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Jadewire Agent
Player: @Purple Komet
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 43
Identifying Data
Real Name: Vitalia Ambrosetti
Known Aliases: The Eternal Rose
Species: Human
Age: 954 (born July 4th 1054), although people think she is merely around 100 years old
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: Italian, Naturalized U.S. Citizen
Current Residence: Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Heroine
Marital Status: Widow
Legal Status: Confidential
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Orazio Ambrosetti (father, deceased) - Alcinia Giorno Ambrosetti (Mother, deceased) - Lorenzo Ambrosetti (brother, deceased)

Known Powers
Regeneration ; Bone Manipulation ; Increased Strength, Agility and Endurance

Training / Abilities
Master Tactician, Adept Linguist
Regenerating bodysuit, Jetpack, HUD Glasses, Environmental suit

No additional information.
"Heroes Down to the Wire"


Early History

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Vitalia Ambrosetti was the second child of local warlord Orazio Ambrosetti. The birth was extraordinarily painful, and her mother died soon after giving birth. Orazio was so angry with his daughter that he attempted to kill the child. He threw the infant down from the top of one of his towers, into hard ground. The child survived the fall and Orazio attributed this miracle to God. He confessed his sin to the borough's priest and was sentenced to allow the child to remain in his household and provide everything the child needed, even the love of a father.

In her early years, Vitalia was never sick, and when she'd fall down she'd cry like any normal toddler, but would never be hurt or bleed. Eventually Orazio grew to love his daughter, and obeyed the commands of the priest. Because she was part of the Ambrosetti household, Vitalia received top-notch education from private masters in various subjects. She was schooled in cooking, sewing, embroidering, horseback riding, archery, and even swordsmanship. She showed an immense interest for the art of war. She also demonstrated enormous capacities for physical work. By the time she was 16 she had equivalent strength to the strongest of men, the reflexes of a cat, the endurance of a marathon-runner and a knack for military tactics.

Even though she was a woman, she was allowed to come to battle with the army since she displayed so much capabilities. Orazio of course never sent her to the front. But by then, she knew she could not get hurt, and even if she did her best to hide her abilities, she frequently disobeyed her father and charged to the front for the thrill of the battle.

She eventually wed to one of Orazio's lieutenants, but never gave birth. She outlived him. She outlived them all.

Babyface through the ages

Middle Ages

Babyface's brother Lorenzo died before producing an heir, and as she was the only remaining descendant she inherited her father's realm. Under her leadership, the kingdom thrived. She managed to keep power over an extremely long period of time by staging her birth/death several times over.


Babyface had managed to keep expanding her father's estate through the middle ages. She eventually sold most of the land to the city-state of Florence in the middle of the 13th century, and moved to the city center. She did not become involved in politics, sensing how things would end for the ruling class. She instead invested wisely in merchant ventures, quickly doubling and then tripling her already plentiful funds.

She lived the opulent lifestyle that her rank and wealth dictated, and then some. She also participated in many underground duel clubs, and sometimes hired herself as a mercenary.

Early 20th Century

The older she grew, the more twisted she became. Since she could not bear a child and had already experienced virtually everything there was to experience in the known world, she needed new goals. The only thing she could find at this point was wealth. She needed more, even though she was rich beyond belief at this point. Since she was already tapping all the legit ways to make money, she turned to the not-so legit and downright illegal ways.

Spoilers end here.

She joined the ranks of the Family, and quickly gained the nickname of Babyface. She also quickly showed everyone that she meant business. With her ruthless methods she cornered big parts of the illicit alcohol market and attracted a very loyal following amongst the organization, essentially forming a new branch, the Ambrosetti family. Although the Ambrosetti Family did not have a big part of the market, they had cornered a good portion of the production part of the chain. Despite the massive money gains, they were never that influential or well known. The 1930s crackdown severely hurt the Family as a whole and Babyface followed suit in thinking that laying low was best, not to attract too much attention.

Rikti War

When the Rikti came, everything changed. She was seeing gifted individuals like her fight for the human race as she was sitting there, benefiting even more from their misery. After the Rikti wiped out the main Supergroups in Paragon city, Babyface decided to get involved and was allowed to be a part of the Alpha Team. At this point she was not especially powerful, although she did fit the bait part perfectly.

After the costly but triumphant victory, Babyface realized that perhaps she was given her gift for a greater purpose, that she could protect innocent lives.


Regeneration FastHealing.png Regeneration:

This is the primary power of Babyface. She was born with the mutation of seemingly limitless regeneration. She does not appear to age and at 954 still looks like she is in her middle to late teens. The full extent of her power are still unknown, but it is rumored that she could survive total disintegration.

Regeneration MomentOfGlory.png Enhanced Strength:

As a side effect from her mutation, her body attains maximum natural human strength.

Jump Acrobatics.png Enhanced Agility:

Her body is finely tuned and she has extensive gymnastics and acrobatics training.

Regeneration QuickRecovery.png Enhanced Endurance:

Babyface's body will seemingly never truly fatigue, although she can still be mentally tired.

Quills Quills.png Bone Manipulation:

Over the years, Babyface has learned that her gift not only permitted her to heal, but also to manipulate her body to some extent. She has been able to will herself to grow extra bones at an alarming rate. She can make them almost any shape she desires, and uses them as weapons. She has also recently learned to detach them from her body, which has allowed her to use them as projectiles.


Babyface speaks over 100 languages and dialects, and is able to understand most Earth dialects due to her extensive linguistics knowledge.

Babyface has known countless wars and knows both modern and ancient military strategy and tactics.


Babyface used to be rash, vindictive and cruel. She was never able to enter into real romantic involvement since the late 12th century and her personality was getting more and more extreme the more years passed.

Since the end of the Rikti war, Vitalia is acting very tame, and displays no real inkling to lead. She realizes the harm she has done over the last hundred years and sometimes seems lost in endless sorrow.


Family: Although she left the Family's rank to become a hero, Babyface still has tremendous respect in the organization, as well as many friends and contacts.

The Jadewire: Babyface recently joined the ranks of the Jadewire, and is trying to make her mark, and help in whatever way she can.

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