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Player: DragonEye
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Ryson
Known Aliases: Basilisk
Species: Mutant: Humanoid Gecko
Age: 18
Height: 4'0"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Lizardlike
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Charleston, West Virginia
Base of Operations: Charleston, West Virginia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father (Divorced)
Known Powers
Major Earth Control and animation. Stone gaze, enhanced speed, agility, leaping, wallcrawling, enhanced reptilian regenetation, chameleon stealth, acid spit.
Known Abilities
Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Marksmanship.
Twin bracer grapple devices. High-tech Shortbow and Trick Arrows.


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Basilisk is something of a thrill seeker at heart, so the work of a Hero is like a means of escapism to him. Few things calm him more than swinglining around the city. He also has a practical reason for doing what he does: with his mutant appearance, he is convinced that he wont ever be able to find a real job past graduation, so the idea of becoming a full time hero for Freedom Corps is something he is contemplating.


On his fourteenth birthday Eric's mutant powers kicked in. At first he noticed an odd sensation on his hands, and he found he could stick to walls. this made him at first shocked. He also started noticing additional agility, and before long he was crawling up his walls and across ceilings, jumping down and landing with perfect precision. He started dreaming of becoming a Hero, and quickly started making plans for his new powers. Fate was not to be so kind however and after about a week he went to bed feeling tired and drained, when he awoke his entire life turned upside down. Awaking in the morning, he found the world around him a bit larger, after having shrunk to the height of about 4ft. That was not all however: his entire body had undergone a change. He nearly shrieked in terror when he saw his own hands through slightly different vision, a little obscured by his muzzle. Immediately falling over when he jumped out of bed, unused to the weight of his tail behind. The following weeks were quite trying to him. It took a lot of courage to call out for help once he worked out how to stand and move and his mother was nearly as shocked as he was. His mother called into school and claimed he was sick, then she called a Doctor and reported that her son was a mutant.

The Doctor at least was more competent and put them in touch with others more suited to deal with the issue, putting them in touch special councillor at the hospital to help him with his change. The Councillor arrived at their home after about an hour, though it took a further hour to convince Eric to open his door and talk face to face. The Councillor spoke with the family to explain what had happened and what kind of issues they were going to face, from lifestyle changes to prejudice. He then invited the two to come to the hospital the following day to run some tests.

After a number of tests and a few meetings and more than a few forms, over the following weeks Eric had a good judge of his physical powers, abilities and he was officially reclassified as a mutant. He was given advice and experienced his first tastes of anti-mutant prejudice. His mother remained supportive though his father became even more distant, he had known all along that his father was into anti-mutant hate so it came as no surprise.

He was contacted by a mutant school in Paragon, who offered him placement in an all-mutant school who offered him a chance to learn his powers and abilities, as well as offer support and guidance. He was reluctant at first, and decided to stay at his home and continue to attend school. It was nerve racking going back, suffering under all the stares and questions. he felt like a child again at his size. it was not long before curiosity faded to prejudice with him and he started suffering jeers and insults from the worse elements of the school student populace. He lost some friends who did not want to be seen hanging around the 'little lizard', but learned who his real friends were. After a year or so, anti-mutant sentiments started to hit in the town and Eric and his family along with other local mutants started to suffer from physical torment as well as emotional and verbal. When their windows were smashed in by bricks, one of which contained a note to 'get out or burn' things came to a breaking point. They contacted the mutant school in Paragon and explained the situation. They were very supportive, being mutants themselves and they offered the placement again, along with financial help to help the family move. Grateful, Eric and his mother left home the following week for Paragon city.

Oddly though, Eric cant help but feel that the anti-mutant thugs won.


Eric is a humanoid Gecko, and thus has lizard features, a lizard-head and tail and a scaled body. His hands and feet are clawed and can stick to surfaces for climbing. His natural scale colour is a green-brown, though he can alter the colour, akin to a chameleon, though much faster.

Powers and Abilities

He is as strong as a very strong human despite his size, able to lift about 800lb. His muscles and body are quite dense and his scales are super hard making him very hard to injure, able to turn away powerful gunfire and blades. Despite appearances, he is extremely durable and he possesses reptilian regeneration powers, so even if he is hurt he can swiftly recover, even able to regenerate lost limbs. He is super agile, far more than a human can be, able to dodge attacks quickly and jump about 80ft vertically with no running start. He also possesses the ability to spray highly corrosive acid from small glands in his mouth at the sides at range, though he very rarely does this as he dislikes doing so, but finds it useful for opening locks.

His major power is the one from which he derived his mutant name: Basilisk. He can turn people and objects to stone with his gaze if he chooses. He is also able to manipulate and control all aspects of the earth itself. Able to shape it, harden it and project it at high speeds as an attack. It can be thought of as Earth Manipulation and Telekinesis.


Eric possesses two grapple devices on his forearms, he uses these to swing around the city 'spider man style' in combination with his enhanced jumping and wallcrawling.

He possesses a hi-tech short bow and a set of trick arrows. Amongst his arrow set are Glue Arrows, Freeze Arrows, Snare arrows, Acid arrows and Gas arrows.


OOC Stuff

In game name is Basilisk. (with period)

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