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Retro Costume
Black Dynamo
Player: @twizdedsoul
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Marcus Wade
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: Unknown (possibly early 30's)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 196 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Boxing Instructor
Place of Birth: New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Electric Melee ~ Shield Defense
Known Abilities
See Below
Basic military gear (Decommissioned / Surplus Equipment).




Black Dynamo is a Captain of the Hero Dawn Reserves SG.


Aside from working with Vanguard and Ouroboros, Marcus is known in his local community for organizing and volunteering at charity events through out Galaxy City.


(( W.I.P ))


Origins of Power

Marcus Wade was a P.O.W. in Nazi Germany during World War I who became the lone survivor of early 5th Column experiments to create a super soldier. After his rescue by allied forces and return to the American military he endured intensive testing and medical analysis. His body was capable of pushing beyond the peak human achievement and also possessed the ability to recover from physical stress and harm at a remarkable rate. At the onset of World War II Marcus received further training and was assigned to a black ops. team that ran several successful missions toward the end of the war. In his last recorded mission, Marcus and a small team hit a 5th Column strong hold where they discovered a prototype teleportation portal. It was later speculated based on documents obtained at the site that the portal was intended to launch offensives around the globe without the need for armored transports. As his team left with the data they recovered, Marcus tried to sabotage the device. During his attempt however, the teleporter exploded and hurled him into the future. He was declared K.I.A and all records of his military service and contributions to the war were classified top secret. When Marcus arrived in the present day he found that surviving the explosion somehow infused his body with an electrical charge. Over time he learned to control this new power and apply it to his skills as a Boxer that he had learned while in the army. With nearly all of the ties to his old life gone, Marcus decided to start over in Paragon City seeking a new identity as a super hero.


A New Beginning

The path of a hero is not always a clear one. For Marcus Wade, a man out of sync with the modern world, the path seemed impossibly difficult. Aliens, Robots, and all manner of strange creatures had come to call Paragon City their home and yet at every turn Marcus found obstacles and resistance. He had super human abilities but having been shot through time he had no identity. Without work, food, or shelter, Marcus became increasingly desperate and reluctantly turned to the Outcasts. It didn't take long for his powers and military training to gain recognition within their ranks, and he quickly found himself in a leading role within the gang. When Marcus discovered modern day cells of the 5th Column operating across Paragon City he used his status in the Outcasts to strike at them. Resentment over his quick rise to power and personal gang war against the 5th Column motivated others within the Outcasts to sell him out. The set up landed Marcus in the Zig to serve a ten year sentence for a long list of gang related charges. But while there, he befriended his case worker Rebbecca Heasly and was able to tell his story. Six years of imprisonment and legal battles finally lead to success. Together they were able to restore his American citizenship based partly on fragments of his military records Mrs. Heasly was able to recover. A few months later Marcus was granted his freedom and started to rebuild his life. Since then he has created the hero alias Black Dynamo and established himself as a force for good in Paragon City.

Powers & Abilities

As a result of surviving early trials of the 5th Column Ubermensch program, Marcus Wades physical attributes score high above the human average. An aberration in the testing caused a cellular mutation which also accelerated his metabolism and immune system.

The explosion that shot Marcus through time and space supercharged his body at a molecular level. If not for the Ubermensch enhancements and his hyper-accelerated cellular regeneration he would have been disintegrated into pure light. Instead, his body transformed the energy in a way it could be channeled and stored. The end result made him a living super conductor capable of not only channeling energy but generating it internally. The mastery of this ability has enabled Marcus to run at incredible speed, empower his physical attacks with an electrical charge, and build simple energy constructs like his shield.

OOC Notes & References

Black Dynamo was inspired by heroes like Captain America and the Flash, but obviously comes from much darker origins than either character.

I know changes were made to the origins of the 5th Column villain group so I understand that Black Dynamo may not exactly follow canon. But I wanted to try and keep as true to the original concept story as possible and the 5th Column seemed like the perfect catalyst for the story. Although not hinted at in the writing I've done so far, I was also tempted to include a suspicion that Marcus would have that Portal Corp had some how used the military data his team recovered in their portal designs e.g. they look the same.

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