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Black Anna
Player: @The New Black
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Annabelle Delores Schwartzer
Known Aliases: Black Anna
Species: Mutant/Kindred
Age: Physically, Anna appears to be in her late teens.
Height: 5'2
Weight: She's not telling.
Eye Color: Varies due to contacts
Hair Color: Varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None currently
Place of Birth: Jonestown, KS, USA
Base of Operations: None currently due to fugitive status.
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Sarah Schwartzer; mother, Paul Wolfe; uncle
Known Powers
Mercenaries / Pain Domination / Superspeed / Fitness
Known Abilities
Upon arriving in the Rogue Isles, Anna exhibited telekinesis with limited telepathic ability. Since then, while her telepathy has strengthened, she seems to have lost her telekinesis.
Gothic style clothing
Black Anna's appearance changes periodically, though she tends to favor "gothic/industial" fashion.

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The Jonestown Area High School Tragedy

The following is an excerpt from the Jonestown Times immediately following the JAHS Tragedy.

“Rescue workers are still thoroughly checking the wreckage. At this time, there is only one confirmed survivor of the attack on Jonestown Area High School. Authorities have not released the name at this time, pending completion of the investigation.

Eyewitness reports of abnormal explosions have drawn the attention of metahuman law enforcement, though no reports have been able to identify the attackers. Longbow and Wyvern agents are due to arrive in Jonestown to assist local authorities.”

For the full article, please click here.

The Longbow Investigation

The following is an excerpt from the Jonestown Times, following the investigation of the JAHS Tragedy.

“Longbow has released their report to the public that sole surviving junior classmen at Jonestown Area High School, Anna Schwartzer, is not responsible for the attack at the school that killed 366 students. The investigation has concluded that an uncontrollable subconscious eruption of Mz. Schwartzer’s latent telekinetic abilities led to the atrocity.

Pending results of a psychiatric evaluation, Mz. Schwartzer has been taken into custody by Longbow agents, who are equipped with metahuman power dampeners purely as a precautionary measure. Longbow has assured local officials that Mz. Schwartzer is currently no threat due to the catatonic state she lapsed into following the tragedy.”

For the full article, please click here.

G.I.F.T. Files

The following are excerpts from the GIFT files on Anna Schwartzer that were compiled during the investigation of the Jonestown Area High School tragedy.

“Telepathic specialists were brought in to attempt to contact the subject, who had been in a catatonic state since the events at her high school. Longbow agents believe that due to the subject’s telekinetic potential, even with a power dampener in place, pharmaceutical means of bringing her out of the coma are to be ruled out for safety concerns.”

“The telepathic report confirmed that the subject was directly responsible for the attack as a retaliatory action against her peers that drastically escalated out of control.”

“When subject regained consciousness, further questioning revealed subject believes her powers were granted to her by an extradimensional entity. Wyvern agents could not confirm the existence of the name given by the subject. Doctors concluded subject was attempting to rationalize the situation by creating a fictional instigator of the attack.“

“Telepaths were brought in for additional sessions with subject. These came to an abrupt end, as the final reports stated that the subject was now seemingly subconsciously blocked from any further telepathic contact. Additional testing determined the block was mystical in nature, and M.A.G.I. agents were contacted to continue procedures.”

Current Status

Subject AS002357, alias “Black Anna” escaped during transit to Longbow facilities in Paragon City. Subject has since been sighted repeatedly in various locations in the Rogue Isles. Black Anna is a confirmed high potential telekinetic and is considered extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend unless backed by a full support squad.


Black Anna is telekinetic with limited offensive telepathic ability. She uses her mental abilities for external effects only. While she has shown the capability to affect thoughts or speak telepathically, she refuses to do so for unknown reasons.

The origin of her powers is another matter of debate. While all scans show that her powers are mutation based in nature, upon questioning, Anna insists that her powers are magical in nature; a boon granted to her by an extradimensional entity. The authenticity of this claim is yet to be confirmed.

Further review of Black Anna's activities in the Rogue Isles have shown a significant shift in the nature of her superhuman abilities. Since her time with Kaliegh Verdezza, Anna has exhibited a modified level of mind control and varying levels superspeed, but she has also not displayed use of her telekinetic powers for over a year. Officials theorize Black Anna's marked change in appearance, namely her current chalk white skin, may be connected to the possible loss or weakening of her telekinetic ability.


Before a disappearance from the Rogue Isles that lasted for several months, Black Anna was a known associate of a group of highly organized vampires and their sympathizers, nicknamed The Children of the Night.

Upon her return to the Rogue Isles, Black Anna is believed to have joined with another Rogue Isles organization known as Inevitable Evolution. Since then, she has been seen with members of both groups, as well as a new faction of vampires referred to as Rogue Isles by Night, though her exact standing with any of the factions is not publicly known.

After several extended absences from the Isles, upon her most recent return, Anna has been seen looking into the status of a new group known as the Teen Tyrants.

