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In Flight
· Natural Tanker ·
Super Strength
Super Group
The Specialists
Real Name
Richard Charles Hawke
Hawk, Rick
December 7, 1981
Paragon City, Rhode Island USA
United States Citizen
Paragon City, Rhode Island USA
Owner of Hawke Classics
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Douglas and Sophia Hawke – parents (deceased), Robert Hawke – uncle
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
230 lbs
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Psionic control over own body which provides super strength, speed, durability, healing, endurance, senses and flight
· Other Abilities ·
Highly trained in multiple forms of hand to hand combat, expert marksman, gymnastics, military strategy and tactics, surveillance and reconnaissance, piloting, demolitions, high aptitude in mechanical engineering

Battlehawk is the leader of the Specialists, a small group of heroes dedicated in protecting the innocent. Each member is uniquely gifted in a specific field which provides them with an expert in most situations allowing them to easily counter and defeat their foes.

His civilian identity is public. Battlehawk is highly regarded due to service during the Rikti War and his years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. He is a dedicated patriot and works well with government agencies.



Rick is a natural psionic. Almost all of his powers are derived from his ability to psionically manipulate his body molecules. Currently Rick’s powers seem to only affect him but his psionic mastery is clearly growing which may mean in the future, his powers can be extended beyond himself. His powers offer a number of benefits and effects.


Durability – Rick is able to surround himself with a thin layer of telekinetic energy that acts like a force field. This allows him to deflect and defend against almost any kind of attack. The telekinetic field also works in absorbing and dispersing kinetic energy allowing Rick to absorb concussive blows without internal injury. This allows him to hold his ground and prevents him from being knocked down.

Flight – Using his telekinetic powers, he can levitate and propel himself into flight. Rick’s current top flight speed is 500mph.


Regeneration – The molecules in Rick’s body is constantly being repaired and altered as a side effect of his telekinesis. It allows him to repair wounds at a much higher level in case any attacks do penetrate his defenses. In addition, his bones and muscle tissue have become naturally more dense and stronger. The same healing ability also makes him more resilient to disease, fatigue and chemical effects like drugs or alcohol, most of which have little to no effect upon him.

Suppressed Aging – Because his cells are in a constant state of flux and repair, Rick is either no longer aging or is aging at a very slow rate. His powers manifested when he was 28 and his body has not changed since then.

Body Perfection

Super Strength – His psionic powers have reinforced his body at a molecular level allowing him to be stronger than possible for a normal human being. In addition, his telekinetic field allows him to push and lift objects, essentially augmenting his strength. Currently he is capable of lifting 50 tons.

Extraordinary Physical Attributes – The restructuring of his cells have given Rick physical attributes beyond the scope of the finest human specimen. His speed, agility, endurance, stamina and reaction time are all enhanced to superhuman levels.

Extraordinary Senses – Rick’s five senses are also beyond the parameters of normal human beings. All his senses are highly acute; his eyesight and hearing being the most advanced.


Multi-Spectrum Goggles – These innocuous looking goggles allow the wearer to see in different spectrums of light. It has infra-red, ultraviolet and low light capabilities. In addition, it has a basic HUD (Heads Up Display) interface that helps the user mark and identify targets. The goggles are made with a strong lightweight metal alloy with scratch proof high impact colored lens.


Rick is still growing in power. His psionic mastery is just in its infant stages which means they can easily be overpowered by a more experienced and powerful foe. But in some cases, he has some very specific areas of vulnerability.

Sensory Overload

Because Rick has highly acute senses, they can be used against him. Due to his strict and disciplined training, he can adjust the sensitivity of his senses but if he is caught unawares or off-guard, he can be disoriented by overloading his senses.


Rick has a long history of training and education, not to mention a wealth of experience in actual combat. Even if he were without superpowers, he would be a formidable foe.

Military Training

Rick is a former captain of the U.S. Army. He also successfully trained and qualified as an Army Ranger, making him an elite soldier and combatant. He has extensive knowledge in military tactics, demolitions, reconnaissance and surveillance. His combat training has made him an expert marksman and he is a certified pilot.

Martial Arts

Besides his military training in hand to hand combat, Rick also underwent private training from various martial arts masters. He is well versed in multiple forms and styles. The heavy requirement to discipline his mind and body are also contributing to his mastery over his psionic powers.

Mechanical Engineering

Rick earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Paragon University. He has a natural affinity to the subject.


Early Life

Military Service

Manifestation of Powers

A Call for Heroes


Rick tends to be a no nonsense type of guy. He says what he means and he does what he says. But that doesn’t mean he’s stiff and uptight. On the contrary, he enjoys a good laugh, a fun night at the clubs or bars and the company of beautiful women. He enjoys sports and large cars and motorcycles with huge horsepower. Rick is also very loyal to his relatives and friends.

Due to his long tenure in the military, he is always on time and his equipment is always in immaculate condition. He comes prepared and ready. In combat or when operating in the field, he is acutely aware of his surroundings and constantly accessing the situation. In a fight, he is a pure warrior.


Rick enjoys cars and motorcycles in general but he especially enjoys classic rides. He tends to buy broken down cars, rebuild and sell them at a large profit. Hawke Classics is a car restoration shop located in Talos Island. It once was owned by his uncle Rob but after Rick returned from his tour of duty, Rob retired and handed the business to him.

He owns a few vehicles that he restored that he will never sell:

  • 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible – Red with white stripes and detailing
  • 1996 Ford Bronco XLT 4x4 – Silver
  • 1995 Harley-Davidson FXD Super Glide Custom – Black


Battlehawk was designed to be a traditional hero who was capable of functioning in almost any type of environment or situation. But I also wanted his powers to manifest and somewhat perform differently than the usual super strong, invulnerable heroes found in comics today. I tried to create a psionic whose powers focused more upon him rather than the environment. He isn’t so powerful that he ignores the little guy and all the problems that take place in the streets and alleyways. But he also isn’t so weak that he cannot face national or even global threats. His flexibility in all situations makes him a fun character to play.

He is inspired and modeled (in powers and/or personality) after characters such as Superman and Captain America.
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