Aubrey Bryce

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In a word? Ruthless.
Aubrey Bryce
Player: @Myriad Silvre
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: [rising]
Personal Data
Real Name: Aubrey Bryce [unknown]
Known Aliases: Babs Nixon, Nikki Tinne
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135 lbs [approx]
Eye Color: Gray-green
Hair Color: Dark brown/black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Employed with unknown agency
Place of Birth: Clearwater, Florida
Base of Operations: Resides in Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Specializes in guns



Aubrey Bryce is her true name, though few -- if any -- know it. The woman is naturally talented and utilizes such talent in undercover operations through which she can showcase her skills. Aubrey is a chameleon, able to seamlessly blend from one role to the next. She harbors a photographic memory and a near genius level IQ, and was trained from a young age in basic to advanced martial arts. Employed by an unknown agency, she is efficiently equipped with high-tech gadgets and weaponry, specializing in guns.


While Aubrey has endless personalities and histories up her sleeve, the average person may come in contact with any or all of the following:

[Biker Chick]

[Sexy Assassin]


[Relaxed Aubrey]

All of her alter-egos use clothing as camouflage. Her outfits tend to be extreme and always include animal print boots and brightly colored wigs, enabling her to stand out. Aubrey has one rule she goes by: "Make a show; stand out. Then when the time comes, it's much easier to blend in." And blending in equals getting away.

To maintain any persona, Aubrey uses specific names linked to elaborate but fake licenses, passports, bank accounts, and SSNs.

Sexy Assassin

Aubrey has a great body, and she knows it. She also works at it, and whenever she gets the chance she will show it off. Her stereotypical "sexy assassin" outfit is the epitome of this mindset.

Name used in this form: This is one of two outfits where she might actually answer to Aubrey

Personality: Her own, if a little heavy on the daredevil side.

This outfit consists of: a skintight, V-cut leotard; intricate-designed thigh-high leggings attached with a garter belt; tight thigh-high black boots printed tiger stripes; and tactical gear (belt and shoulder straps). Her makeup, long wig, and tiger stripes always match in color; usually turquoise. She tends to save this outfit for actual missions and covert night jobs and rarely walks around in public flaunting this eye-catching getup.

Biker Chick

Aubrey's agency knows both of her weaknesses: guns and bikes. As such, after her first year with the company she was gifted a sports bike [details]. This particular bike she only uses in situations which call for its speed and maneuverability; it's too flashy for everyday use. But she has a custom Harley, built to fit her body, which is fairly flashy on its own. When the operation calls for it, Aubrey calls on her knowledge of mechanics (specifically motorcycle) and dons a smokin' biker girl personality, and clothes to match.

Name used in this form: "Babs" Nixon

Personality: Standoffish, strong-willed, unwilling to ask for help.

This outfit usually consists of: a tight black T-shirt cut ruggedly below her chest; dark fishnets; genuine zebra-hide boots; and a matching mini-skirt and sleeveless leather jacket, both made from stingray leather. She accessorizes with a long white-platinum wig; a spiked leather collar or silver chain; and black biker gloves.


It's unsurprising the amount of playboy-types who frequent the hot spots of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, including the uber-hot Pocket D. When Aubrey needs to do up-close surveillance on a target, she heads to the D in party-gal mode.

Name used in this form: Nikki Tinne

Personality: Talkative, flirtatious, fun-loving

This outfit consists of: a sleek form-fitting mini-dress, with key-hole cuts above her breasts and around her navel; thigh-high fishnets; thigh-high cheetah-print boots; velvet elbow-length gloves; a V-cut fashion trench coat with decorative fringe at the shoulders.

Dressed-Down Aubrey

Only close friends would see Aubrey this way; relaxed and in plain clothes. Those friends who also moonlight as heroes might see her other outfits, but only the friends of this Aubrey know her by that name.

Name used in this form: Aubrey Bryce

Personality: Her own; growing more despondent. Some friends may notice she seems stoic and cares less about the consequences of her actions.

This outfit consists of: white men's tank top, cut-off dark denim jeans, red heels, sunglasses

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