Baron Blitzman

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Nicolai Furst, aka Baron Blitzman, was not always the powerful speedster you see before you. Originally, Nicolai was a small-time crook that utilized a "Zapp Gun" to harness his own innate ability to control electrical charges. (For his own powers were too weak to function on their own.) His criminal career lasted only a couple of years before he was beaten and arrested by the superhero Xanatos during a failed bank robbery. After his arrest Nicolai was left to rot in the Ziggurat and was largely forgotten to the superhero community at large....

But Baron Blitzman is forgotten no more! The purple headed menace is back! Broken free from the zigg by powers unknown, Baron Blitzman is now on the warpath. His powers or speed and lightning much greater than before, he has only one man lined up in his sights: Xanatos. Target #1.

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