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Player: Blackavaar
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Jael Blackavaar
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human (elf breed)
Age: unknown
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: English/Dutch (elf breed)
Occupation: Soldier
Place of Birth: New London, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Dual Blades, Willpower, Teleportation, Enhanced Fitness
Known Abilities
Blackavaar is highly trained in the use of blades and martial arts. He also has advanced computer skills and is in pique physical condition.
Blackavaar uses a pair of unbreakable titanium blades that can cut through nearly any material. He also uses a palm sized teleportation device that taps directly into the MedCom Teleportation Grid. This device is located in his belt, but the controls to activate it are in his gloves for immediate access.
No additional information available.



Studies provided by DATA have shown that Blackavaar does not really exist in our time. The Blackavaar in our world is actually just a temporal construct sent here by the real Blackavaar, who currently still exists in the year 2113. The Blackavaar in our world has however proven himself a useful tool for justice and has become an exemplary hero. Temporal constructs of Blackavaar have been confirmed to exist in all Tehran Shards. It is still as of yet undetermined whether he also exists in the Praetorian shards as well.


Blackavaar 2008

By the year 2099 the world is in a global economic meltdown. Farmland is parched. Animals raised for meat and dairy are dead and dying. People are starving in the streets and killing one another for a drink of water. Disease is rampant. Only the few rich and powerful families are raised above the masses. Among them, the royal families of Europe become the leaders of a new global Kingdom. This Kingdom begins as a democracy, but it becomes something else entirely. In 2104 a new King comes to power. Charles XVII is elected on a stance of reason, honor and of the protection of the people from the tyranny of the rich. But once in office he turns the tables and creates the Ephera, the King's Secret Police, giving them powers to do anything to protect the power of his office. This organization grows into a massive army of agents, willing to do anything to secure their own little piece of luxury. Millions are slaughtered in protests against the king. More are tortured and terrified in obedience. King Charles's bloodline is collectively and forcefully voted to be the purest bloodline and the only royal line worthy of the throne.

Once the captain of the Ephera, Jael Blackavaar was decommissioned when he was discovered helping refugees escape from Galaka Quarantine. He was imprisoned in Dungone Prison on June 4th of 2112. Unwilling to give up the location of the escaped refugees, Jael was tortured daily for over a year before his salvation arrived in the form of a rebellion. The forces of the prison were overtaken and the Ephera were unable to arrive in time to stop the majority of the prisoners from escaping. Jael traveled with the rebels, former refugees who he had freed, to their secret base in the abandoned sewage system of the skeleton of a city that was once known as Paragon, Rhode Island, but it was a trap. The Ephera had tracked them. Their base, of which Blackavaar had not known, was exposed. Their last chance to escape was to use the DRifter, a device from the distant past which the rebels knew very little about. As the Ephera assaulted the Warren the core members of the rebellion escaped and Blackavaar followed them.

Jael awoke in a Paragon City subway station alone in an oddly clean and intact Paragon City. As he shook off his confusion he realized that he had been shunted to the past. The DRifter was a time machine. The Kingdom has not become yet. He thought, maybe if he could find the other members of the rebellion they could stop it from ever coming to be.

Blackavaar has been searching for the other members of his group for four years now with no signs. He has since taken up the mantle of Paragon's heroes and fights alongside other heroes to stop all forms of evil. No signs of the coming Kingdom have appeared in this past. Jael is beginning to wonder if it ever will.

What Jael doesn't know is that he (in our time) is a temporal construct, a clone created using time travel. DATA has determined that the real Blackavaar is likely still in the year 2113 and that he created these clones to help the rebellion destabilize the Kingdom. They reason that the clones probably exist in all Tehran time streams and are mentally conditioned to fight tyranny and evil in all forms. The DRifter has been confirmed to be a dimensional manipulator capable not only of time travel but also dimensional travel. Blackavaar likely used this device to create his temporal constructs and send them to the various shards we know today. It is unknown whether the constructs also exist in the Praetorian versions of our world.

Current Status

Coming Soon

Contact Information

The player behind Blackavaar can be contacted in game and on the forums @Blackavaar.

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