Child of the Night

After the events of the Jonestown Tragedy, Anna developed an aversion to physical contact with living beings. She did what she could to manage her phobia until she found herself in the Rogue Isles. As physical, and usually violent, interaction proved to be an unavoidable aspect of life in the Isles, Anna set about trying to fix her dilemma. She found her answer with the group led by Armando de la Vega. De la Vega introduced Anna to Kaliegh Verdezza, who would serve as Anna's primary tutor and guide in her new life as one of the children of the night.

Rogues Isles By Night

Since her time with Verdezza's circle, Anna has also been seen with members of a similar group, lead by the reclusive Harry Morgan. While she has been seen talking with Isabella Giovanni more than others, Anna's relation to this new organization is not publicly known.

Close Friends/Associates

After the secretive circle nicknamed "The Children" seemingly disbanded, Anna was once again on her own for a short time. While she has been seen with associates of Harry Morgan, Anna has also been in and out of the Rogue Isles more frequently in recent times. When she last returned, she was joined by three well built males clad in dark colored military fatigues who answered to the names "Till" and "Sascha" and "Alexx." Reports from Mercy Island are these apparent mercenaries are fiercely protective of Anna and don't speak frequently, but when they do, it's with a thick German accent.

Kaliegh Verdezza- Miss Kelly is Anna's mentor in the social aspects of her new life.

Janette Duchene- A fellow socialite who frequents the same circles as Kaliegh, Janette has also taken Anna under her wing to train her in her new life.

Sera Renata- Miss Sera, a former associate of the nocturnal group that Anna used to associate with, welcomed Anna, albeit with a somewhat cold smile, from the the first moment they met. Miss Sera has also attempted to assist Anna with some much needed combat training on several occassions.

Mauvais Fey- For all intents and purposes, Anna considers the misplaced magical being to be the long lost childhood fairy friend she wishes she had.

Lazuli Fade- While somewhat intimidated by the fashionista, Anna nonetheless admires her sense of style, even if it lacks enough black clothing.

Vexxin Vega- While the two have traveled something of a rocky road since they met, Anna views Mr. Vega as a friendly face. Whether it's an act or not hasn't really seemed to affect Anna's opinion of the talkative man.


((Please keep in mind this is purely IC ^_^))

More often than not, Anna truly does try to go out of her way to not get on anyone’s bad side. However, it’s more of a guideline than a rule. Very recently, she’s learned of the lesser known activities of some close associates. And these are the same sort of activities that lead to the Jonestown Tragedy. (While Anna is grief stricken for Jonestown getting so out of hand, she has no regrets over why she decided to do it or what she initially set out to accomplish with the attack.)

Ani Reaves- From the first time they met, Anna was annoyed to discover that Ani “Legally Blonde” Reaves is the embodiment of everything Anna ever hated in life.

Nelik- When Anna had returned to the Rogue Isles after her month’s long disappearance, her top priority was to find a safe haven. Hearing of the group known as Inevitable Evolution, the first member she encountered was Nelik. The purple haired psychic welcomed her to the group with smile, and Anna was fond of him, most of the time, anyway, ever since. Things changed, however, when Anna learned of Nelik's flirtations with Ani Reaves.

Ambassador Shintou- Though initially terrified of starting Star Wars with the young Torian, Anna was pleasantly surprised when Shin proved to be legitimately noble. She was still incredibly nervous around him, especially during her transformation, until Shin's true feelings towards Anna's impending fate became known. Since embracing her new life, Anna has been apprehensive of dealing with the young necromancer.


Anna constantly wears black gloves.

Since the Jonestown Tragedy, Anna went out of her way to avoid touching any living being. When circumstances were beyond her control, such as in a life or death situation, she did not hide her disgust at the physical contact. Since her arrival in the Rogue Isles, however, she's found a solution to her phobia. While still not a touchy feely person by any means, Anna is working on her social skills. While she's working on getting used to personal contact again, her even paler skin, apparent lack of body heat, and tendency to operate at night have given her a whole new set of problems, which, oddly enough, she doesn't seem to mind as much.

Character Inspiration

((First off, the name is a nod to DC Comic’s Black Adam. (The idea is that she got the nickname for being the only goth in a bfE Kansas high school.) That Anna “works” for an extradimensional being is nod to the wizard Shazam.

UPDATE 2- This is approximately Anna version 11.0. Initially I wanted a teenaged goth who had a phobia about touching people, as that struck me as an interesting quirk to play in-game. But for the longest time I couldn’t figure out a powerset I was happy with. And yeah, the MM version will hopefully be the last, as I've hopefully ginally learned my lesson with Mind/Psi Doms.

Personality-wise, I try to play Anna as a Buffy-verse style character, closer to (seasons 1-4 era) Willow or Buffy. She’s not spineless or *that* much of a ditz, though she may talk like it sometimes. She’s just worried about unexpected reactions after what she went through in Jonestown.

UPDATE 3- A Big gold star to anyone who can figure out the naming scheme to the Mercenaries.))


The Jonestown Area High School Tragedy

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