as that happening neighbored in the likelihood of a trillion to one. Just when it seemed that Jason's condition couldn't get any worse, additional scans revealed that the radiation in his body had mutated the DNA of his bone cells, giving him a form of cancer that was effectively eating away his very bones. While the surgeons and physicians believed that he could not be saved, the government took Jason into a project for rehabilitating injured heroes in order to help them get back into the fight against the Rikti. Doctors managed to perform a medical miracle and actually succeeded in replacing Jason's dissolving bones with ones made of a lightweight impervium alloy and fitted his synthetic metacarpal bones with retractable, razor sharp impervium claws to give him a new edge in combat. Jason's changing DNA was also closely monitored to make sure that it did not result in any more dangerous mutations, and finally stopped changing a few days after his final bone implants, apparently to no harm. Jason finally came out of his coma nearly three months after the war had ended, much to the relief of the doctors, who were still astounded that he was still alive without life support. However, Jason was in no condition to enter the city of heroes as one of its guardians, as he could barely remember the events of his past, much less walk. Jason spent the next four years recovering from his brush with death, regaining his memories and full motor functions. He then spent the next year training and honing his fighting abilities under close supervision, perfecting the use of his claws and discovering that his DNA mutations had actually granted him superhuman motor and body functions. Finally, after five hard years of trial and tribulation, Jason was ready to get back into the business of being a super hero.

Life as a Hero

Jason, kept in government facilities across the United States for the five years of his recovery, returned to find Paragon City as a very different place. War Walls separated the neighborhoods of the city, crime ran rampant, his home neighborhood, Baumton, lay in rubble, and the citizens of Paragon City still lived in fear of attacks by the Rikti; frankly, even five years after the War, Paragon City was still begging for heroes and rebuilding. Jason re-registered with City Hall as the Atomic - Avenger, in grim honor of the origins of his new abilities, and set out to keep the peace in Paragon.

Early Work

The Atomic - Avenger set out from Atlas Park partnered with his new acquaintance, a tech hero named the Cobalt Crusader, and sought to bring peace to the neighborhood of Eastgate, now known for years as the Hollows. The duo's efforts were immensley successful until the Cobalt Crusader was tragically killed by a gang of Trolls. It was then that Atomic partnered up with Dynamic Defender, forming the beginnings of a successful team that would last until this day. The new duo finished their work in the Hollows and moved on to combating the Vahzilok menace in Steel Canyon, and continued to work in Croatoa and through Talos, Striga, and Peregrine Island, combating the evil located there and bringing several of Paragon City's most powerful arch-villains to their knees.

"Golden Period"

After a year of work as a hero, the Atomic - Avenger entered a personal golden age of sorts, defeating many of the world's most powerful arch villains, and even many of those from other worlds. He also had the honor of working with every member of the Freedom Phalanx and many other powerful heroes. It was during this time that he and his partners were awarded many accolades and by the citizens and officials of Paragon City.

Current Work

While the Atomic - Avenger has certainly "been there, done that" in nearly every corner of Paragon City, he still serves as a champion of freedom alongside his partners in justice and stands against every threat to the world and the city he loves. Battles his old friend, now known as the villain Isos, are occasional, although the rivalry as simmered down somewhat over the years; in fact, the two have actually been forced to reluctantly cooperate on occasion. The recent revelation of inner Incarnate abilities has also lead the Atomic - Avenger to hone his Incarnate abilities.


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