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Player: @Atomic Beetle
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kelson Bjarme
Known Aliases: Kell, Kelly, Beetle
Species: Meta-Human
Age: 30 (June 20th)
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Crimefighter
Place of Birth: Egypt
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Belle Bjarme (Beetle Lass), Crash Maxwell, Dusty Valentine
Known Powers
Super Strength, Fire manipulation
Known Abilities
Hand-to-hand combat, endurance

The Atomic Beetle is one of Paragon's many superheroes, in this case an average civillian finding himself in a life-changing situation which has granted him amazing abilities. The Atomic Beetle is what many consider to be a 'Silver Age' hero, with a more modern costume and history, but with Golden Age values, meaning he stands for Truth, Justice, Honor, etc.

Because he was an average human citizen before becoming a superhero, Beetle has what some consider a stronger connection with the average lay-man than some space- or extradimensional-faring heroes. Some also say it is because Beetle fears that one day his powers disappear, leaving him an average citizen once again.



Atomic Beetle has been affiliated with many different factions throughout his hero career, but he is officially registered with The Wonders.


Classic hero-type with a give-em-hell attitude. Although he may not seem like it, he very much enjoys helping others.

Beetle is actually quite knowledgeable, as he received one of the top grades in his graduating class at Paragon University. Unfortunately he prefers to keep his intelligence hidden and instead be a brash loud-mouth.

Beetle learned how to speak Arabic during school, which was perfected during his trip to Egypt. Since then, he's found that he has a natural talent for languages, and has attempted to learn several.


Beetle is rated with super-strength, although he has never had a controlled test, so the actual limit of his strength is unknown. He once carried a modern windmill, used to harness the wind in Germany for electricity, several miles.

Beetle's accident also granted him limited control over fire, and uses it mostly to shield himself against attacks. It is unknown at which temperature he is able to reach, only that he himself is immune to his own and all other forms of fire and heat. He has been known to surf volcanoes.

Because of advanced mutations, Beetle gained limited control over pure energy. He finds it easiest to produce energy blasts from his eyes and hands, in the form of laser-vision and energy torrents. He can also 'pause' his own energy usage for a short time, meaning he can last much longer before tiring.

Other Power Information

-Beetle also has the ability to fly, and can currently reach just over Mach 1.


The Beetle in some of his costumes (featuring War Witch!)

Beetle's only real claim to any equipment is to his costumes. He has had three official costumes thus far, with one costume in its final test phase.

The First Costume

This red and black getup was mainly fashioned for him by Orion labs. It was very basic, until Kelson added shoulder pads, antenna for the helmet, spikes for the boots, and painted various portions red. He also decided to add a radioactive symbol when he thought it would look 'Cool'. It was then that he decided to name himself 'The Atomic Beetle'.

It was later that Beetle changed the chest insignia to the 'wings' emblem after joining The Justiciars.

The Second Costume

The second red and black costume was a very drastic change. He ditched the helmet completely, instead wearing protective goggles and a black mask. He decided to keep the antenna, although they are admittedly smaller and more flexible than their metal counterparts. Deciding to show his face was a very huge emotional undertaking for Kelson, as it had been the first time anyone had seen ANY portion of his face for quite some time. (Estimated to be approximately three years.)

The Third Costume

The current, blue-and-black costume is little more than a color change from the previous one. Taking everything that had been painted red and coloring them blue, this newer costume has been called by many a 'more effective' look, and Kelson agrees.

The Current Costume

The current style for Beetle is little more than a pattern change, coupled with the loss of his antennae. His hair is now visible, and his costume uses much more white.

Character History

Coming soon!


One of the wildly successful Atomic Beetle action figures

As with many heroes, Beetle has chosen to spread his image around the globe in the form of television, film, and other alternative media. One of this most popular products are his action figures.


- His chin is ranked as one of the largest in all of Paragon. (In proportion.)

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